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Album: Super Bowl Shuffle (1985)
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  • Written by Bobby Daniels, Lloyd Barry, Richard E. Meyer and Melvin Owens, this was a rap song and music video performed by several members of the 1985 Chicago Bears team of the National Football League. The Bears' players who performed on this were "The punky QB" Jim McMahon, McMahon's backup quarterback Steve Fuller, running back Walter Payton, wide receiver Willie Gault, linebackers Mike Singletary and Otis Wilson, defensive backs Mike Richardson and Gary Fencik, and defensive linemen Richard Dent and William "The Refrigerator" Perry. Another Bears defensive lineman, Dan Hampton, was also invited to perform in the song and video but declined, regarding the idea as too cocky and boastful. Perhaps to counter this accusation from the public at large, the proceeds from this song and video were donated to charity - a fact that is even mentioned in Payton's part of the lyrics.
  • Fuller's part of the lyrics include the line "This is for Mike and Papa Bear Halas." This refers to the Bears' then-head coach Mike Ditka and the team's patriarch George Halas, who had died two years earlier. Under Halas' leadership the Bears had won more NFL championships than any other team in the league except for their archrivals, the Green Bay Packers.
  • The video featured a cameo appearance by Julia Kallish, the wife of co-writer Meyers, as a female referee who twice blew a whistle and threw a penalty flag to censor the word "ass" in the lyrics.
  • The song's enormous popularity in the Chicago market, coupled with the video's frequent play on MTV, made it a hit that just barely missed the US Top 40. It also earned a Grammy nomination for best Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance - Duo or Group. Most importantly to the team, though, the 1985 Bears would ultimately make good on their song's promise by reaching, and winning, Super Bowl XX, defeating the New England Patriots 46-10. >>
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  • This led to more NFL teams creating similar rap videos, which many years later prove to very comical. These videos were mostly forgotten until the age of YouTube, where videos like the Seattle Seahawks "Locker Room Rock," the San Francisco 49ers "Team of the '80s," The Oakland Raiders "Silver and Black Attack" and The Los Angeles Rams "Ram It" live forever.
  • New England Patriots fans responded with their own video, which was called "New England, the Patriots and We" and credited on MTV to The Soundtrack Studio Singers. The Bears were clearly the dominant team that year and likely headed for the Super Bowl, but no sane individual would have produced a Patriots Super Bowl video mid season, as they were far from the best team in their conference. After the Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins (the only team to beat the Bears) to advance to the big game, the response video was assembled, clearly on a much tighter schedule and budget than the flashy "Super Bowl Shuffle," although various players did appear.

    As a tie-in to the Super Bowl, MTV played both videos back-to-back and had viewers vote for the winner. The results were even more lopsided than the actual game, and the "Super Bowl Shuffle" won in a landslide.

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  • Garrett from Chicago, IlAlso, The Jennifer Jennings Band recorded a 2006 Chicago Bears tribute song called "Rock On Chicago Bears" which you can download for free at:

    You can also see a video slideshow of the players synced up with the lyrics of the song and a video of the band performing the song on a Chicago morning TV news show.
  • Murph from Peoria, IlI'm suprised it hasn't made more of a comeback with the Bears in the SB this year too
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