Ode To My Family

Album: No Need To Argue (1994)
Charted: 38 39
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  • Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan was raised in the countryside of County Limerick, Ireland. This song is about her decision to become a rock star and the conflicts that decision caused with her parents and their Irish traditions. She sings it in a lullaby-like way as if reminiscing on her family back in Ireland.
  • In a Songfacts interview with Dolores O'Riordan, she said this was one of the most therapeutic songs for her to write. "'Ode to My Family' was written when I first came to America with The Cranberries," she said. "I was away from my family and friends and I was lonely, so I wrote that."

    That first trip to America came in the Summer of 1993 after they had already toured Europe to promote their debut album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? The Cranberries were hardly known in the US when they arrived, but by the end of the year, "Linger" was getting airplay, and in 1994 they became huge stars.
  • In America, the No Need To Argue album was so widely anticipated that their record label, Island, didn't release any singles from the set, forcing listeners to buy the whole album instead of the individual songs. "Ode To My Family" was the second promotional single from the album, following "Zombie." Because it was not sold in stores, it was ineligible for the Billboard Hot 100, but it made #39 on the Airplay chart in April 1995 and also reached #11 on the Modern Rock chart.
  • Samuel Bayer directed the video, which he made at the same time as the visual for "Zombie." Bayer traveled to to Belfast to get footage of real people that was used in both videos. The other scenes were shot in Los Angeles.

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  • Viejo Clemente from Phoenix Arizona Would have been great to sit down and have a conversation with Dolores . Truly talented band .
  • Bo Jones from Terrell, TexasThis is their best song and may be one of the most underrated songs of all!! So much emotion, folk timing and rhythm!! Absolute perfection in a song!!
  • Vee from Virginia Beach, Va.... Missing my family...
  • I Licked Heleen from NimesI adore This song also I liked My girlfriend Much Evert time we hear it play, intense intime au cite Nimes we livivre together. Thank yew To Cranberries!
  • Pipit from Yogyakarta, IndonesiaIt's my favorite song...remind me to my beloved father...
    he was really love this song...
  • Victoria from Bethany, OkTheir music is so passionate and so touching. Ode To My Family is by far my favorite song from them. It's something I think we all can relate to.
  • Cathy from Grand Rapids, MiI love her 'irish wail', so rarely heard outside of the insular and specific genre of traditional irish music. So many Irish popular musicians blend into the generic pop sound of the day, their ethnic flavor gets lost and abandoned. I applaud their skill at creating music of different colors, I just feel wistful about keeping the traditional Irish feel out and proud in the world. She has a gift of being able to touch people with her music. Such a wonderful band they are, so many fans from around the world. This song takes on a special meaning for every listener, it's seemingly simple lyrics convey deep meaning and emotion. Timeless song.
  • Bruno from Lima, PeruIn his 1995 diary, "A year. With swollen appendices", on September 11, Brian Eno wrote about a conversation with Bono about a line in this song:
    "We were talking about that line in one of her songs: 'My father, my father, he liked me.' We were both moved by the delicacy of that word choice - such a stronger word than 'loved'. She is apparently the one girl in a family of 11! This may explain her singular confidence around men"
  • Lefty_2ndbaseman from Chicago, IlThis is my favorite Cranberries song...it creates a very somber but passionate mood.
  • Allie from A Little Ol' Town In, MiI love this song, she is such a great singer and her lyrics and voice are so haunting. Not many people know about the cranberries but they're so good. Awesome bass line for this song and it relys mainly on the simple guitar riffs and running bass.
  • Eds from Wellington, New Zealandsuch a great song. Makes me feel sad
  • Dylann from Los Angeles, Cadolores o'riordan is an amazing songwriter/singer.
  • Acrobat from Adelaide, Australia'So Cold In Ireland' is a hidden track on the 'No Need To Argue' album and comes 7 or 4 minutes after No Need To Argue has ceased playing. It as a very haunting song
  • Sar from Iron, MnThe entire "no need to argue" album is spectacular!!
  • Katie from Miami, FlDolores O'Riordan has one of the most amazing voices.....I literally get chills when she sings....very talented. I find the bubble gum pop artists don't have half the voice she does......
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