Could It Be Any Harder

Album: Camino Palmero (2001)


  • The Calling lead singer Alex Band, who wrote this song with their guitarist Aaron Kamin, says this song is "pretty much about someone you love, whether it's family or relationship wise, that pretty much leaves you, which is personal to me because when I was around 8 my mom left and moved to Germany."

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  • Mark from Westerbork, Netherlands(PS)
    The reason why i'm refering to 3d person is because the clip is just a clip, and probably not real.
  • Mark from Westerbork, NetherlandsMy interpretation:
    Its about a child who lost his /her mother of breast cancer, the lyrics add up with the movie of the song.
    Because you see the father watching over the mother, the child returning to her elderly home, to retrieve the memories that are fading away of her mother, and at one point in the movie clip, the mother touches her breast as if something is there, that should not belong there, and almost the whole movie clip is about memories from her past (girl in the clip).
    Also the parts in the lyrics about invincible in my eyes (Children see their parents as invincible), touch you again with life in your hands (As it is), wish i only had one more day (More time to spend), Left me without goodbye and open arms (Not a proper farewell, because the fact that cancer is unpredictable, she passed away suddenly) Could it be any harder to say goodbye without you. (This person can't let go of the fact that he / she lost his parent, because the experience and the loss are to painfull)
    I wish i could turn back the hours, but i just don't have the power. (This means 2 things, he / she obviously want's to turn back time, and the second part i just don't have the power isn't an admitting sentence, what he / she actually means is, that he / she is feeling powerless, because there is absolutely nothing that he / she can do to prevent or reverse the situation as it is.)

    So my interpretation, its clearly about death, but the movie clip lets me believe that its about a child who lost his / her parent from a hidious disease.
    A really, really sad song.
  • John from Sydney, AustraliaThis song is very simple, but somehow touching. Yes, it obviously deals with death and lost loved ones - but somehow I think it still conveys a message of hope. I always seem to receive a sense of hope from songs by The Calling. One of my favourite bands without question. The song talks of needing hope because of the pain that is being experienced.
  • Rocio from Quillota, ChileI think that is about someone that you love unexpectedly is dead or gone of your life, and you never had the time or you never was strong for telling him
  • Audrey from La, CaActually Alex Band (the singer) said it was about death and how if he could have one more chance with this person he would talk it and cherish it.
  • Dimitris from Athens, Greecethe song is about the singer's mother's leaving the house, at his age of 10
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