Wild Honey Pie

Album: The White Album (1968)


  • It was originally uncertain whether this 53-second oddity would be included on The White Album. According to Paul McCartney, the fact that George's then wife, Pattie Harrison, liked this piece a great deal sealed its inclusion.
  • All instruments and vocals were performed byl McCartney. In their later years, The Beatles often recorded their parts separately.
  • This evolved out of an impromptu sing-along at the Maharishi's retreat in India. The band went there to study meditation in 1968.
  • This song was another that contributed to Charles Manson's belief that the Beatles were singing to him. According to the book Helter Skelter, the lines, "Honey pie sail across the Atlantic" meant that The Beatles wanted to meet him. Also from the song, Manson believed that Paul McCartney was saying he wanted Manson to put out a record. >>
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  • The Pixies covered this as part of their BBC Sessions album.

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  • Jeff from MinneapolisOn the White Album picture/lyric insert the 2 lines of lyrics for "Why don't we do it in road?" are included, but not included for this song. They should add it in the future : "Honey pie, I love you......". Or not.
  • Julian from Highland Park, IlI don't think this is a putrid pile of trash. Certainly not their greatest, but whenever this song starts playing on the White Album, I just kind of sit back and laugh. I mean, it's bearable. It's only 50 seconds. I dunno. I like it :)
  • Jeffrey Boe from Campbell, Cawe all thought it was the beatle's ode to pussie!
  • Norman from Jakarta, IndonesiaOh yeah, I love Maxwell's Silver Hammer too
  • Norman from Jakarta, IndonesiaAll these songs are why I love The Beatles instead of only liking and adoring them.
    I am now used to all these songs, but the first time I heard them, they just blew me away. How could a band that wrote songs like I Want To Hold Your Hand and Please Please Me wrote songs like Wild Honey Pie, Honey Pie, Revolution9, When I'm Sixty Four, You Know My Name (Look up The Number), I'm Only Sleeping, I'm So Tired, Happiness is The Warm Gun, Why Don't We Do It in The Road, A Day in The Life, Strawberry Fields Forever, Got To Get You Into My Life, Cry Baby Cry, I Want You (She's So Heavy), Helter Skelter, Because, Carry That Weight, Golden Slumber, Good Night, etc etc...
    They are so fantastic. That's why while I like so many band, but none could beat The Beatles.
  • Nicole from Sun City, Mnrevolution 9 definitly has a point ahha
    haven't you heard it backwards?
    and this songs great, but i have a feeling paul was high when he did this haha :)
  • Micky from Los Angeles, CaI think it's a unique little number of McCartneys. the whole album is unique for that matter. my personal favorite is "yer blues"...but i like this one as well.
  • Steve from Salt Lake City, UtOh....Duh....Turns out this 45 was issued in 1990!
    It's a silly joke record that has the classic US Capitol Swirl (Yellow & Orange) from the 1962-69 era. But "Captol" reads "CAPITOLIST"
  • Steve from Salt Lake City, UtAh, Here's da scoop!

    Mc Cartney said of this song:

    "We were in an expiremental mode.and so I said 'Can I just make something up?'
    I started with the Guitar & did a multitracking expiriment in the controll room or maybe in the little room next door. It was very home-made ; it wasn't a big production at all. I just made up this short piece & I multitracked a harmony to that, and built it up sculpturally with a lot of vibrato on the (Guitar) strings,really pulling the strings madly.
    Hence, 'Wild Honey Pie'.
    Which was a referenceto the other song I had written called, 'Honey Pie'

    According to Mc Cartney, the song might have been excluded from the album,but Pattie Boyd liked it very much so we decided to keep it on the album.
  • Steve from Salt Lake City, UtI just won a DJ Mono copy of a 45 single (Buy It NOW $24.00) with "Honey Pie" on one side & "Revolution #9" on the flip.

    Weird thing as both songs are deemed pointless & unlistenable by avarage fans.

    So , on one side you get a verrrry short "Song" & on the B side, an overlong "song"!

    What were they thinking at Capitol records putting out this weird promo? A joke gift to the squares at Top 40 AM radio stations?

    Anyway, i'm glad they pressed these up as it'll get spins on my internet show when I get complaining Emails!

    Num-Buh Nine...Num-buh Nine...Num-Buh Nine...
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiCome on people! Anything is better than Revolution 9!
  • Beau from Fort Bragg, Cathe thing about the experimental bits of sound the beatles cameout with in there later years(wild honey pie revolution 9 ect.) is that some people get it and some dont, and the funny thing is that you can totally tell if someone gets it or not the people that say "worst beatles song ever" and "y did i waste my time" and stuff like that obviously dont get it. and the people who say "i apreciate the experementalism" do get it. i find it funny
  • Beau from Fort Bragg, Cathis song is fun idk y but it makes me giggle
  • Ben Dirks from Nijmegen, NetherlandsHello everybody, has anybody ever thought of this song being some reaction to "Wild honey" by the Beach Boys?!? It is well known that there was some rivalry between Beach Boys and Beatles [P. McCartney/ Brian Wilson] in those days...
    To me Wild Honey Pie sounds like shouting off frustration and /or mocking something ...
    Anyone for comment ?!?
  • Mark B. Stoned from Desperate Hot Springs, CaWell, Steve, I had not heard that, but it seems very plausible. If they were obligated to do two typical, 14-song albums and a third single for 1968, then that would be 28 songs for the albums, plus the A-side and B-side from the single, making 30 songs. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, given your reference, there are 30 songs on the White Album.
  • Steve from Fenton, MoI had heard (from George Martin, I think, but I've never seen or heard it confirmed anywhere else) that at the point of the White album the Beatles needed a certain number of songs to fullfil their existing contract with the record company. And because of that they packed 30 songs on the double album. That might explain songs like Wild Honey Pie making it onto the album. Has anyone else heard this?
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThis probably was Paul poking fun at "Honey Pie", a song later on the White Album.
  • Buzz from Towntown, MiThe beatles never wrote a bad song.
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaI was joking about earlier. I just wanted to get a reaction out of people.
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nyok, you can like some beatles songs, like just 'rocky raccoon', 'hey jude', 'let it be', and 'dear prudence', but not like 'revolution 9' or 'wild honey pie' and still be a fan! my definition of a fan of ANY band is someone who likes more then 2 songs, and one of them has to be one that didn't do so well on the charts.
  • Dale from Rumford, Meyou guys are rejects this is a instrumental saying honey pie and number nine rock its a sond callage
  • Kelsi from Rowlett, TxYou two are completely ignorant. You can dislike a Beatles song and still be a fan. I can't believe what an idiotic statement that is.
  • Christine from Worcester, Mai like this song..its WAY better than yellow submarine..that song was retarded..o and revolution 9 is weird in a good way, its different, unlike anything else
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaWell spoken Claire! I agree completely! Even if you like every single Beatles song but still hate Wild Honey Pie and Revolution 9, then you still are not a true Beatles fan.
  • Claire from St. Louis, MoAnyone who calls a song by The Beatles crappy is not at true fan
  • Mike from Cranston, RiTo me, this song just seems like it was deliberatley meant to be a weird joke. I honestly don't understand you all analyzing it to this extent.
  • Jonathan from Johnstown, PaAdrian, It was Included on the White Album because Pattie Harrison Liked it.
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaI guess every band makes at least one bad song.
    This is worse than the sappier, sappiest, early beatles song.
  • Mary from Virginia Beach, VaWild Honey Pie isn't one I'm crazy about, kinda creepy in the dark. Maybe I just scare easily. Is it really sung by Paul? It doesn't sound much like him.
  • Andrew from Glasgow, ScotlandI think that, with songs like this - whilst people might not like them much, you have to appreciate the music in the wider context. At the time, The Beatles were pushing the boundaries of "popular" music, experimenting. Obviously not everything that comes out of experimenting is fabulous (Revolution 9 seems to be a case in point!).
  • Kelly from Burbank, CaIt's funny, but I get the feeling that the reason anyone even BOTHERED to listen to this song was the fact that it was originally recorded BY The Beatles (or, at least Paul McCartney.) Think about it. What if any other band had done this? It would have been labeled horrid, first off, and second no one would have even bothered to listen to it. But The Beatles had that amazing power to make anyone listen to a song, whether it was album filler or PURE crap. Their hold on people (including me) is just so amazing that they will go out of their way to aviod saying that any of their songs are bad. Oh, and I kind of like this song when played along with The White Album, but I don't get out my CD because I'm hankering to hear this. It sounds good with the album, like John in Albany said, which was well put. Also, to Jordan, I like your comment, but unlike this song, I really really like "Maggie Mae". It has a very Liverpool sound; it was like The Beatles were getting back to their roots (which they were).
  • Julian from Anaheim, CaNo offense to anyone who likes this song but I've got one thing to say.... "I love the Beatles, but I can't stand this song"
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlOn a scale from one to ten, I rate this song a .02.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScGeorge: Yeah it's funny, but it very quickly gets annoying.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScHa ha ha!!! This song is pretty weird, and I'm not a huge fan of it either, but it shows how random the Beatles were. White album's still the best!!!
  • Gregor from Toronto, CanadaThis is the best song on the White Album, perhaps the best in Beatles history. Ingenius piece. Brings listeners through a musical journey. Amazing song, never get sick of it!!
  • Kate from Liverpool, EnglandI couldn't have said it better myself dirk. Well said.
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnHi Jordan in Illinois... Sometimes it helps to understand works of art (paintings, music, whatever) if you consider the moment when they were created. In 1967 and 1968, when the Beatles were recording songs like Wild Honey Pie and Revolution 9 and You Know My Name, Look up the Number, there was a social revolution going on around the western world. People were sort of waking up to realize that they could do whatever the heck they felt like and no one could force stupid old rules on them. It was a sensation like taking off your winter coat on a warm spring day. It was liberating to realize that anything you wanted to do was possible, as long as you did it well.... The Beatles were the worldwide role models for this revolution. When you listened to a new Beatle album in 1968, you sat back and thought, "Gee--they're doing anything they feel like and it sounds kind of cool. I want to do that too." Wild Honey Pie is just musical sound crafted on tape. But it's breaking the rules of what a "properly recorded song" is supposed to sound like. (John Lennon used to quarrel with the recording studio engineers about how much bass was permissable on a record.) If you were born after 1970, it's very hard to understand the kind of suffocating rules and regulations that people used to live under.... Maybe today we're actually creeping back to the way it used to be!
  • Jordan from Wimette, IlIt was only added because that Pattie Boyd liked it. My cousin didn't like it. I do. I call it one of three 'stupid things'. (The others are 'Maggie Mae' and 'Dig It'.) I call them 'stupid things', but I like them. I don't have a favorite out of those three. They're all good. 'Wild Honey Pie' is 1:01 long, making it the longest 'stupid thing'. I asked my dad to sing 'Wild Honey Pie'(because he is a beatle geinus), and he started singing 'Honey Pie'! Here's another fact. 'Wild Honey Pie' is the least beatle lyric of all thier songs. And they have a lot of songs! It is as long as 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)', even though it's not a 'stupid thing'. It's just wierd. Weird. Yes, it's pointless. But I put it on my ipod. (I didn't put Revolution 9 on my ipod.) That's all. See ya. (Not really........)
  • John from Albany, NyI don't understand the critism of this song, either. Though if this were listened to by its lonesome, it sounds pretty pointless but if you listen to it along with the rest of The White Album it makes a lot more sence. I enjoy it.
  • Paul from Flagstaff, AzNot a very good song. The beatles are a much better band than this. Worse than revolution 9
  • Mike from Chicago, IlRevolution 9 was pretty intelligent. You can label it pointless only because you can't see beyond the fact that its against everything our society has ever deemed worthy. Think outside the box a little. That's what the Beatles are FOR.
  • Mike from Chicago, IlThis song just shows an extreme end of versatility. At least appreciate it's difference from ...every other song ever made in the Western hemisphere... I think it's a cool song. It evokes images of a tall grass prarie and really hairy bees for me. Or maybe I'm just crazy.
  • Cameron from Southington, CtWhat a waste of use of my eardrums. Honey Pie, honey pie, honey pie, thats it. Yes, i would of really enjoyed it if Polythene Pam was there instead of this, seeing as though I like Polythene Pam, and this belongs in the dumpster!
  • Dustin from Akron, OhWorst beatles song ever.
  • Spencer from South Kingstown, RiJoe, it's not crappy and pointless because it's short, it's just regular old crap. It's because of songs like this and Revolution 9 that this isn't the best Beatles album. No one wanted to give up their work, even if it was bad.
  • Crystal from Lebanon, OhOne of the reasons why this was kept on the album and not thrown out was because Patti Boyd liked it. And I like it too. It's a cute and upbeat snipet. :)
  • Joe from West Creek, NjI like the acoustic riff and the weird effects put on the vocals on this song. Maybe filler, but just because it's weird and short doesn't mean it's crappy and pointless.
  • Lisa from Nyc, NyDon't know why everyone here hates this, I think it's a pretty interesting...uhh... thingo...(I don't really call it a *song*, neccisarily)... the instruments on it have a hypnotic sound to it
  • C.j. from Tunkhannock, PaThe pixies covered this
  • Paulo from New York, NyYeah, this one's pretty horrible. They left off "Polythene Pam" and put this crap on?
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeSo why was this put on the White Album? It's almost as pointless as Revolution 9.
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