Album: Bouquet (2015)
Charted: 16 6
  • The song title does not appear in the lyrics, but instead references its guest vocalist, Philadelphia songstress Rozes. It finds Chainsmokers revealing their sensitive side as Rozes sings of how her love for her beau is so special she can feel it deep in her bones.
  • The single became Chainsmokers' second Hot 100 hit after "#Selfie" which achieved a #16 peak in April 2014.
  • Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers wrote and produced the entire song in about eight hours. "It's cool how quickly and sloppy some of the pieces are to this song - it's just true Chainsmokers style," Taggart told Billboard magazine. "We learned everything off of YouTube, so we've always done what we thought sounded good, and we seem to be doing all right making our own type of sound."
  • Asked by Billboard magazine if the song is named after her, Rozes replied: "We didn't decide on a name when we were writing the track. If it were named after a lyric, it would be, 'Say you'll never let me go.' But The Chainsmokers had just released a track called 'Let You Go,' so that wasn't something we could do. When they emailed me the final mix, they named it 'Roses.' It stuck - there's a good emoji, and it's my name."
  • Rozes sings here about wasting "a night with an old film." She explained: "The guy I'm dating now and who the song is really about, he's a movie buff. And I knew that would be his ideal date, to chill and watch an old movie. So that's what came to mind when I was writing it."


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