Mother Nature's Son

Album: The White Album (1968)
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  • Paul McCartney wrote this in India after the Maharishi gave a speech about nature. The 4 Beatles were attending the camp to learn transcendental meditation, but were not impressed with the results. John Lennon's demo "Child of Nature," which he later re-worked into "Jealous Guy," was similarly inspired by Maharishi's lecture.
  • McCartney recorded this by himself after the other Beatles had left the studio.
  • Paul McCartney told Mojo magazine October 2008 that Nat King Cole's 1948 standard "Nature Boy" influenced this gentle pastoral, "because that's a song I love." He added: "At that time I considered myself a guy leaning towards the countryside. But I would have to tip a wink to Nature Boy. Though, when you think about it, the only thing they have in common is the word 'nature'- the rest of the link is pretty tenuous."
  • John Denver recorded this in 1972. He was going to name his album after this song, but changed it when he came up with the song "Rocky Mountain High."
  • The song's bongo-style percussion sound was achieved by miking up the drums in the Abbey Road corridor.

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  • Ernie from Marlborough MaTo Mike from Newark, I agree, I always thought this was Paul's tribute to Donovan. Even if that wasn't Paul's intent, it certainly fits like a glove, and after all as George said, "Donovan is all over the White Album." And he did teach John and Paul the claw-hammer guitar technique which led to Dear Prudence, Julia, Blackbird and Mother Nature's Son
  • Rick Margin from Brick,njThis song was recorded after they had done 102 (this isn't a typo) takes of Harrison's song "Not Guilty" which never made it onto any Beatles album. It didn't even get onto Harrison's own solo work until 1979.
  • Stéphane from Montreal, QcNo percussions recorded in this song sound anywhere near what a bongo sounds like. lol
  • Brian from Boston, MaI love the simplicity of this song. When I hear this I picture Paul sitting on a pebble by a river playing guitar. Very peacful
  • Britt from Boston, MaPaul McCartney's voice is so soothing and gentle in this song, I listen to it every night before I go to bed. Sometimes it can make me sad, but I think any song that can move a person emotionally is indeed a masterpiece. I have always loved Paul and he will always be my favorite Beatle.
  • Wilbur from Wodonga, AustraliaThe White Album version of this song i think is spoilt by the orchestra sounds when compared to the Beatles Anthology 3 version. that version has just Paul and his guitar and sounds beautiful, it really fits the whole solitary feel of the song.

    I agree with Spence, the hard rocking 'Revolution' single would sound awesome amongst '... me and my monkey', 'birthday' 'helter skelter' and 'yeah blues'
  • Charlie from Grand Junction, Co, DcPaul was at his best during these times. He wasn't so "commercialized" and he was basking in the glow of success and the synergy that was the power of the Beatles. Together they were amazing, apart- they never really measured up individually. The White Album was the crest of their music, spiritually, socially and musically. I truly wonder what would have happened if John had lived into the new millenium. What a loss to us all- and now they are down to two...
  • Ken from Louisville, KyPaul said that he, in truth, wasn't "born a poor young country boy" - he was born to a working class family in a Liverpool hospital. So, he joked "it's a dirty lie!"

  • Faith from Liverpool, --I like listening to this song just because I absolutely love Paul fantastic voice. He has such amazing vocals. I just want to make him sing me to sleep eveynight! lol.
  • Megan from Shineonyoucrazydiamonds, FlLove this song. It's so pretty. It's so fun to harmonize to(even thoough I suck at singing.) I love the whole White Album.
  • Rosario from Naples, Flwonderful of the best off the White Album.

    I love this "do do do do do do do..." part lol.
  • Spence from Washington, DcThe White Album is an emotional roller coaster unlike any album before or after, and I think it is a brilliant work, but it has a disjarring (for The Beatles) number of (in my opinion) average tunes. The 5 average songs, in my opinion, of The White Album are: Revolution 9, Wild Honey Pie, Don't Pass Me By, Long, Long, Long, & the slower version of Revolution. I much prefer the single version. Still an extraordinary album.
  • Spence from Washington, DcAnother example of Paul McCartney's profound genius...
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhOne of the best songs on The White Album... I'm trying to learn how to play it on my guitar.
  • Cameron from Bainsville, CanadaI think the whole White Album is just fantastic, and this song is just one of those simple one's that really make the White Album what it is (though a the majority of it is rather hard songs). The melody is excellent. You have to listen to this and the rest of the White Album.
  • Mike from Newark, NdI always thought Paul was talking about Donovan in this song! I could be wrong, but it has always been my impression. Anyway, i like it!
  • Lee from Clearwater, Fl Steve, I never thought of that. Maybe that IS the reason why Benjamin doesn't like the song. What cha been doin' Ben?
  • Mandy from Calgary, CanadaIt was a tough time for the Beatles, which makes me really sad. But I love this whole album, every single song on it is just stunning. Each is pure genius. And this song is just beautiful, relaxing, peaceful... I love it. Amazing song.
  • Frank from Westminster, ScThe White Album was harsh, disjointed and disturbing. I can see how a mental case like Manson latched onto it. The tensions among the Beatles were on display for all the world to see. There were a few good tunes on the album, this one included, but the W A is tough to get through.
  • Kyle from Eglewood, CoGood song very relaxing and nice
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlReally different. I think the group was at its best after all the success was realized. There songs could depart the mainstream of rock, and even the successes they had experienced, and they could write whatever they wanted to, and about what ever they wanted to. It is just a damn good song.
  • Bill from Southeastern Part Of, FlThis song was written in India as part of a Lennon-McCartney challenge to write a song with the word NATURE in the title. This song was Paul's entry. John wrote Child of Nature, but later rewrote the lyrics. We know this song better as Jealous Guy.
  • Scott from Chicago, Ilfunny how this simple song and blackbird are
    the moat memorable moments of the hard-edged
    white album....always seemed to show the peace
    at the center of paul's soul that eluded john
    till a few years with yoko...john finally captured it himself with "imagine".
  • Nick from Buffalo, NyI had just broke up with my highschool sweet heart(4yrs)and i was in a tremendous amount of pain...My friend Justin can play this song to a tee and i can sing it very well.I was in Alegany State Park in Western NY by PA...the water in the back round the camp fire the sence of being lost,i will never for get that when we played song all night long...
  • Eric from Salem, OrJohn Denver included an upbeat version of this song on his album 'Rocky Mountain High' back in '72.
  • Carolyn from P'ville, Ca(2001) sang by Sheyrl Crow for the I Am Sam soundtrack.
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