It Won't Kill Ya

Album: Memories...Do Not Open (2017)


  • This song is about being seduced at a club. The Chainsmokers explained: "'It Won't Kill Ya' is about a night out, seeing someone you are attracted to across the room which pulls you into this mental struggle to gain the courage to interact with them. This is one of the lighter tracks on our album that focuses on enjoying the moment yet handling temptation."
  • The song is a collaboration between The Chainsmokers and the French singer-songwriter Louane Emera. The DJ duo said: "Working with Louane was such a pleasure. We love taking a sweet lyrical idea and spinning it on its head with dark production elements. For us, Louane adds so much to this song. She typically sings in French, but her accent while singing in English, although subtle, makes the song that much more captivating."
  • Louane Emera's debut LP Chambre 12 (French for Room 12) was the second best-selling album of 2015 in France with 772,300 copies sold. It spawned the hit single "Avenir," which topped the charts in France and also reached the top 10 in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Slovakia.
  • Frequent David Guetta collaborator Sam Martin, helped The Chainsmokers and Louane Emera create the song. Martin's credits include co-writing and singing on the French DJ's hit singles "Dangerous" and "Lovers On The Sun." The American singer-songwriter also has writing credits on several of Maroon 5's tunes, including "Daylight" and "It Was Always You."
  • When Louane arrived in Los Angeles to record her vocals, the tune had already been written. However, the French singer worked together with The Chainsmokers to tweak the song so as to showcase the essence of the three performers involved.

    "We were really searching for a good vibe," Louane told Billboard magazine. "We had to find something that was going to be dance and electro like them, but that would also fit with me, because I'm much more of a pop singer. We had to find something that was cool for them but had the French feeling. I have to have my own vibe, my own intention, and that's where 'mon amie' comes from."


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