Cry For A Shadow

Album: The Beatles Anthology 1 (1961)


  • This instrumental is the only Beatles track to be credited to John Lennon and George Harrison alone (who play rhythm and lead respectively). It was intended as a parody of British rock band The Shadows, whose instrumental music was enjoying unprecedented success. Whilst Harrison imitates Shadow's guitarist Hank Marvin's signature lead sound, McCartney can be heard replicating the trademark yelp of bassist Jet Harris.
  • In a 1987 interview with Guitar Player magazine, George Harrison said: "In Hamburg we had to play so long, we actually used to play 'Apache'... But John and I were just bulls--tting one day, and he had this new little Rickenbacker with with a funny kind of wobble bar on it. And he started playing that off, and I just came in, and we made it up right on the spot."
  • This track features the original Beatles drummer Pete Best, who received some royalties from the song when it was included on the 1995 Anthology collection.
  • This track was recorded in Hamburg whilst the Beatles performed under the moniker "The Beat Brothers" as a backing band for English singer Tony Sheridan. The track was produced by German big band leader and composer Bert Kaempfert.

    Released on Polydor Records, the label declined further recordings from The Beatles, who returned to England, whilst Tony Sheridan stayed in Hamburg. At the request of The Beatles new manager Brian Epstein, Kaempfert dissolved his contract with the band in May 1962.
  • This was originally entitled "Beatle Bop."

Comments: 7

  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaInteresting to find this song was so old, because somewhere years ago I read it was written for Brian Epstein.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxThis song comes from the time of Wipeout, Walk Don't Run, Take Five and Horse - all largely instrumental rock was probably proformed live a lot because sometimes as a performer on a long set you need a few minutes to rest your voice and catch your breath.
  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, Canot muchof a song,but done nicely by the 4 lads from Liverpool!HI Paul!
  • Matthew from Melbourne, AustraliaThis is currently the 8th most played song on my iPod. I love it!
  • Moshe Lavie from Givataim, IsraelA cool piece of guitar!
  • Moshe Lavie from Givataim, IsraelA cool piece of guitar.
  • George from Belleville, NjThis song is really cool in it's style,done way back in the early sixties and has a lot of enthusiasm in the rocking sound of the guitars mixed with the screams in the background.I think it is an excellent insrumental as the Beatles were just starting to stretch their musical muscles and show what they can do even in this early stage of their career.
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