Get Ready To Wiggle

Album: Wiggle Time (1987)
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  • The Cockroaches were a modestly successful 1980s Australian pub band, in roughly the same vein as their American contemporaries Huey Lewis & the News. They formed in 1979 by three brothers (Paul, John and Anthony Field) and three of their friends from boarding school (Jeff Fatt, Phil Robinson and Tony Henry).

    This was one of their more obscure songs and was not released as a single, but is noteworthy for inspiring the name of Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field's next, entirely different but far more successful musical endeavor. After The Cockroaches disbanded in 1991, Field returned to college in Sydney, originally setting out to teach preschool. There he met fellow musicians-turned-students Greg Page and Murray Cook, and together with Fatt they formed a new group aimed at the preschool set: The Wiggles. Over the next decade The Wiggles evolved into a full-fledged children's entertainment franchise with albums, videos, TV series, live shows, toys, clothing and even theme park rides; and built a worldwide following, particularly in the United States. By 2005 The Wiggles had become Australia's top-grossing entertainment act of any kind, making more money than AC/DC and actress Nicole Kidman combined. >>
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  • Sienna from SydneyOmg. Shocked to find out what Wiggle meaning is and the index finger movements. Horrified to think I took my children to see them etc. It s a Sydney secret massage pro thing that most mothers don't know.. Their excuse for the wiggle finger movement was yes secret, but nonsense what they said.

    Also why were they called the Cockcroaches? Wiggle means to move to and fro, or in rapid movements up and down or side to side..The index fingers is exactly what the massage pro use. doing that. Boys in the 80e thinking that is funny. Not!!!! I had no idea. Yuk.
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