Album: The Sun and the Moon (2007)
  • This song is about a man struggling with an alcohol problem and is trying to break free of his addiction. >>
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  • Ben from Washington, DcJacob, You've made it half way to the right answer. People are looking for something, and Jesus is exactly what they need. The problem is that it's not true. or that's many peoples' perspective anyway. So the question is whether to devote yourself to something that would give your life meaning but would also mean lying to yourself, or to wander through life wondering whether there is any point at all. I think Believe is about wanting badly to believe in something greater than humanity but having a hard time doing it.
  • Jay from Indianapolis, InI highly doubt this song is about alcohol. Do they just take suggestions from any ole' person who writes in? The song is most likely about religion or spirituality. There's only one reference to alcohol in the entire song, and there's a reference to religion in that same line. So I doubt it's solely about drinking. Here's a direct quote from the lead singer, Sam Endicott:

    "My songs became more spiritual. I simultaneously felt more optimistic and more lost than ever before. I wrote songs about death and what waits for us afterward ("This is Not the End," "Above and Below," for example.) Everything was a question, a period of waiting- for something? For nothing? I thought back to my year of basically living on a barstool in Magnetic Field--I felt like the setting had changed but the feeling was the same. So I wrote the song 'Believe' about it."
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnThis song isn't about alchohol at all. It's about a person wanting something to believe in. "The drinking never stops because the drinks absolve our sins" (which is what the lyrics really are, not what's on here) is just part of the song and how people deal with life sometimes, as much of the world does. This is a favorite song of mine, as it reminds me that there are people out there who are looking for something, and Jesus Christ is what they need.
  • John from Grenich, United Kingdomthis song is actually about a bar in brooklyn where the bravery came from. they said it at a cocnert
  • Mle from Plano, UtI thought this song was about u no, when you look at the lyrics, it looks like beliefs and religon...
  • Matthew from West Paterson, NjThe music is very close to plateau by the meat puppets
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