I Want To Tell You


  • George Harrison wrote this. He said it's "About the avalanche of thoughts that are so hard to write down or say or transmit."
  • This was the first Beatles song where the bass was overdubbed after recording.
  • The working titles for this song were "Laxton's Supreme" and "I Don't Know." >>
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  • George Harrison later said that if he was to rewrite the bridge section he would have written: "Although I seem to act unkind/It isn't me - it's just my mind. That is confusing things."

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  • AnonymousThe piano is not out of tune, George purposely wrote some dissonant notes for the piano part.
  • Glenn from UkThe piano in this song is out of tune. Was this deliberate?
  • Harry from Sunnyvale, CaI think this is the first song where George brings out his mystical side. The mystical feel of the melody accompanies the lyrics about the unknown and the soul (which isn't the mind), and not being able to define what love is.
  • George from Belleville, NjThis song has clever lyrics and melodic music.It shows how diverse their songs were and how deeper they were getting as songwriters.This is a great pop tune with a soft rock sound.Nice harmonies.
  • Alainna Earl from Chester, PaI love this because I understand what he's talking about. It took me almost two years to tell a boy I was in love with him. What's worse is that he played it off like I didn't mean anything to him. BTW, the harmony on the end words like, say, and , down, are awesome. Paul McCartney has some of the nicest high notes in his voice.
  • Jaime from San Antonio, TxTed Nugent does a pretty decent cover of this song on his 1979 album "State of Shock".
  • Christy from Morristown, TnThis song is talking about the fact that he is in love with a girl but he is too shy to tell her. I wish their were more songs about this subject.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvHave you ever noticed that at the end when their all saying "I've got time." They all sound like really off pitched. It kind of sounds like it's mostly Paul just because of the higher voice.
  • Catresse from Lawrenceville, GaThis song makes me want to tell everyone i know exactly how i feel about them haha.
  • Mary from London, EnglandI always thought the line went "I'll make you mate me next time around". And yes, we all know what that would mean...
  • Matt from Around, Ctnick, george had been taken acid along with everyone else(save Paul for last) but I don't think that line is about acid(from what I gather from the rest of the song(and first-hand from my own trips, without a car :| ), I think it is about the difficulty some people have expressing themselves in spoken word(ie conversations) with people you are not very close too(ie a casual acquaintance or a crush instead of a close friend)
  • Kristina from Albuquerque, Nm"I'll make you maybe next time around" could refer to having sex or reaching a point in a relationship-- there's a "made it" in Lovely Rita and Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er can also be kind of the same thing. If the song is about not being able to express yourself, next time around he'll be able to say what he feels and then "make it" with the girl.
  • Danny from Upstate, NyI like how the line about "confusing things" is the most confusing line of the song.
  • Robb from Hamburg, NyI first heard this song when I was 13, and I knew nothing about music then and those out of key notes seemed weird to me. I'm 19 now, am very knowledgable about music, and I love how The Beatles were always doing stuff like that. Rubber Soul and Revolver are basically the same and they are my favorite Beatles albums. I feel that they were in sync musically and with each other. It was key that they were still good friends at this point and this combined with the newly found ways to be creative and make music are shown on these two albums.
  • Shannon from Huntington, NyThis is a great song, and I think Revolver and Rubber Soul were landmark albums in the Beatles repertoire, but I can't stand how people say that they're music is better because of "drugs". Yes, all 4 Beatles were experimenting with marijuana, and John and George were beginning with LSD, but maybe the fact that the music was more psychadelic was because they were allowed the studio time and the opportunity to try some new stuff because they were huge music starts at that time? Drugs have less to do with it than the Beatles starting to go down different paths, reflecting the social scene of free thinking at the time. People saying the music is better because of drugs is just a naive comment.
  • Luna from London, EnglandI like when the Beatles got into the more trippy songs, influenced by drugs. I think its some of their best work. Honestly! the different things they do with their music is really good.
  • George from Itaberaba, BrazilGreat song, one of my favs by George. When I heard "but if I seem to act unkind, it's only me it's not my mind", when he's death completed 3 years, I couldn't stop crying. I love this song, "poor little George", I think everytime I hear it.
  • Barry from New York, NcThe Grateful Dead covered this a few times with VInce Wellnick on lead vocals.
  • Jon from Danville, Caoh yeah, Nick from Buffalo, its spelled their not there, druggy(just kidding).
  • Jon from Danville, CaThis song is similar to The Who's "I Can't Explain", both deal with the same issue of not being able to express your feelings and both are great songs.
  • Zack from Ottawa, OhI don't think there is at any time the justification for calling any part of anything the beatls ever recorded "crap". While this is my least favorite song on Revolver, it's still a good song.
  • Maddie from Knoxville, TnI love how George says "tell". Although this is not one of George's best songs, that one word makes me so happy! It's sexy.
  • Sheehan from Mentor, OhA great song about not being able to express your true feelings to someone. I can personally relate to this one because I go through it everyday. For some reason I like those "off" piano notes.....dont know why.
  • Nick from Buffalo, Ny"but if I seem to act unkind it's only me it's not my mind..." Yeah George was doing acid now and Revolver is there best album in my opinion...
  • Pete from Sheerness, CaI'd prefer this song if the piano didn't play those off-notes!
  • Brittanie from Liverpool, EnglandDoes anybody know what, "I'll make you maybe next time around" means? I mean, you know, it could mean a lot of things...But I'm not really sure what some of those things would have to do with the song.
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