Right On Time

Album: Right On Time (1977)


  • Quincy Jones produced the album. He brought in the Tower of Power horn section, who have played on many hit records by artists like Huey Lewis, Bonnie Raitt, Santana, Elton John and Aaron Neville. Emilio Castillo told us about working with Jones:
    "There was a real kinship there musically. He knew us from before because we had traveled with him on the road. It was a Quincy Jones and Tower of Power tour. He also was the one who gave me my first gold record. He was talking to us after the session with The Brothers Johnson and he said, 'You guys must have tons of gold records,' and we told him, 'No we don't even have one.' He was amazed. He said, 'You guys don't have a gold record? I can't believe that. This record is going to go gold and when it does you're getting one.' He was true to his word, he sent me one." (Check out our interview with Emilio Castillo. You can learn much more at his website, towerofpower.com.)


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