Interstellar Love

Album: We Will Always Love You (2020)


  • This song was inspired by the love affair between writer Ann Druyan and her late husband, the cosmologist Carl Sagan.

    Sagan was chosen to chair a committee that selected a collection of songs, sounds and images representing planet Earth that were put on a pair of golden discs sent into interstellar space on board the two Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977.

    Ann Druyan was on the committee as creative director, and she and Sagan fell in love when they were compiling the records. Druyan had arranged to record her own heartbeat and put it on the Golden Record. The day before she planned to do this, Sagan asked her to marry him, resulting in a recording of a young woman madly in love now floating out there in the cosmos. The Avalanches' Robbie Chater told NME: "We just thought that was the most beautiful idea."
  • The Avalanches recorded the song for We Will Always Love You, an album that according to the band is rooted in "death, the afterlife, the stars, celestial beings and everything that's out there." It includes another track that references the Voyager Golden Record: "Wherever You Go" starts off with a speech recorded by United Nations secretary-general Kurt Waldheim for the disc.
  • The song features vocals from Leon Bridges. The Texan soul singer was on The Avalanches' bucket list and when their paths crossed in LA, the Australian duo invited him to collaborate. Chater recalled to NME: "When we were in the studio, I told him the story about Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan and how her lovestruck brain waves were sent out into space on the Voyager's Golden Record. And this song came out of that."
  • The song starts off with an edited interpolation of a lyric from "Eye In The Sky" by the Alan Parsons Project.
  • The We Will Always Love You album cover features an image of Druyan's face ran through a spectrograph, turned into sound, then processed back into an image. Chater explained to NME: "This record has a lot about who we are as people and what we're made out of. We're exploring different kinds of energy - whether it's soundwaves, light or our energy as people."


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