I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

Album: Beatles For Sale (1964)
Charted: 39


  • The melancholy tone of this song was quite a contrast to most of their songs at this point. Written by John Lennon, it was influenced by Lesley Gore's "It's My Party." Lennon later explained that it was a personal song dealing with his frustrations in dealing with fame. Subsequent Lennon songs "Help!" and "I'm a Loser" had a similar theme.
  • In America, this song was left off Beatles For Sale because of its depressing tone. It was used in the States as the B-side of the single "Eight Days a Week," and got just enough airplay to crack the Top 40. In 1965 it appeared on the US album Beatles VI.
  • In the stereo version, you can hear Lennon and McCartney singing "Woo" just before the solo, which is buried in the mono mix. George Harrison's guitar is also louder in the stereo mix. >>
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  • Country singer Rosanne Cash's cover became a #1 Country hit in June 1989, making it the most successful Lennon-McCartney cover on the American Country chart.

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  • Derek from New YorkThough some say the album is underrated and meant as a compliment, as kids in NY we all awaited anxiously when rumours any new Beatle song was about to be released and we all gathered to play the 45's on our portable players. Most of these, maybe all got AM (WMCA) air play, the hits being huge musically...and socially global. So maybe not a "landmark" "concept" album as defined by "progressive rock intellectuals", but huge nonetheless still solid 50 years later. In the intro you can hear the guitar layering and folk style voicings that developed later onto Rubber Soul, especially I've Just Seen A Face. And Rubber Soul may be theirs or anyones first rock concept album. This is probably my favorite Beatles period though it was all wonderful wasn't it?
  • Tom from Freiburg, GermanyThe guitar solo shows George at his best, twanging away on his Gretsch guitar in best Chet Atkins manner. The whole "Beatles For Sale" album is a showcase for George's guitar playing. After that Paul played a lot of the guitar solos.
  • Carl from Apg, MdI see "In America, this song was left off Beatles For Sale". No, the U.S. album coming out at that time was "Beatles '65", and yes, this song is not on it.
  • Nikolai from Los Angeles, CaTo John, for NY. Help! features two covers, "Act Naturally" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzie". They also cover the old Liverpool Standard "Maggie Mae" on Let it Be. But you're right in that this was the last album that used cover songs to this effect.
  • Sam from Hipsville, CaA fun, happy sounding little number. Always was one of my favorites.
  • Andy from Lake City, Flthere's no amphetamines for me here. let me know when you get some. i'll take a walk and look for some. playing guitar and singing for 8 hours is no fun without taking speed. this song obviously refers to those long nights in hamburg where john had to play with only alcohol in his veins.
  • Modernrocker79 from Kearny, NjThe Beatles were merging Country influences with Rock before the Band and The Byrds.
  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, CaThis has that countrified sound Carl Perkins was talking about,when he said "wait a minute...I hear some of the Sun sound in there..." I'm sure it was a hoot to record because the Beatles all loved the hillbilly sound of the Sun Records(me too!) great little tune!
  • Kayla from Nashville, TnI love this song i dont think it has a depressing tone to it at least it doesnt depress me i love the way John Lennon sings! Although Paul,George and Ringo sing great too
  • Lateeka from Kelowna, CanadaThis is a wonderful song ... I don't know how anyone could dislike it.
  • John from New York, Nymark i was saying it was a transitional album because it was their last studio album with any covers
  • Mark B. Stoned from Desperate Hot Springs, CaYes, Beatles For Sale is a very underrated album, but it actually has just as many covers as their first two albums. They did, however, write all the songs on A Hard Day's Night, which was the album prior to this. The reason that Beatles For Sale was a major transition is because it was the first album that The Beatles had done since they were first introduced to marijuana by Bob Dylan earlier in the year.
  • John from New York, NyA very underrated Beatles song on a very underrated Beatles album. Beatles For Sale was a transitional album for the Beatles as they moved from covering a series of songs on albums to using primarily their own songs.
  • Tnknows from York, EnglandCountry rock years before it was popular.
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