Someday's Gone

Album: Kids in The Street (2011)
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  • This song was made available as a free download in anticipation of The All American Rejects fourth album, Kids in The Street. It was the band's first new material since When The world Comes Down was released in December 2008.
  • The video was directed by Jon Danovic, who also was responsible for filming The Airbourne Toxic Event's "Changing" clip. According to the band, it "was conceived in one day and shot the next day in one take."
  • Kids In The Street tells the story of three years of frontman Tyson Ritter's life. It starts with this song, which describes him getting dragged down by a toxic relationship after touring their previous record, When The World Comes Down. Ritter explained to Artist Direct: "It took me the whole record to find this song. It's the last one we wrote. It's really where the album started from my head. I met this poisonous succubus. I was so out of my mind coming off the road for When The World Comes Down. I was bathing myself in glitter every night, and I was having my 'Lost weekend' as Lennon would call it. This girl was the first person I ran into, and it was a car wreck courtship that ended in a ball of flames. I really wanted to write about it. The whole time I would have a magnifying glass on it, and I was like, 'I've got to write a song about this. I ruined myself because of this girl. I've got to figure it out.' At the very end, this chord progression became 'Someday's Gone.' The song is the sonic flesh of this ride I had with this girl."
  • The original demo was totally different from the completed song on the album. Ritter told Artist Direct that the demo, "had these double claps on the two's and four's like The Cars. I just didn't like it." He added: "It was one of those points where you take a song from infancy to demo where it got demo-itis as we call it. Everyone was like, 'Let's not think. Let's play the song how it is.' We came up with this explosive little Pixies meets All-American Rejects vibe. It's really raw. We're really known for juxtaposing happy sonic canvases against tortured love songs. This was the big middle finger opener. This was the 'F--k you' of the record. I didn't feel like the demo said that. We gave it a complete lobotomy."
  • The song features a vocal contribution from Alex Kandel, who is the lead singer for Kentucky alternative rockers Sleeper Agent.


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