The Way It Goes

Album: TCV (2010)
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  • Click Five keyboardist/guitarist Ben Romans told us: "That was a really fun song, because it's about life and second chances. Each next time is about learning from mistakes, and there's always a brighter place if you want it to be. It's about the way it goes: life, love, and loss. So, yeah, we're really amped."
  • Ben has a blog called "The One Love." Here, he explains what it is, and how you can get involved. "We have a lot of young fans, and there's an incredible amount of energy that's coming out of these kids. It's kind of an experiment, but if we can get maybe five to ten percent of that energy turned on to charity, it might be kind of cool to do that. So the idea is this blog, they're amped about music, they're amped about whatever it is. And the bloggers choose the charity of their choice, something that is very close to them, and each time you click on their sponsors, some money goes toward the charity. The other thing we've been batting around is they've been doing a couple of songwriter shows. We did one in London and we did a couple in New York. And it's fun, because we try to make it a really unique night. It's kind of like a Nashville songwriter-in-the-round. And it was very fun, because it wasn't necessarily Nashville writers. It was people you wouldn't think of as singer/songwriter. It's more like myself and friends from indie bands in New York, and it was just bringing those songs to new life by applying them in different new areas. So that was fun. We'll pick a charity for that night and we'll try to raise money for the cause. So it's a fun experiment. I don't know what's gonna happen, but it's been a pleasure trying to work on a project like that. It's fun watching the kids getting amped up about trying to get on with a charity and trying to get on to new music and all that kind of stuff. So it's gonna be a cool next I don't know how many years, to see where it goes." (Check out the full Ben Romans interview.)


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