Album: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (2008)


  • Led by Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is from Copenhagen. Lars explains this song: "The lyrics describe the situation that came up in Denmark one and a half years ago, with this kind of youth culture house that is in my neighborhood. It's a very famous building where alternative youth people live and create art and play punk music and have alternative kind of parties all the time. The government doesn't like this place, and wanted to move it. And then this religious leader, which is what I call 'Lady Jesus,' came in and bought the house behind the young kids' backs. They didn't know about it. She just bought the house somehow from the government, and threw out the young people. They'd been there since '72 or something. And then like 6 months after they'd been fighting back and forth and negotiating about it with the government, she had the house bulldozed. She tore it down, this great old building. It caused riots all over town. I mean, it looked like Baghdad or something for a few days. There was gas in the air, fires on every street corner, people throwing stones and police everywhere. It was a crazy situation in safe little Copenhagen. It was so weird. And that song is about this lady from the religious sect. She's really sick.
    The whole vibe of the song and the groove is really heavy, and there's lots of people singing at the same time. It's almost like some old Funkadelic kind of thing." (Read more from Lars in our Asteroids Galaxy Tour interview.)


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