The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Artistfacts

  • 1961-
    Brian WilsonVocals, bass, keyboards
    Carl WilsonGuitar, vocals
    Dennis WilsonDrums, vocals
    Mike LoveVocals
    Al JardineGuitar, vocals
  • The Wilsons are brothers. Mike Love is their cousin and Al Jardine was Brian Wilson's classmate.
  • Brian Wilson was the creative force. He was tormented by drug problems and a difficult childhood. He lost most of the hearing in his right ear when his father hit him with a wooden plank. By 1965, he stopped touring with the band and focused on writing and producing their songs. He was replaced on tour by Glen Campbell, who played on their Pet Sounds album as well as "Good Vibrations."
  • In 1968, Dennis Wilson became friends with Charles Manson, who thought of himself as a songwriter. Wilson let Manson and his followers stay at his place and paid most of their expenses. When it became clear Manson was not of sound mind, Dennis was afraid to evict him, so he just let the lease end on the house and never came back to it. Manson and his "family" went on a notorious murder spree in 1969. Before he killed anyone, the Beach Boys recorded one of Manson's songs - "Learn Not To Love."
  • Dennis Wilson died in 1983 when he drowned while swimming near his friend's boat in California. US president Ronald Reagan gave special permission so his body could be buried at sea.
  • They became the first major American rock group to play in a Communist country when they performed in Czechoslovakia in 1968.
  • Along with Chynna Phillips, Brian Wilson's daughters Wendie and Carnie formed the popular early '90s group Wilson Phillips. Brian and Carnie were estranged for many years, but reconciled in 1995.
  • Carl Wilson died of lung cancer in 1998.
  • At one point when he was depressed, Brian Wilson weighed over 300 pounds.
  • Brian Wilson stopped touring with the band because he hated performing, but he also hated to fly. Much of the travel on their early tours was by bus.
  • The Beach Boys do not seem to enjoy being referred to as "Oldies." In their concert riders, the band explicitly states that no advertising or promotional materials should contain the word "Oldies" in conjunction with their name or logo. Another requirement of the band during touring is to be provided with a masseuse/masseur qualified in Swedish or Oriental deep muscle massage. Loyal to their environmental concerns, The Beach Boys also ask for recycling bins.
  • Dennis Wilson was married 5 times (twice to the actress Karen Lamm) and had 4 children. His last marriage was to Shawn Love, who was Mike Love's daughter. Shawn, who had control of Dennis' body when he died and had him buried at sea, died in 2003 of liver failure.
  • The Beach Boys won Best Historical album for The Smile Sessions at the 2013 Grammy Awards. It was their first ever Grammy.
  • The first album Brian Wilson ever bought was Four Freshmen and Five Trombones by The Four Freshman, which he said "changed my life.".

    The Four Freshman were an American male vocal band quartet that blended open-harmonic jazz arrangements with big band vocal group sounds. Four Freshmen and 5 Trombones was a major seller during the 1950s, reaching #6 nationally in 1955 and residing on the charts for over eight months. One of the most innovative and imitated jazz vocal quartet ever to grace vinyl, The Four Freshman's harmony singing was a big influence on the Beach Boys.
  • Speaking about his influences to Billboard magazine, Brian Wilson said: "As a writer, I've had a few influences, and Chuck (Berry) is primary. As a producer, he also informed my sense of how a record should feel."

    "There were only two other producers I studied closely," he added. "The first was Phil Spector, who taught me how to make tracks and craft what some might call 'baroque' backgrounds. The second was Bob Crewe, famous for his work with Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, who showed me how to utilize horns to sharpen and sculpt an overall sound."
  • Brian Wilson could not contain his excitement upon seeing Elizabeth II in the flesh at a 2002 royal gala. On seeing the English monarch, he shouted: "Hey, Queen!" The Beach Boy legend recalled to The Guardian: "I yelled it out. She didn't say anything back."
  • In spite of its complex multi-layered tracks and harmonies, Pet Sounds was mixed not in stereo but in mono - largely because of Brian Wilson's lack of hearing in his right ear.
  • Dennis Wilson emerged as a songwriter during the late sixties. Uncut magazine asked Bruce Johnston if he knew he had it in him. "None of us did, including Dennis," he replied. "In January 1966, we were in Japan and had a lot of time on our hands. We played about 14 shows, so I started showing Dennis how to play the piano and how to chord. I kind of unlocked what was already in there and he started putting it all together."

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  • Jose from Guanacaste, South Americaa great band, one of the greatest, GOOD VIBRATIONS is one of the best songs ever, but not better than STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (being the greatest song ever)
  • Jay from Columbia, MoThe Beach boys were a great band in the 60's and had a few good songs later on. Brian Wilson is a genius. Best songs: God Only Knows, Darlin', Help Me Rhonda, Wouldn't It Be Nice, and Good Vibrations.
  • Mike from Germantown, United StatesI Got the Be True To your school/In My Room single on record at a yard sale for 25 Cents.
  • Lynn from Auckland, New ZealandBrian's 'Heroes and Villains' is one of popular musics' finest moments.-Macca,Solid Gold FM.Auckland,New Zealand
  • Adolph from Coram, NyDavid Marks who played rhythm guitar with the Beach Boys on the first (3) albums, also surfed.
  • Tom from Newark, DeMike Love also surfed somewhat, but basically it was just Dennis that surfed. Brian Wilson, ironically, had a pathological fear of the ocean. There was a famous sketch on SNL in which John Belushi and Dan Akroyd play policemen who arrest and force Brian him to go surfing. They go to a real beach, and Brian does indeed go in the water, about knee deep. He had to have his therapist on site to keep re-assuring him he would be okay.
  • Alice from Santa Cruz, Cabesides dennis did any of the beach boys actually surf ????????!!!!!!!!!
  • Dan from Cleveland, Ohcan anyone tell me the name of all the songs that the Beach Boys made music videos for?
  • Martin from Paisley, ScotlandManson told Dennis that he could changed the music, but he had to keep the lyrics. Which he didn't. The first line was 'Cease to resist...' instead of 'Cease to exist...' which was Manson's lyric. Manson was also pissed at Terry Melcher, a friend of Dennis and Bruce. In fact, when Terry moved out of his house, the buyers were none other than Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Manson wanted to scare the pants off Terry and Dennis...and the rest is history, sadly.
  • Greg from Tulsa, OkYes, the song of Manson's that the Beach Boys recorded on their 20/20 album was "Never Learn Not To Love". It's original title as written by Charlie was "Cease To Exist". That was changed to "Cease to resist..." in what was released by the Beach Boys.
  • Joe from West Creek, NjThe Beach Boys are my favorite band ever, what can i say? Brian Wilson is a brilliant artist, and i forever will admire, be inspired and overall will be a better person for having listened to his music and learn about who he was as a composer/arranger/producer/band member and as a person. However, i not only give credit to Brian Wilson, but i think the rest of the group should be looked at for how talented they are and a part of the group that Brian molded and help create who they were. Carl Wilson has, in my mind, the most gorgeously angelic voice in all of rock music for instance. Dennis Wilson (the only guy who has ever actually surfed in the group) has also written and performed some of his own masterpieces, taking off where Brian left off in the late 60's and 70's. Songs like "Cuddle Up", "Forever" and "Baby Blue" are classic Beach Boys tracks that unfortunately are overlooked. Al, Mike and Bruce, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, all were part of the Beach Boys magic as well and added their beautiful voices to the mix. The Beach Boys shall forever go down in history along with The Beatles as a brilliantly influential and innovative group leading the music and recording techniques of the future.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaTruly, maybe the most beautiful and creative album ever composed is "Pet Sounds." IMO Brian Wilson has'nt come close to duplicating this work. "God only knows" and "Caroline No" are absolute 2 minute musical gems.
  • Mike from Berkeley, CaThe Beach Boy's "Surfin' USA" is considered by many to have been the first "listenable" rock LP ever made. Before that, almost everything before it was 11 tracks of crap and a single. The Beach Boys also made what some consider the best LP every made: "Pet Sounds". Andrew Loog Oldham, then manager of the Rolling Stones even rented a full page ad in Billboard magazine, proclaiming it to be so, which enraged the Rolling Stones because they were still broke (this is from "Stone Alone", Bill Wyman's book) after having toured America several times. They didn't see how Oldham could afford this.
  • Dominic from Pittsburgh, PaIsn't the song "Never Learn Not To Love" instead of "Learn Not To Love" ?
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