Let's Get It Started

Album: Elephunk (2003)
Charted: 11 21
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  • Originally, this was "Let's Get Retarded," which is how it appears on the album. When it was released as a single, it was changed to "Let's Get It Started" so it would get radio play. The phrase "Let's Get Retarded" is a West Coast term that means to go crazy on the dance floor (synonyms are "Go Dumb," and "Get/Go Stupid."). The phrase is chanted at clubs and dances and used in everyday slang, but the word "Retarded" is offensive to people who see it as put-down of those who are mentally challenged. (If you want to be really politically correct, the term is "Cognitively Impaired). Later copies of the album contained both versions of the song. >>
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    Christina - North California
  • The single was released in 2003 as "Let's Get Retarded," but it took off when it was re-released later that year as the much more marketable "Let's Get It Started." This new version was used in a slew of advertising campaigns and promotions, including a series of NBA spots that featured the Black Eyed Peas. It provided a huge boost for the band and was their breakthrough single in America.
  • This won the 2004 Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. >>
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    Jerro - New Alexandria, PA
  • This was the first single to sell over 500,000 digital downloads in the United States. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Downsindrum from Chicago, West SideRetard(ed) is a word that doesn't necessarily have to do with mental capacity. If you ever do a tune-up and timing adjustment on a classic car, you'll need to know if the timing is Advanced or Retarded. The word really means "Set Back" or delayed, but people just assume stuff. Retarded, when paired with it's qualifier "mentally," literally describes someone who had a "mental set back" or was "develop-mentally set back in comparison to peers."
    It's really really stupid to think the words are offensive because so many people are offended by so many different things and it's a fool's errand to care about it. You can never get "woke" enough for the Woke crowd.

    Words and inanimate objects cannot be Good or Bad, only human beings are capable of earning that label. A pile of cocaine wont hurt anyone until some person does something with it. A gun wont fire until somebody pulls the trigger. A bomb isn't a bomb until somebody makes it one.
    Those things can all cause problems if 1 person left them out in the open for a child to access, that's called being irresponsible and at fault.
    Stop putting the blame everywhere except where it belongs.... If you want to know who's fault it is that we're losing our freedoms, or why the media is out of control lying 85% of the time and pushing the government's propaganda, or why the government is getting away with Gas Lighting everybody as Race Car Drivers..... We need only look in the mirror. We let them do it.

    (we don't call people "Art Painters" we call them Artists. Why do we call someone who drives a race car a Race Car Driver? Isn't there a shorter word?)
  • Jodieb from AustraliaGlad they changed the words Retarded means to be less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age. It should never have been used for song lyrics in the 1st place.. it would be like me me flippantly using the N word because its meaning in my country is different to Americas meaning... Im glad its gone
  • Jasper from Leiden, NetherlandsI am pretty sure the line "when I bust my rhyme, you break your necks" is a reference to Busta Rhymes and his famous "Break Ya Neck"
  • Dawn from Carbondale, IlWould Love to find this song when it was redone For St. Louis Cardinals. I'm a big fan of the team and I loved the song. could someone tell me where to find it at.
  • Rachel from Smithville, TnThey would always play this song during my school's fun run,every year.
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxGreat song :)
  • Rusty from Eureka, KsLet's get retarded... the term getting retarded means to take E and other nightclub drugs... i do not think they are promoting this but they are poking fun at it
  • Austin from St Louis, MoThis song was used for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 season. Instead the lyrics said
    St. Louis Cardinals, hot.
    St Louis Cardinals this year.

    Yeah it kinda sucked but it was cool.
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandIn England Retarded can either mean a)A stupid person or b) being really, REALLY drunk.

    I never new it could mean a mental thing.
  • Tony Cobra from Inglewood, CaActually in urban slang "retarded" means to get "crazy", "loosen up", "go all out", "have a ball", "have a blast", "party like there?s no tomorrow", etc.. Retarded can be assimilated with these words and phrases due to a mentally challenged person?s disability to comprehend consequences and repercussions of actions. Its an East Coast urban slang word that was popularly used during the late 80's and early 90's by hip hop artists such as Busta Rhymes and his "Leaders of Tha New School" group, Dr. Octagon, EPMD, Keith Murray, etc.. The equivalent of "retarded" in West Coast urban slang is "Stupid", which was also used during the same period of time by artists of the likes of all the members of Digital Underground, all members of NWA (especially Eazy-E), etc..
  • Jdaniel from Great Neck, NyThe person at the top is totally wrong. "Let's Get Retarded" means let's slow things down. Retard=slow. literally. And just as a note, the very first lines after "And the base keeps runnin'" are "In this context/There's no disrespects." It angers me that they had to censor it like that; it isn't offensive. At all.

    Note; there is a censored and uncensored version of each. The two differences, by title, are;
    1. the word "retarded" becomes "it started" or "started" or something along those lines depending on context.
    2. the line "Bob your head like epilepsy" becomes "Bob your head like me, Apl. D.", which sounds stupid.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a good song i like the beat to it and it goes pretty damn loud on my subwoafer it's a good song to dance too and dosen't contain furbie's body parts lol who cares black eyed peas are still good hip hop but i think their other album is more appropiate for younger ones
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaThe band wanted more money so they changed the title for more commercial success - make sense?
  • Adam from Phoenix, AzI agree with Nathan... why change lyrics of a song that you originally intended to be there. They sold out and should have been bold enough to stand behind their creativity especially since their intentions were never to insult anyone. That's what free speech is all about. People need to stop being overly sensitive and making assumptions based on prejudices. AMEN
  • Celeste from Miami, FlThe name of the change of this song tells you about the considerate & prudent nature of the band acutally.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhThe name change of this song tells you about the commercial-oriented nature of the band.
  • Ed from London, CanadaThe Urbz version of the song was included because both Will.i.am was the composer for the music of The Urbz, and the Black Eyed Peas are all in the game. I do have to say, the Urbz version is quite funny.
  • Crazy from Charlotte, Ncgood stuff
  • Kara from Moro, IlThis song is awesome. I love to get retarded!
  • Danielle from Spruce Grove, CanadaThere is also a sims version of this song which i do believe is on the URBS. Its really funny :)
  • Casie from Denver, CoLets get it started came out on an advertisement on the NBA. Suposently it was lets get the basketball game started but the original song was get retarded. Their songs are always great,I dont know how but I thought in their second album their music was gonna suck but its always great! They know what ppl enjoy,not so boring stuff but like the song where is the love,thoes kinda songs are boring but they made it with a good rythim! Lets get "retarded" or started is just go have fun and part as in lets get retarded,just go out and be urself and have the time of ur life and in lest get it started its almost the same its saying lets get this party started lets get the fun started.
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