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  • This was inspired by the IRA bombing in Warrington, Cheshire, England on March 20, 1993. Two children, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, were killed. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is a militant group that was determined to remove British troops from Northern Ireland.
  • Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan claimed that "Zombie" speaks about "the Irish fight for independence that seems to last forever." The lyrics even say, "It's the same old theme since 1916."

    Like the responsive works of Yeats, Heaney and U2, the Cranberries claim they wrote "Zombie" to be a "song for peace, peace among England and Ireland." >>
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  • This song takes the unassailable position that killing young children is tragic, but in venturing into the political fray, it created a great deal of controversy. This didn't surprise O'Riordan. "I knew that would be the angle of the song, because it was controversial," she told Songfacts. "But, I suppose I was kind of taken aback with the success of the song. I didn't know it was going to be that successful."
  • The video was shot by Samuel Bayer, who flew to Belfast shortly before the ceasefire to get footage of the area - those are real British soldiers and local children. Bayer intercut these scenes with striking images of Dolores O'Riordan, standing by a cross and covered in gold paint, as similarly gilded children look on. Bayer, who began as a painter, was wildly creative in his videos when given free rein. His best-known work is Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

    Getting painted for the video was O'Riordan's idea. Explaining the symbolism, she told us, "It was to make it magnificent in a way, at the cross. It was metaphoric for all the pain that was being caused, and it was slightly religious as well."
  • On August 31, 1994, just a few weeks after this song was released, the IRA declared a ceasefire after 25 years of conflict, leading some critics of The Cranberries to wonder if the IRA was willing to call a truce to make sure the group didn't release any more songs about them.
  • The first Cranberries album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, Why Can't We?, was written and recorded in Ireland over a span of a few years. After that album was released in 1993, they went on a lengthy tour and began writing songs for their second album, No Need To Argue. "Zombie" was written while they were touring England that year.

    The lead single from the album, it marked a stark departure in both sound and meaning, taking an aggressive political turn away from songs like "Linger" and "Dreams." In a Songfacts interview with Dolores O'Riordan, she said, "On the road, writing things became more alive. I think that's why 'Zombie' emerged. The first album was more tame and more reserved, and then we started to rock out a bit more. So, we started to write more rock and roll songs."
  • The Cranberries performed this at Woodstock '94 a month before the single was released.
  • In America, the song wasn't released as a single, a tactic designed to sell more albums. Promotional copies were issued to radio stations and MTV gave the video plenty of spins, so the song got lots of exposure, helping No Need To Argue sell over 7 million copies in the US. Since it wasn't sold as a single, "Zombie" was ineligible for the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it did make #22 on the Airplay chart.
  • The Cranberries performed this on Saturday Night Live on February 25, 1995. >>
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  • The metal band Bad Wolves released a cover of this song on January 19, 2018. The band claimed that Dolores O'Riordan was scheduled to record vocals on the track the day she died four days earlier.

    This version changes a few lyrics, mentioning drones among the devices for killing, and altering the line, "It's the same old theme since 1916" to "It's the same old theme in 2018."

    "She was really excited about that because the nations may have changed but we're still fighting the same battles today," lead singer Tommy Vext said. "Humanity is still fighting to assert itself despite all the conflicts."

    A video, directed by Wayne Isham, was released with an actress re-creating O'Riordan's gold-plated look from the original.
  • When Dolores O'Riordan died on the day she was scheduled to record her vocals for the Bad Wolves cover, there was a huge behind-the-scenes debate involving the metal band's manager and record label over whether or not they should still release the track.

    "We almost shelved the song," frontman Tommy Vext told Billboard. "We didn't know what to do with it."

    The group decided the best way forward was to release the cover, and donate their proceeds to O'Riordan's three children. "That was kind of how we tried to make a positive situation out of such a tragic one," Vext said.

    The cover was released the same week of O'Riordan's death, and after a slow start became a huge success, giving Bad Wolves their first Hot 100 entry.
  • When the "Zombie" video passed 1 billion views on YouTube in April 2020, The Cranberries became the first Irish band to hit the milestone.
  • In The Office episode "The Return" (2007), Andy (Ed Helms) sings the chorus repeatedly to annoy his co-workers.

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  • Lorraine Nevins from Ny, NyI am wondering why she didn't choose to sing about Bloody Sunday or the 1981 hunger strike? I assume she was singing about the IRA. No mention of the british army or protesant terrorist group atrocities.
  • Seattle Has Lost It's Soul... from Olympia, WaTo Lilly from United States of America: I agree with you, except: Not everyone is capable of understanding the meaning of poetry. There is a place in the brain that needs stimulation for art. Whether poetry, paint, sculpture... and understanding it's meaning. Regards.
  • Gabriel Perez from Us-california Buena Park.powerful.. dedicated to those two kids that died by man's bombs. Very, very powerful and heavy song.
    Thank you g...
  • Len from UsaTo all the people dragging the US into discussion of this sh—-y song: GFY

    Leave us out of the IRA atrocities

    As for the song - I didn’t see one comment on on Dolores o’riordan’s cacophonous performance - it ruins the song for me

    No surprise SNL hosted the band - they crave controversy and damaged, self-absorbed performers
  • Dave Simner from Brighton UkI was never into the cranberries and only found this song today when googling the most popular Irish tune on you tube which with more 1.1 billion plays is Zombie. What a great song and heartfelt reaction to an awful event. There’s a lot of discussion here on the message but it was written in response to the IRA bombing in Warrington uk in which 2 young children were killed. The official vidéo just reminded me of seeing the troubles on TV night after night and the effects it had on us. I remember worrying that friends had been killed in a bombing in Birmingham and the complex feelings. I was in Ireland the day Bobby Sands died and remember the black flags everywhere. This brought back a lot of memories.
  • Lina from AustraliaIt's about war, tragedy, trauma and the PTSD that goes with it. Reliving it in your head
  • Lilly from United States Of AmericaIt is a great song but as you have read in the article (IF you read it) it is about war, so maybe pay attention to that. I loved the energy to this song as well as the somberness. It is a great mix and I recommend it for kids... As long as you don't tell the what the lyrics mean.
  • Chris from UsaI remember this song as a benchmark of my generation. The human suffering and tragedy of war. Voice given to the unsung victims of conflict. Begs the question does the ends truly justify the means.
  • Gloria from Spain I loveeeeeeee this song so much! I wish I could marry it!!!
  • Brooklynn On Top from United Statesi did not know about two kids died the war was mean
  • Jlambo from United StatesI get that this song is about war, and how terrible that is. I am also fascinated by the real-life footage of the kids and the soldiers. However, I do feel a bit weird about the children mostly naked who are covered in silver paint. I realize that not everyone will agree with me, but if I had kids, I would not let them be in such a place. I get it that this was a tragic time period, based on a tragic event in real life. Nevertheless, if the song's message is to "let kids be kids" then I'd rather leave those particular kids out of it.

    Nevertheless, this is just my opinion, and I realize that some people may disagree with me and accuse me of being "too sensitive". I fully realize that it is meant to be symbolic. I just feel uncomfortable with kids being used as pawns in that way. Therefore, I do have one question about the song which is simply: did those kids grow up to live happy lives? Granted, I recognize that this may just be paranoia on my part, but I really hope the industry didn't abuse them in any way.
  • Maxime from Lead Singer Dolores O'riordan Claimed That "zombie" Speaks About "the Irish Fight For Independence That Seems To Last Forever." The Lyrics Even Say, "it's The Same Old Theme Since 1916."i like this music
  • Zombie Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan claimed that "Zombie" speaks about "the Irish fight for independence that seems to last forever." The lyrics even say, "It's the same old theme since 1916."

    Like the responsive works of Yeats, Heaney and U2, the Cranberries claim they wrote "Zombie" to be a "song for peace, peace among England and Ireland."
  • Alexis Delira Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan claimed that "Zombie" speaks about "the Irish fight for independence that seems to last forever." The lyrics even say, "It's the same old theme since 1916."

    Like the responsive works of Yeats, Heaney and U2, the Cranberries claim they wrote "Zombie" to be a "song for peace, peace among England and Ireland."
  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesI love love love this song! My favorite part was

    "But you see, it's not me
    It's not my family
    In your head, in your head, they are fighting"

    This song lives forever even the artist already dead Thier Music lives;) This why I want to be a musician too hehehe
  • Dave from Warrington, UkPlenty of Zombies around in the comments.

    RIP, Dolores.
  • Michelle from Ontario, CanadaI can't stand the singer's voice normally but this song brings me back to a certain club house twenty years ago, good times.
  • Jimmy Mceachern from NycAll kinds of war people, more people killed in the USA in a year than 100 years in Ireland, so to ALL the war survivors, stop the bs, lots of Americans died in the name of Ireland, more so than the Irish citizens themselves, about 50 million U.S. citizens of Irish descent. We've been to the famine memorial in NYC, incredible history about all the earth here. Don't blame America for all the trouble, we sacrificed millions in the name of peace, and yes I do understand we get involved where we don't belong, but never forget those who gave their lives so you could be free. Peace and love to all.
  • Rose from CaliforniaZombie came out 7 years before first US911. She must have sensed it.
  • Donny from Eugene, OrThis song is completely amazing. As for all the arguing, seriously? The title of the album with this song on it is "No Need to Argue"!? If you're talking trash on the United States, shut up, the United States is a great place that I love living. If you're talking trash on Britain, shut up!, I would absolutely love to go visit because Britain is awesome. If you're talking trash on Ireland, Shut Up!!!, the Irish have the coolest sounding accent in the world, and omg they have some GORGEOUS women, and Ireland is awesome. If you're talking trash on Canada...ok Canada sorry but I've been there and I really didn't think Canada was all that great. But if you're talking trash on Canada you can shut up too cause I'm sure Canada is awesome in some way too... not sure what it is, but I'm sure they are haha.
  • Corey from Pimpama,australia On August 31, 1994, just a few weeks after this song was released, the IRA declared a ceasefire after 25 years of conflict, leading some critics of The Cranberries to wonder if the IRA was willing to call a truce to make sure the group didn't release any more songs about them.
  • Mike from Chicago, IlWhy the hell did this have to turn into an Americans vs. Irish, British, and Canadians? Why is it that any time you get a bunch of English speakers together on the internet, they all have to talk s--t about each others' countries? I just wanted to read about the f--king song and it turns into this crap.
  • Joel from AustraliaCool song.
  • Tom from Watford, United KingdomThis is a truly beautiful song that expresses anger and frustration at the Zombies on both sides of the conflict. It takes two groups of violent people to have an armed conflict. The point being made so eloquently is that the motivation of the killers in the conflict are based on events in the past that are irrelevant to ordinary people alive today who just want to live happy family lives.

    There is a wonderful You Tube video excerpt of the film "Suckerpunch" set to this song, which shows this whole concept pictorially complete with steam driven German Zombies. The irony of "Suckerpunch" is that this movie glamorizes War with scantily clad "schoolgirl" iconic heroines like some 14 year old boys wildest fantasy while delivering a very severe critique of War and the weakness of social health authorities. The watcher sees a victim of a sick and degenerate society receiving a lobotomy while not realising that the film delivers a "Lobotomy" to themselves. They are being unconsciously programmed to revel in sex, violence and war.

    The futility of war is made very clear in my own family history. My maternal great-grandparents died of hunger in the potatoe famine but they left their children at a British Army Orphanage to avoid the same fate. The seven brothers grew up to become soldiers and four went into the British Army and three into the IRA.
    Two of the British Soldiers were killed fighting the Germans in WW I. The IRA members had to flee Ireland during a crack-down and went and lived in England. My parents were both active fighting the Germans in WWII and I grew up thinking of the Germans as some sort of monsters. I ended up teaching mathematics to German children , who I found to be very pleasant and I would not want any of them to be involved in an armed conflict. Another Australian teacher at that school had a grandfather that had heavily bombed the German town in which we lived. His grandfather did not like to discuss the war. These personal histories makes the futility of war obvious to me. I am no longer a Zombie.
  • Paul from Boston, MaA beautiful, sad song. It is not a pro Republican song, it's an anti-war song about the innocents who suffer the most while wars, throughout the world, grind on. It does make a reference to 1916, the year of the IRA Easter Uprisings which ultimately led to the establishment of the Irish Republic, while leaving six counties in the North under British control. When "The Troubles" resumed in 1969, the Irish peace marches of that time, were not marching for a United Ireland. They were protesting for equal rights and for an end to the political gerrymandering which allowed the numerically dominant Loyalists to maintain control, with little input from the Catholic minority.
  • Hugh Mcphee from Wick, United KingdomI find this song interesting. It shows the psychological damage done by the troubles. Not to be mean to those with special sensitivities like Catherine (Glasgow) but if it bothers you then a simple solution would be not to listen to the song.
  • Sam from El Reno, OkI love this song! I owe it to this song to for inspiring me to study further into the origins of the I.R.A., Northern Ireland, and Easter 1916. It sends chills down my spine every time I hear this song. Most historians would agree that counterfactuals are not the best way to argue any kind of opinion, so I'm not sure what the huff-puff is. Regardless, the Cranberries are a good group and their song is really touching.
  • John from Belfast, IrelandMost of you American's don't know what it is like to have wars on your streets or in your family's street wondering if a family member has gone down through Loyalist killings or Republican killings and until that day comes then you won't ever know about Irish or Northern Irish life. I don't and never have supported the IRA even tho I'm Catholic and from West Belfast and Irish regardless if I was born in Northern Ireland, you can see where some people come from in fighting for their country and in different times they had all the support of every Catholic in Ireland, the UK, the USA in some parts of the world. I also love how some guy said about NUKE the IRA - then you would more than likely NUKE most of the big cities in America, Europe, Asia, Australia. Where would you evict all those innocents you eject?
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiGreat song. Very powerful.

    If the US was into killing innocent people or starting wars, every man, woman and child on this planet would be dead. So, I guess the US really isn't into that after all.

    Its comical to hear from the British, Canadians or Australians about all the wars we've fought. Hey, check your facts, YOU were right there with us in most of these wars (Korea, Iraq, Iraq again, and thanks for the help).

    I invite everyone to read "A World at Arms" by German historian Gerhard Weinberg. Then everyone CAN be a WWII expert and not make the mistake of saying things like the US didn't enter the war until the end. Hahaha... Actually, we were providing crucial supplies to Britain AND Russia well before Pearl Harbor.

    If not for the US, everyone in Europe would either be a Fascist or a Communist right now. Sorry, that's not a fact, just an inescapable conclusion reached from knowing the facts. Whether Hitler or Stalin wins the war, it doesn't end up good for you. Just talk to Poland once about that.

    Canada's role in both the Battle of the Atlantic and D-Day is oft-overlooked, and I won't do that, but for Canadians to belittle what the US has done could only come from the desire for an alternate reality.

    And by the way, when the Soviets had nukes pointed at your major cities, it wasn't your nukes they were afraid of; it was OURS. So, you're welcome for that too.

    And my last point is for all my fellow Americans, who live with heavy hearts as citizens of the world's lone super-power. Yes, a fading and weary super-power, tired of bearing the burden for all those allowed the illusion of innocence. Guilty you lead your lives. Incredulous that in your country there was once slavery and genocide. I remind you that there was slavery at one time in EVERY country, and that short of Japan, the native inhabitants of ALL lands were killed or removed to make way for the current population. And, oh yes, the natives of THESE lands weren't especially fond of the settlers either, having the habit of slaughtering them wholesale: men, women AND children. (see Roanoke Island), as well as slaughtering each other prior to the settlers being here. Such horror is what happens in war, but it is FAR better to have won than to have lost.
  • Joe from Manchester, United KingdomAll this arguing about WW1 & WW2 and everything else is pointless , all I have to say about the independence of N.ireland is that all this arguing about it should be part of the republic of Ireland is irrelevant, when the majority of the nothern Irish people vote for independence then is the time to release N.Ireland from the UK just like Scotland is currently discussing at the present time, every country should have the right to choose its own future by a MAJORITY descion in a democratic vote JUST like Scotland is doing, so if Scotland decide to separate from the uk then I personally wish them well for the future and hold no ill will against them and would be the same for N.ireland if they chose to
  • Allan from London, United KingdomGood songs like this provoke thought and reaction , great. Its sich a powerful song and the topic is one close ot the hearts of many. The struggle went much further than many realised. Every day Londoners lived in fear of being blown up and injured. Bombs and fake devices were left all acorss the capital. My parents were caught up in bombings a few times and I was lucky not to have been killed in a bombing in North London. The horrible thing was the wedge it drove between normal people and Irish, there was a deep sense of distrust. Thank god that era has ended and now progress is achieved by talks not guns and bombs.
  • Semper from Toms River, NjJustine, as an American, I can say that 9/11 is almost nothing compared to the struggle in Ireland, nor is it really comparable to most struggles around the world. You obviously have a crappy news source, or just don't care to do the research. Try looking from all points of view before trying to argue about this.
  • Justine from Anaheim, CaAmen. Brother. ;)
  • Samuel from Truro, United KingdomI suppose after all of this arguing I am going to say, this is a bloody good song by a band whos music I don't really like so much. Music is beautiful.
  • Justine from Anaheim, CaLook, missy form the U.K., how dare you even try to compare the Warrington bomb attacks with 9/11. No one's putting your country down! Thoussssaaaannnndddsss of lives were lost in 9/11. Even MORE lives were affected. How many lives were lost in the Warrington bombings? Count it on your fingers, two. How many were lost in 911? 2,996 people. Not even remotely the same loss. I know, death of any kind is horrible. But since you want to compare lives lost...
  • R from Las Cruces, NmSorry but I feel the need to comment. I'm not from Ireland, but I have been to Ireland several times over the last few years. My husband and in-laws are from Ireland and as a result I have learned a lot about "the troubles." Let me tell you we have been nearly everywhere in Ireland and there aren't British troops all over the place harassing Irish. I'm not trying to discount what some people have said on these posts, I'm sure some of them did live through some of the hardships in Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s (perhaps sooner). I'm quite certain that no one on here was living during 1916. Honestly I think the point of this song is that there are "Zombies" on both sides, blindly following their own "side" because that's the way it has always been. Many of the comments on here are only re-inforcing what the Cranberries were trying to say with their song which I think is....'isn't it time we drop the hate.' I'm not righteous, but I do think that killing of any kind is wrong, whether it is a UK citizen, an Irish citizen, a US citizen, or even an Iraqi citizen. If you think otherwise, quite frankly, I feel sorry for you! And for the poster who said that this song has nothing to do with the killing of those two British children, my goodness, how can you be so blind (or deaf)?? You can hate me because I'm an "American," but what's the point in hating someone due to their nationality? Isn't that how we got here, Ireland seems to be moving forwards. From the town that my in-laws live in I understnad that most people would love a united Ireland, but disagree considerably with the IRA. There's better ways to accomplish things, just ask Ghandi!!
  • Beth from Warrington, United KingdomLook, I have an Irish background, am catholic, and live in Warrington where the bombs went off killing Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry (the inspiration for the song). About two minutes walk from my house is a place called the Peace Centre which was set up by Tim Parrys parents. Whats the point in arguing about our nationality and what we do and dont know. This songs about how horrible it is when inocent people die. There is guilt on both sides but we have to move on and find peace with each other.
  • K.t. from N/a, United Kingdom@ Kait

    You miss the point. This is a very personal issue for everyone of a certain generation in Ireland and the UK, when people who did not experience the conflict first hand try to weigh in on the issue people get angry & upset. The 'Troubles' were akin to a civil war, and one that is still bitter & fresh in peoples minds. The fact some of those commenting are from America is particularly angering because of the USA's military actions over the past 60 years, all whilst US citizens lived, and still do live, in relative safety. The 'fuss' that people made / make about 9/11 is over the top when you consider that the US has been constantly at war since WWII, the average citizen ignorant to the daily murders committed in their name. You live safe from attack by the 'other side'. A day in Basra today, is easily comparable to a day in Ireland 30 years ago. You could never be sure that you would still be alive at the end of the day, whether you lived in Belfast or London. The British soldiers killed Irish civilians, and the IRA bombed English civilians. As an American citizen, you could never understand the horrors of war, yet you still feel you have the right to comment on and judge those that do.

    That is why you've had the anti-American responses. Learning historical facts and figures does not qualify you to argue with those who have experienced it first hand. If you ever wondered why foreigners have such disdain for your country, this is it.
  • Chrisian from Port Saint Lucie, FlHeaviest guitar riff ever.... So badass....
  • Kait from West Palm Beach, FlI love how the comments section for this song turned into an argument about nationality. It pretty much reads like "Waaaah...I'm Irish and you're American so I know what I'm talking about but you certainly don't". Seriously? Living in America doesn't render one incapable of learning history, geniuses. Sure, some people commented without doing a bit of research first, but you don't have to be such assholes about it.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI love this song! Her voice is amazing and so is the music!
  • Tim from Maryville Tn, TnThis is a wonderful song but for some of you who think there are no Americans who understand let me set the record straight..... I am a second generation American, my father was the first in his family born here after leaving Ireland. My grandparents had to leave , but my grandfather was proud that he fought the English as he had to standby and watch ,helplessly, as his mother and sister were abused by the black and tans....so yes there are some of us who understand 700 years of oppression, There are some of us who see how Hitler is treated in the light he deserves and yet Cromwell by many is considered a hero, that is depicable! especially when your father is Irish and your mother is a southerner from Alabama! for those Americans who cant understand, and as a Marine Corps combat vety i have the right to say this, you could not begin to comprehend someone invading our nation and imposing their will, making us bow to their king, and litterallytrying their damndest to destroy our culture..... I don't condone everything the IRA does but who among us would not fight to the death to defend our land against tyranny. If you say you would not than I say you are a liar as well as a coward!
  • Alex from Noosa, AustraliaWow someone else from Noosa !
  • Caitlin from Noosa, Australiathis is one of my favourite songs and I came upon this comments while researching for a school assignment and it really annoys me all the comments and stereotypes going around. I have irish background (as do many australians) and irish convict background but I do not know of anything they went through or experienced cause the only irish relative I have met was a great great grandparent and I was under the age of 3...hmm...point im trying to make is that I would love to be able to call myself Irish and Australian but sadly I cannot. I believe "zombie" is a reference to the mindlessness of that generations of war and violence has created in people and it doesn't HAVE to be that way. My father thought it was of how the British wanted the Irish to act and how the soldiers just did what they were told. There are so many different reasons for the song but the point is it is obviously about peace in one way or another and it is the artists inspiration to write how ever it is the listeners interpretation of what it really means to them.
    OH and all the world war two stuff...Australians have been treated like cannon fodder in many countless wars because I think we're just too lazy as a nation to become independent and not under the commonwealth but point is you are all discussing WW2 like the world revolves around America or all the other s--t when the wars were awful and really s--t for many parties involved it was in the past and the only way we can really feel remorse for what happened is move on from it, I don't hate my pommy friends just because of how their nation treated mine decades ago, I don't hate my japanese friends for what their nation did decades ago or even my american friends for their nation still dragging Australia into things now that we don't need to be involved in.
    I love this song and I love how it raises awareness to these situations of violence and war and how it drags on and on after new generations and I think peace shoudl really be peoples goal NOT revenge or misguided attempts of heroism. This song is emotionally and musically powerful in it's simplicity making it a one of a kind in modern times. I really think if you can't come to any thought provoked conclusion of your own after reading this song then you must be a complete idiot... c:
    I'm done.
  • Caitlyn from Royersford, PaThis song should strictly only be sung by Dolores O'Riordan. Anyone else's voice just sounds terrible(I'm talkin to you Andy Bernard from the office!)
  • David from Clare, Irelandhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0zk7iwTo3Q Im Irish and it bugs me when people from other countries comment on this disagreeing with the IRA and what they did when truthfully u dont know jak s--t about what went on in my country and what we had to put up with yes what they did was unethical but watch the video and maybe you will understand why they did it ...... and one other thing if ur american just cause u have Irish catholic or irish protestent roots in your family dosnt mean anythin when it comes to Ireland history you know nothin about it so why intervein...
  • Cassandra from Jackson, MsBut, I love the song.
  • Cassandra from Jackson, MsLet me just remind all of you this goes back way further than the formation of the IRA. Read your history. I would be a little pissed too if millions of my people, yes millions, were murdered during the potato blight by the British. Irish people were forced to work building roads for food because they had none. That is why still to this day some roads just end or go nowhere. Some Irish people were forced to hand over thier land and property to the British for food or starve to death. This is how the British stole the land they occupy. Bodies were found dead on the side of some of these roads they were building and when examined for cause of death they were so starved there wasn't even a crumb of food in thier bodies. When the so called news of what was going on in Ireland so called made it to England they sent the queen to look into the situation. She was not taken to any of the locations that were in peril so she just said there is nothing going on here and returned home. More Irish people died during the blight and more land and property was stolen by the British than the Jews in the holocaust. So yeah, I would be mad. You starve me to death and you steal my property and you occupy my land and put out propaganda that some of the Irish are violent. Pot meet Kettle. Oh and the blight was imported by the British from the Americas. Some say they didn't know what it was for and some say they did know. Now I don't know about everyone else but I will take a bullet anyday over literally starving to death in the elements.
  • Megan from Milwalkee, WiThis song is beautiful and has a real purpose. The lyrics are not only extremely easy to memorise but also speak about something as i said has a real purpose instead of having innopropriate lyrics and swears like crazy as in some of the rappers songs now a days have.
  • Iushe from Delhi, Indiathe song is pretty clear from its lyrics itself . this is about how all the humanity and feelings tend to evaporate during war . a person alive but without feelings rather hatred n violence in his head is wat ' zombie' stands for.
  • Alex from Portland, OrHi I am an American with Irish roots. specifically Northern Irish protestant roots. This song is about 2 things and 2 things only. The war between England and the IRA and the hatred between the Protestants and Catholics. Another thing the way it works is one mans terrorist is someone elses freedom fighter. I don't exactly like the IRA they are responsible for death of some of my family. I have researched my roots and it makes sense why the IRA did what they did they were forced into wars and ruled by another people. I have no beef with the IRA or Catholics Or the British but when you say I'm proud of what the IRA has done with all of the innocents killed i dare you to come over here and tell my baby sister why she can't see her great uncles. This is not me choosing a side the northern Irish haven't been the nicest people but in all truth the Irish and Northern Irish are family. One last comment before I take my leave. Who really cares about the numbers about world war 1. Does it really matter? It is over, the song is about Ireland, and Everyone should be proud about their ancestors for doing what they could to stop Hitler.
  • Ambrosia from Port Saint Lucie, FlI read through a few of the comments and personally I love this song. I think if people find the video disturbing, then maybe they should look a little closer at the hearts of most men. We okay writers like Steven King and movies like Saw and The Ring but if a music video is made saying that something is wrong, we get upset. I live in America, born and raised. The worst thing, regarding war, that I have dealt with was hugging my sister as she boarded a plane to Iraq. All nations have wars and it is regrettable. It never helps that everyone thinks they are right. I wouldn't know what to do if I had to wake up every morning wondering if a soldier is going to be in a bad enough mood to hurt me. I wouldn't be too happy about bringing children into either. The fact of the matter is, it would take a great deal of research for anyone outside of Ireland and the IRA to truly grasp the situation. That is because no matter how "Free" a nation is, censorship is always in play. We can access the views that others post, if we take the time to learn the truth. I think a lot of the posters would greatly benefit from researching the incidents that have happened. If you care enough to give your opinion on Freedom fighters and the war of another nation...you should know what you are talking about. Honestly though, I can't believe Americans are this delusional that they honestly forget their own origins, we do, in fact kill needlessly. We have since the very beginning. We eradicated native american population, stole their land, raped their women, killed their children. Look at Japan, we NUKED them because the flew planes into Pearl Harbor. There is no such thing as an eye for an eye in America, it is simply, you poke me, I will kill you. Do I love my nation, yes, but I am not so confused as to believe we could say anything to the Irish people about their own war. Honestly, most of you make me ashamed.
  • Laura from Derry, IrelandFirstly, It's intresting to see that many of the people who have written a comment here are NOT even from Ireland and proberly have never even stood in the country! As I am someone from Ireland I know what it is like to live here! How would you like in America or wherever your from if you were harrassed walking down the street by soldiers etc from another country!! Only certain parts of Ulster have a unionst majority! Fermanagh doesn't have a unionst majority yet England still has control there! And this song was NOT inspired by an IRA bombing but the conflict in Ireland in general.
  • Aaron from Donegal, IrelandOk. For those of you that are not Irish, I would like to make a few points clear:
    Firstly, the IRA only resorted to violence, when the British ignored the democratically ratified Irish Home Rule Bill (It was even ratified by the British themselves).
    (2) yes the IRA acted viciously and inhumanely during the Troubles, but so did the British loyalists and soldiers (Im not trying to make excuses, im just stating facts). In fact, some sadistic loyalists beat a catholic man to death, ONLY 6 MONTHS AGO (October 2009), because he was catholic.
    (3) The violence did not just remain in the north, the south also had its share
    (4) A lot of the IRA violence, ie. Beatings, murders ect, was actually just copycat wannabe psychos, not the real IRA.
    (5)At the time of the 1916 Rising, racial inequality, repression and intimidation were quite severe and police brutality occasionally occurred.
    (6) Also at the time, Britain was trying to conscript young Irish men to fight and kill against their will. The original IRA only killed soldiers and spys (I disagree with killing, however, even if the Irish did not rebel, they would have been forced to kill).
    (7) Once independence was achieved, the IRA Slowly began to rot, lose their morals and true values and become corrupt(For lack of a better word).
    (8) In its early years, the IRA were true freedom fighters. But by today, the IRA are nothing more than thugs and scum.

    I would love to see my beautiful country reunified. But not if it wasn't through peaceful means. I believe in freedom, so if the majority population of Northern Ireland wants to stay part of Britain, we should respect that.

    *Yes I am a Nationalist. This is simply because I love my country.
    *No, I am not one of those extremist idiots who believes in violence.

    *Respect to Pat who knows what he is saying.

    Idiotic people annoy me. Therefore a lot of these comments annoyed me. In particular, the stupidity of Chris From L.A. Nuke the entire IRA region?
    So, the whole Island of Ireland then? Since the IRA had and still has members everywhere on the Island. And more importantly, NUKE? My God Man! It would kill/Maim/Harm millions of Innocents in both Ireland and the U.K. through Radiation. Please, if you are this stupid, do not participate in Discussions you know nothing about.
  • Chris from Los Angeles, CaWow. Amazing that this is still happening and it's 2009. How far we have to go as a society...

    While I understand the need for independence, the "winning at all costs" motto makes you the very evil you are fighting to overcome, and the cause becomes an excuse. If you have to sacrifice innocent children and others in the name of independence, then you don't deserver freedom, or life, for that matter. The human condition is better off if you did not exist.

    Would you sacrifice YOUR son or daughter? and if so, why do you ask them to fight a battle that they shouldn't have to?

    I realize with those who perpetrate these inhumane acts rational discourse pointless.
    My take? evacuate the innocent, NUKE the entire IRA region and start over.

    That seems to be the only means of achieving reasonable peace with unreasonable and foolish people.

  • Tessa from Taupo, New ZealandAnd by the way since you all seem so intelligent , if you had to write about two issues related to this song what would you write about ??
  • Jarod from Las Vegas, NvHaunting. Absolutely haunting, but I can't stay away from it. All of you that are guessing at the meaning to this song.... it's pretty cut-and-dry. Now, try understanding this song, first hand... try *being* the Zombie.
  • Greg from Birmingham, United KingdomHey, a lot of these comments are both depressing and very misguided.

    Its of course perfectly fine to put your own interpretation to a song's lyrics, but, in this case, the artists did have a particular message in mind.

    Its about the futility and waste of the "Troubles" in Ireland. Not about blaming the British for their outrages (like the Bloody Sunday Massacre) or the IRA for theirs (like the children blown up as noted up the page, or the simultaneous pub bombings that killed dozens of young civilians in my city).

    Its about the misery of the violence and how the misery and pain outweighs any "noble cause" like those spouted below by many.

    If you have ever been to Belfast the city is still scarred: police stations are still fortresses and there are still provocative murals daubed on walls. God only knows what it must have been like with daily shootings and bombings.

    And for what its worth - most IRA funding did come from private donors in the US, every nation involved in the whole sorry debacle of the "Troubles" comes out badly.
  • John from Belfast, United KingdomSuch a wonderful song. I believe it is more about ending the horrific violence that occured during the troubles than choosing any side. The IRA and the UVF and all the other "terrorist" groups did similarly terrible things all to fight for the side they were loyal to, Irish or British. But both were taught to resent and fear each other by the Unionist government in N Ireland for decades before the troubles began. Either way, the cranberries are expressing the horrible grief experienced by protestants ANDcatholics in this song.
  • Claire from Belfast, United Kingdomlol....... sinead dublin, u need to educate urself dear, the north of ireland is still northern ireland, so heres a bit of info for u all..........

    protestants were the first irish republicans,
    presbyterians kept the gaelic language alive when it was banned by the catholic church they founded the gaelic league........................ but then the wolfe tones did sing about protestant men... nothing is black and white here, she has the cheek to tell all u ppl that dont come from this country how would they know how the hell would she.......... again im happy to remain northern ireland like a lot including catholics i know........
  • Claire from Belfast, United Kingdommmmmmm.... the ira tried to keep down casualties, yeah and who killed more catholics during the troubles if u do ur history u will find it wasnt the brits, or any loyalist terrorist group, oh yes it was all u IRA lovers favourite group ur own freedom fighting IRA, jean mc conville wasnt really a threat, anyway this song to me means wise up to all that murder in the name of being united or staying with the uk........ simple and why dont the brits leave am cause im a citizen of this country with the right to vote like a lot of others and i choose to stay NORTHERN IRELAND, as a british citizen............. im norn irish not irish ...............
  • Chris from Tacoma,, WaI once wrote a song called, "Too Short Of Denver," Now in the second line the word "line" shows up for a second time. Some say it is regarding drugs...i wrote it, no it isn't. But that is art for you, take what you need from it, but you may miss the more subtle meaning of the author.

    I don't know why so many who have not an occupied land are so free with their opinions? The Lakotah, by legal right (1851 and 1868 Treaties Ft. Laramie) are still waiting for the theif to go home. My Grandmother (a McDowell) was from Roscommon. For those so dear to the facts, look up where was traditional Celt land in Ireland. You won't find a slice of the north of her under GB there, only one Ireland.

    As for those who would encourage a world of one, let it be your country first to jump under a UK or USA banner. Ireland belongs to the Irish and those elections so fondly spoken of, they are not done across the whole of Ireland now are they? Have you ever heard of keeping a foot in the door?

    This song speaks of many things and it sure mentions the "Troubles" as well as a bit of history. There remain to this day, folks of the blood of Ireland who would so much as lay down their life to aquire lands lost in theft. I am one of those...the day of this will end only when it is finished.
  • Kyle from Toronto, On*that have Britain as the ally force that fought in it on the title (Aside from any defensive battles AKA battle of Britain, we had pilots but for all intensive purposes they were apart of the British forces.
  • Kyle from Toronto, OnChristian your information is very spotty on WW2 and your argument seems to have raised for virtually no reason but to shut down an American which you failed at so learn to argue. Jaime your idiotic... we didn't have very many people in our country back then, my guesstimate would be something like 15-20 million (probably less), so for 1 million people to go to war that's huge. George you are accurate for the most part, but the thing is Americans tend to forget Canadians were often cycled into 'British battles' or so forth that you would learn about in your education. Most battles that include 'Britain' on the title, had just as many Canadians, Scottish etc. James from Bridgeport, your incorrect and probably got your information from Call of Duty 1, Russians did use their burn and retreat tactic again but then when winter came they held their ground and started the offensive. And Q... D-day would have decimated the Americans had it not been for Canadians support and accomplishing their missions with perfection unlike any of the other beach forces. We cut off nazi reinforcements that were headed to American beaches, and the reinforcements would have pushed US back to the ocean and created a huge mess for the western front.

    Now with everyone being paid their dues with facts i will go on to say WW2 would not have been won as quickly had it not been for US, we needed those extra forces so we could do an invasion in the first place, if we didn't invade then it would be arguable that the nazi's would have eventually taken and overwhelmed Russians. However i would not go as far to say that we would have lost had US not been there, but for all we no if US didn't enter at that time we could still be fighting Hitler now.

    And this song is about the Ireland so how this came to go on WW2 only stupid anti American comments from christian can be blamed. However i was only compelled to comment because of comments about WW2, i don't know much about the events that have taken place and Ireland and wont claim to know, however either way, war is viscous and bloody and i personally think both sides are at fault and i believe that is what the artist also is trying to get by, both sides are zombies.
  • Sal from Bristol, United KingdomWhy do the americans like to think that everthing has to revolve around them? the fact is that when the bombings happened in Warrinton just before this song was released and the 2 boys were tragically killed it was another sad and sorry episode in this story. For years in the UK we have had adequate airport security and a fear of unattended packages left in public places, in a sense it becomes not the princeples that are the problem, but the methods and of being stuck in a stalemate. I hope that with Sinn Fein gaining a ligitimate voice and (hopefully) the RUC (just as bad as the IRA, maybe worse as they were frequently the instigators) becoming quiet a hiatus, or hopefully peace may be a result. Certainly a result to people who are used to on a day to day basis of armed soldiers walking the street, a fear of a knock on the door snd the children can easily get caught in the crossfire, especially when the orangemen are walking. This sad situation has been going on for a long time and none of us have been temporalily saved by an ocean.
  • Berta from Barcelona, SpainI'm from Barcelona, Catalonia. Although we don't have a group similar to the IRA here, I think I understand perfectly Irish people. We are not invaded by Spanish people but we live almost as if we were. We speak Catalan but there two official languages here, Catalan and Spanish. Although we have an autonomous government, we belong to the Spanish government. The situation here is not as hard as it is in Ireland but I do understand when people get angry when their country is invaded. Our problem here is mainly with the language, not with the religion. Visca Catalunya!
  • Becca from Napa, CaWhenever I hear this song I think about my choir director who came from Belfast. He told some of the most horrifying stories I have ever heard. He immigrated about 5 years ago, and to this day he still refuses to speak about most of it. I can't imagine what he feels or what he still hold inside.
  • Katelyn from Galway, IrelandIt's a brilliant song, and I agree & disagree with it, what the song is about that we have no minds, going around killing people for our freedom, I'm from Ireland and believe in a united Ireland but I do think the new IRA had a bad approach, but at the same time I respect the IRA who died for our freedom... We need to move on & live with the outcome! It's a brilliant song & outlines everything and creates awareness.. It's just... EPIC! x
  • Bruce from London, United KingdomIn my opinion the song was written to raise awareness. I can see from all the comments before it did just that! It instigated a discussion some on some off the point. Any talk is better! I'd like to think that some mistakes of the past won't be repeated so readily and so clandestinely as long as people talk before making mindless decisions that only history will hold them accountable for.
  • Fred from Laurel, MdWhew!! As soon as I came to this page, and saw at the top, what it's about, 'The Troubles,' I knew to expect a very long column of comments. Now, being an American of mixed German/Pennsylvania Dutch/Italian heritage, I don't have a dog in that fight, but to anyone who imagines the IRA to be in any way the equivalent of American Revolution forces, I would recommend any competent history of that revolution. I don't believe you'll discover any colonials planting bombs surreptitiously in schools and churches. They didn't target kids, they targeted Redcoats. To all, I recommend a listen to Stan Rogers' "House of Orange," the last song he wrote before his heroic passing in 1985. It's on his last album, "From Fresh Water." It's a sort of narrative of a Canadian (Stan was from the Maritimes) of Irish descent who is approached in a door-to-door appeal for funding for "fueling the engine of a bloody cruel war / In my forefathers' home, far away." So many great lines in that song, but I particularly like, "For causes are ashes where children lie slain / Yet, the damned UDL and the cruel IRA / Will tomorrow go murdering again." OBTW, Stan Rogers' death had absolutely nothing to do with The Troubles, or any other political struggle. He was a passenger on an airliner that had crash-landed, and he was one of those who made it out alive. So he went back into the burning wreckage repeatedly to rescue others. One of those times he didn't make it back out. That's the kind of guy he was. *** As for WWII and U.S. involvement in it, several points come to mind. First, we didn't enter it at the end (which we did in WWI). We came in 1/3 of the way along, 2 years into a 6-year war. And yes, without our involvement, most of the world might be saying Heil Hitler. As we would without the involvement of just about any of the other allies. War, my friend, is the ultimate team effort. When you fight with your allies, the enemy becomes the winner, so let's all acknowledge a few things about that awful era. The British took a brutal beating on their own soil under Hitler's reign of terror, but they held firm. The French were overrun early, but the French Resistance made the Nazis' service in occupied France a nightmare. The Russians, being Hitler's worst rival in the world-domination game, were borne down upon with special ferocity, and lost 20 MILLION of their own to the Nazis. But the Russians made them pay especially dearly for that, drastically reducing the Germans' effectiveness in the rest of the European theater. We were never really threatened at home, except by German u-boats up and down our coast, but being unencumbered by fighting on our own territory, we were able to beef up a tremendous war machine here at home that eventually tipped the scales against Hitler and Tojo. And we wouldn't have been able to do that if any of our European allies had folded, freeing the Nazis to send an expeditionary force here! Lose any of the major allies, and we would all have lost. Everyone in all the allied countries during the war was EXTREMELY grateful for what ALL the other allies were doing. Western Europeans DO owe us for their present-day freedom. And we owe THEM right back! *** Dado/Zagreb: All good points, except the very last. WWII was FAR from decided in Dec. 1941, when the U.S. got in. BTW, I have, here in the U.S., a naturist acquaintance, originally from Slovakia, who goes frequently to Croatia, and absolutely loves it! I must go there myself one day. Congrats on the beauty of your homeland, and hope that time will heal its wounds. I also have a brother-in-law of Irish descent, and I offer the same compliments and hopes to Ireland. *** And finally, love them Cranberries! Dolores O'Riordan is one of those totally unique songstresses of our time, along with Bjork, Natalie Merchant, and Ricky Lee Jones.

  • Scott from West Palm Beach, FlWell, well, well ... sheesh. If someone tried to change your way of living, your beliefs, freedoms and religions, no matter what your ethnicity I would think you to would fight to the death. I'd rather like to think I'm Human, not American, nor Canadian, nor Japanese, nor German, nor Russian ... being (or not being) human is what sinks in the tragedies of the song. Get it? Good. This song haunts me everytime I hear it. They do a great job at emotionally binding the lyrics with the music.
  • Dado from Zagreb, Croatiato: George, Telford, PA regarding WW2
    history fact is that Hitler made mistake with Russia - and this mistake was begging of the end of war.
    Hitler had great plan called Barbarossa. It was plan for invasion on Russia, blitzkrieg. Invasion was supposed to last for 3 - 5 months and was supposed to start in spring/summer period, enough to end before winter, Russian winter.
    But because of rebellion in former yugoslavia, this plan was delayed and slowed down (because some forces that was intended for eastern front were directed here) - and this was one big mistake...
    German army didn't end blitzkrieg before winter. Similar to Napoleon's (France) disaster.
    It's good thing that Hitler attend history classes (historia est magistra vitae).
    Nobody can survive Russian winter...

    So war ended because of all rebellions in all countries, because of all people and armys involved in that war, no matter how big their force/power was.
    Nobody can take credit for end of third Reich....

    When US entered in war it shorted the time to end the war which was already on the end...
  • Mel from Riverbank, CaSome of these posters are an embarrassment to America. Seriously, most of us are not close minded, ignorant or rude. Most of us are intelligent (regardless of the fact that Bush was elected twice) and don't have some kind of American superiority complex. People, no country is perfect, including ours. Not all wars are justified and not all wars are unjustified. I am glad I have not had to endure war so close to my home and danger to my children. Those that have deserve our sympathy, not our criticism. Most muslims are just like 'us' and just want to live in peace. Within any revolution or movement there are good and bad people, and some people who will hurt innocents and carry it too far. At what point does war cease to be worth the human cost? Rambling over.
  • Vanja from Novi Sad, SerbiaFor more then 10 years, there were wars in my country, firs in Bosna, then Croatia, after that was NATO bombing and for the end, war in Kosovo. There was thousands of dead people, and much more refugees. All the wars were about land, I know that we all want freedom for our country and us, but is the picce of land worth of any human life? I love my country, but I don't want not one more person to die for her, cause I dont know when it will be my fother,brother or friend... This is the message of Zombie!!! So all I'm saying is "give peace a chance"!!!
    P.S. Laura, don't be so hard on them, it's politics, and all of You from US, You should see what the real war is and then to have a nerve to insult everyone who say something against America. Try to change something and not to make hateness deeper!
  • Mitzi from Amarillo, TxTo Laura of Victoria: That is very snotty. Haven't you ever heard the slogan "don't bite the hand that feeds you"? If you hate the U.S. so much why don't you boycott u.s. imported food and start only eating food imported from other countries. Then you wouldn't be a hypocrite when you make these hateful statements while your accepting our bounty. You wouldn't be able to afford groceries if it weren't for the u.s. Besides, you sound like a brainwashed parrot.
  • Kris from Wichita, Kslol wow if your gunna stand up for us Irish atleast know where cities are in it. That's pretty sad pat when you live in dublin and you don't know it's not in Northern Ireland
  • Amber from Yucca Valley, Ca, CaI don't understand why people have to argue over everything. Esp. songs. Freedom of speech, yes, I know. But if you think about it, it's ridiculous. Causing a war over a song about war, think about it, what a joke. To each their own. I think this song prooves a lot, I think it's great, it has a strong message. One of my favorites. I would really hate for someone to argue over any of my songs if I had any. They are to listen to and enjoy, and you can take it however you wish to, for your own personal life, or for what it really stands for, not to argue about. Just let it be =)
  • Angeles from Quito, South AmericaIn my opinion, the meaning depends on your appreciation of the reality. But I know that musicians always try to transmite their feelings and i am sure that cramberries weren't upset when those children died, so they though that, the best way to avoid other similar situation like that, is through this excellent song. that's it!
    Our world needs union, peace, healthy environment, but no division.
  • Chris from Peoria, IlA quick comment regarding those who have stated that Northern Ireland has consistantly elected the party that supports Brittish occupation. The majority of that population is British Protestant. It would be hard to beleive that even peace loving Irish Catholics tend to vote this way as well
  • Kovin from Phoenix, Azbut pat... the idea of a revolutionary movement is to remove the unjust or unwanted from power.

    the only way to do that is through peaceful use of rhetoric or terror. The strategy of the IRA that originally gained a modicum of independence for southern Ireland was based on striking fear into the British occupiers and all who supported them directly.

    indeed almost all successful revolutions rely on some level of terrorism.
  • Benjamin from Monroe, Wauhh pat dublin isnt in northern ireland.... -.-
  • Marc from London, EnglandThe way I hear it. She is singing about the manufactured wars that have been created over the years to divide and seperate people. Trapping them into believing a false reality that has been created in their minds and continues to hold them as prisoners
  • Pat from Dublin, IrelandEvery person from every country in the world is proud of their heritage? of their history? of who they are? we all enjoy our freedom?? the irish are no different. the americans fought their war of independence, so did cyprus, palestine (still does), india, the list goes on and on and on well ireland is part of that list! what people need to understand is that the IRA were fighting for that freedom, they were not terrorists they were fighting for the freedom of their country my country! i no everyone on this forum wud fight for their country if it were occupied!! well thats wat we are still doing in Ireland. Violence isnt wat we want. violence only came about wen politics failed. 1916 is testament to that the fenian rebellion of earlier years. nd the start of the troubles of 1969. in typical british imperialistic fashion they have an ignorance to the culture background nd tolerance of the native people. they do not understand wat it means as they have never been the occupied only the occupiers! until they realise that violence will always lurk in the back of every irish persns mind unfortunately...beidh ar la binn
  • Alex from Avon, CtIf you're willing to die for this country, aaron, then go ahead and do it, because anyone who thinks that "we are not going out and killing innocent kids and people over there for fun, it is the radical muslums that are doing it to themselves is it not?" should just go over there are die already. Who do you think we send over there? Do you honestly think that every American footsoldier upholds our humanitarian ideals? These are the kids in highschool would would shoot squirrels with bb guns, not john wayne. While that doesnt go for many brave soldiers, you can't pretend like the US is some sort of utopian justice squad.
  • Dan from London, EnglandWow, loads of poison on this page - to say nothing of ignorance. If so many prodestants didn't hate catholics and so many catholics didn't hate prodestants (Sinead, Aoife), one wonders how many lives would have been saved? The Provisional IRA alone murdered over 600 civilians and injured thousands more. The IRA recieved much of their weapons from Libya and much of their money from Americans, despite the majority of people in Northern Ireland consistantly voting for the British to stay.

    Peace and home rule came to northern Ireland not because of any Mel Gibson-esque escapades, but because once 9/11 gave Americans a taste of what they had been funding, the money dried up. That's what got Sinn Fein to the bargaining table.
  • Georgina from London, England"Being American and part Irish I am pround of the IRA FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN IRELAND"

    That's a charming comment - so the IRA can blow up innocent people who are going about their daily business and that's acceptable to you?? If someone was to say the same thing about 9/11 you would not agree so tell me exactly, what is the difference?
  • Erin from Bridgeport, Wvbrilliance...sheer birllinace...having irish blood...i too hope that the irish will win back the freedom from the british!!! i absolutely love this song!!!
  • Dawn from Southern, TxI think.. to say it plainly... that everyone needs to remove their heads from their own rectal areas. If you think you personally are right about something it is guaranteed that someone will think you are wrong. Just like some say they aren't terrorists and you are "freedom fighters" well sometimes others think that you are indeed terrorists from their point of view. It all boils down to the same thing that i believe about religion... if everyones way is the "right" way we won't ever find peace cause someone will always be "wrong." Shut your mouths and open up your brains for once. Who's to say anyone is right or wrong? An individual can sit here and type on a website that someone else is wrong do you really think you are going to impact that individuals views?(which makes me question why I'm writing this). Honestly people... the title of the CD is "no need to argue" I think it's intriguing how one song can affect the mass more than the title of the CD. I am an American and I am willing to admit America did not win WWII. We entered when all of Europe had already been stretched so thin. We didn't see anything on our homefront compared to the majority of Europe where it was in their backyards... literally. Yes we had Pearl Harbor, but we went seeking revenge and dropped a nuke on tons of innocent people. I don't believe anyone won WWII with the amount of lives that were lost. So as far as this song is concerned I believe that the majority of people are zombies. If you can convince me that you are not slightly brainwashed or influenced by anything around you well good luck in trying but according to psychology you pretty much inherit the attitudes of the people around you... therefore everyone is a zombie... and we all should stop to think outside the box.
  • Russell from Danbury, Txthe cover is by a local dallas band called Miser. and apparently the edge is going to play it until everyone has forgotten The Cranberries. hah.
  • Bethany from Dalas, TxI have an odd question and I don?t mean to interrupt the very inspiring discussion going on, but I was wondering if anyone knew the band that sings the other version of this song? It?s a guy singing and it sounds almost like The Used or someone dark like that...I was just trying to figure it out because I love this song and I absolutely LOVE this band (Yay Cranberries!!) but the other version is cool too, it has great instrumental parts...well thanks for your help!
  • Q from Srh, AlChristian, while im not saying that America won WWII single handed, you have to at least give us some credit. We contributed majorly to D Day. The reason that we lost more troops than Canada, is because we actully put in enough troops to make a difference. Canada put very little effort. But the thing that every one is over looking is the simple fact that CANADA SUCKS!!!!!!!
  • Aoife from Belfast, IrelandThank you Sinead. At last someone with sense. I have lived in Northern Ireland my whole life and know all about the troubles. I know people who were tear-gased out of their homes because they lived on a catholic estate, spoken to men who as children where caught by British Army men, held down and shot in the spine at point blank range just for walking from school along an interface road. The founder of the charity Children in Crossfire was deliberatly shot by a British Army man in Derry and blinded as a result when he was 10. TEN YEARS OLD! I could go on here but the Brits invaded Ireland to take advantage of its military position against the Spanish, and in the process raped, plundered and killed at will. The IRA have done some terrible things, I'm not supporting their every move, however, given the circumstances throughout the years (including targeting innocents, lower employment rates for catholics etc) you could hardly expect the Irish people just to sit back and take it. Britain has messed up loads of countries aswell as Ireland (e.g. India, parts of Africa and even America) either being forced out by revolution (America), or giving up when resources are dry leaving a broken, war torn shell of a nation behind. The Queen has no power, and is instead a tourist icon, but she will always be a symbol of hate for the places her ancestors have marred.
  • Sinead from Dublin, IrelandWOW I cant believe the amount of crap that is being commented, unless you have been to the north of ireland unless you know your facts, please refrain from commenting we will be dumber for reading it.
    I could waste my time educating some of you fools but your ignorant dispostion cant handle the truth. Those 6 Counties are apart of ireland and should belong to the irish not the brits not the queen, whoever thinks that the fighting is over in the north i put it to you, go over there claim to be an irish catholic and i bet your opinion would change. "But you see its not me, its not my family" its not on your front door step so you can turn a blind eye and sleep easy at night.If it wasn't for the IRA there would be no freedom in Eire! Suprise suprise it is the British troops who are the murders raping our 6 counties. So I say BRITS OUT OF EIRE - Tiocfaidh ar la and thankyou to the intelligent people in this forum who know and speak the truth.
  • Derek from Canberra, AustraliaNorthern Ireland is part of the United Kingdon...just as Alaska is part of USA. Every four years there are democratic elections and the people of N. Ireland consistently vote for parties that want to stay part of the UK. They vote for British rule and to stay a part of her Majesty's Empire. The song aint bad either.
  • Pat from East Northport, NyME and my mom dearly love this song and its an amazing work of art. The only thing we couldn't understand is wether they're with the IRA or against it.
  • Aaron from Atwater, Mnohk im just going to do this. I just downloaded this song cause i herd it and liked it. im real proud to be an american, i would fight and die for this great country, and i pity anyone who wouldnt do the same for thier own. What i dont get is why america (granted we may be in iraq for the wrong reasons), is getting so much negitive attention for the people being killed, we are not going out and killing innocent kids and people over there for fun, it is the radical muslums that are doing it to themselves is it not? I'm not saying we should be there but we ane not the ones killing them. I think the U.S. Brittian, and everyone else would have to step into the middle east at one point in time. like it or not, those radical muslums are hellbent on bringing the the end of the world to western civilization, i think that should be in the forefront of everyones thoughts cause that effect all of us. They are closer than we think to doing it. and second, if it wasnt for some other countries no great power country would be where they are today. America owes part of its freedom to the french during the american revolution, france and brittian owe it to american for WW1 and WW2 i think the outcome in both of those wars would of been differnt withhout our help, war is hell and no one should have to go through it. tell me if my facts are wrong.
  • Mike from California, CaTiocfaidh Ar La? Not anymore, I don't think... Seems like the day is here, just have to take advantage of it.
  • Andy from LiverpoolBy the way, Liverpool is not in the United States!! It's in the Home of the Angles, England ;)
  • Andy from Liverpool, United StatesGeorge, you and so many other Americans have convinced yourselves that America won the second world war. Well, I'd like to ask you this, if America is or was such a great military power that could defeat the immense might of Hitler's Germany almost single handedly as you and others like you claim. Why could America not defeat a third world peasant army in Vietnam? America and Americans like you had every advantage money could buy, yet America lost and it wasn't even close in the end!!!
  • Camille from Oz, WaI adore this song. It is really powerful and moving. It could be taken as anti war too. When she sings, "In your head, in your head they're still fightin'. With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their guns. In your head, in your head they are crying." My friend thinks that mean that war helps no one, and in the end will hurt all.
  • Anonymous from Lurgan, OtherI would like to say that all this f***kin childish bitterness about the IRA & Britsh Army in Northern Ireland is gettin no-one anywhere, who really cares who the song is getting at because at the end of the day it's about the selfish killing of innocent children or has the racist secterianism taken everyones minds off that fact!?!? Times are movin' on people stop living in the past and get on with your lives, it's about time we realised whats really important and that's the lives that are selfishly being lost, what sort of an example or future is being given to the younger generation of our country if this stupidity continues!? Yes the song is great but lets not get sidetracked from it's real meaning.
  • James from Bridgeport, CtYeah Christian, Don is right. You matched Russia's "Scorched Earth" Tactic from the Napoleonic Wars with WW2. In WW2 the Russian strategy was almost the exact opposite, once they were beseiged at Leningrad and Stalingrad the Russians decided to hold their ground (no matter what the causalties.) After millions died in those battles, the push back towards germany began.

    Rather than burning and retreating, the soviets in WW2 stood their ground and pledged to take not one step backwards, eventually their multitudes of soldiers and tanks pushed the germans back.
  • Niall from Co.kildare[When the Southern States wanted to leave the United States, I don't recall Abraham Lincoln saying "okay - off you go"]

    Big bloody difference! With Ireland it was basically a desperate attempt to cling onto the last little bit of the Empire. We're not freaking attached!
  • Dee from Khancoban, AustraliaWell i think this song is very moving now that i understand what it is about....even though i though it was moving before i knew what it was about... u see i always thought it was about Post-traumatic stress. i dont actually know why i guess it fits... its still fantastic all the same
  • Maisala from CoffsMakes me get chills every time I listen to it. To tell you the truth I didn't know what the song was about, apart from a war of some kind. Thankyou for enlightening me there, but now I know why I get the chills every time I hear it... I hate war...
  • Stu from Fife, ScotlandFortunately, the 'war' in Northern Ireland appears to be drawing to a democratic conclusion. That might have happened decades sooner, if only the American backers of the so-called 'freedom fighters' had paid more attention to their own history and stopped dabbling in ours. Take a look at "White Man" by Queen and "Buffalo Soldiers" by Bob Marley and stop lecturing us Brits about morality. When the Southern States wanted to leave the United States, I don't recall Abraham Lincoln saying "okay - off you go". He fought it tooth and nail and 5% of the US population died in the civil war. What the IRA did in Manchester (which is what Zombie is about) was no different to what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma or what Osama Bin Laden did on 9/11. It was an outrage and a disgrace.
  • Niall from Ireland, IrelandZombie is about Northern Ireland, case closed. As regards the "Freedom Fighters" debate, the I.R.A are, as already pointed out, an army. When bombing they targeted military targets or at least tried to keep civilian casualties down. Then came the branch off's and the copycats. I see it even today, eejits with 6 pints in them talking about how they'd like to blow up Buckingham Palace etc. and these are the kind of idiots that will blow up a pub and state that they were working for the I.R.A. To close my argument, answer me this: What right does Great Britain have to claim ownership of the 6 counties?
  • Don from Baltimore, MdBy the way Christian, you have the Russian tactics right but the wrong war fool. It was the Russian scorched earth policy to fight Napolean so his troops could have no shelter. And for your information foolish one the Americans entered in 1941 and the war ended in 1945. Seems like four years just like Canada. And you are welcome because if it was not for America, Canada could not exist with the peace of mind they have.
  • Don from Baltimore, MdWell, Catherine from Glasgow, it would take a Brit to think the IRA are the Zombies when it was the Brits that turned the "Loyalists" into soldiers of the crown. True the song does speak of Zombie minds numb to killing, but, how can the Brits think they are not responsible for the mess in N Ireland. The only problem is the arms shipment that was sent from Libya in the 80's did not make it to N Ireland. Things might be different when you have an RPG up your *** I also find it hypocritical of the Brits to be fighting terrorists in the middle east and "liberating the Iraqi people from a tyrannical leader" when the Irish in the 6 illegally held counties of Northern Ireland have been ruled by a tyrannical leader for more than 800 years. ERIN GO BRAGH Here's a bit of Irish math for you: 26+6=1. To quote Malcolm X "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY."
  • Tom from Newark, DeWow, talk about going off on tangents. But I would like to answer Benjamin from Heidelberg. The U.S. did not enter WWI until April 1917, so the 1916 reference is not about America. Additionally, WWI was not at all the first war the US fought on foreign soil, not even close. There were battles fought in Canada in the War of 1812, and the U.S. invaded Mexico in 1846. In 1898, the war with Spain was fought in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines. Lastly, while you are correct the IRA does not have tanks, the British do, and I believe the "Tanks and Bombs" comment is lamenting both sides in the fight.
  • Jason from Noblesville, InI love Zombie, it symbolizes the struggle for the Irish Independance from England. I agree with Kristofor of Derry, Ireland. Every time I hear Zombie, I want to fight with Ireland. How could people say that the IRA are Terrorists, that's not even close at all. It sounds like that many people are confussed. The IRA are the same thing as the American army in 1775. Being American and part Irish I am pround of the IRA FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN IRELAND.
    Jason,Noblesville, IN
  • Chris from Leeds, EnglandWhy isn't there a songfacts page about Dreams? Tis better than Zombie anyday, although I love all the cranberries stuff.
  • Katherine from Newmarket, CanadaAfter reading all these ?reviews? I was very disappointed. Why is it relevant to put in a half page-long rant about the number of casualties in the Second World War when the song has nothing to do with it? It doesn?t make any sense. Music is an art form and the song Zombie is a true piece of art however some of these reviews don?t even mention the song. I don?t want to make it sound like I?m a condescending music-snob because I?m not but this song is amazing and I was almost looking forward to reading what other people had to say about it. What I found was less than that, less than acceptable. Voice your opinions on war somewhere appropriate, because this forum isn?t. As for the song itself, I have a long history with it. The meaning behind it is though-provoking while the song itself is simple and unrefined. Although it could be described as depressing it?s a truly beautiful song.
  • Chris from Sydney, AustraliaWell done JonEire, the IRA are freedom fighters! These are the people who not only made pipe bombs filles with nails, they killed a painter because - wait for it - he painted a police station! Just trying to make a living, that apparently made him fair game, because he associated himself with authority.

    In 1988 your heroic, intelligent freedom fighters shot dead point blank 2 Australian lawyers in a car with their wives in Belgium. Their crime? They had short hair and the car had English rego. When it was pointed out to these courageous freedom fighters, you know what they said? Sorry! Their Irish brains, filled with more fight than freedom, must have thought that an apology would bring the 2 guys back! Top marks for perpetuating the Irish stereotype. They themselves should have been decorated - with a bit of rope around their necks, pulled very tight.
  • Dimitri from Oklahoma, KsThe neighbours who lived across the road from us who were crack dealers and prostituites used to play this song full blast at 4 o clock in the morning every morning. One night my very traditionally Greek father decided enough was enough so he cranked on some traditional folk Greek music full blast.
    The crack whores never bothered the neighbourhood again - cos the police raided them the next night and they got their butt's hauled in into the slammer.
  • Dylann from Los Angeles, Cawow a lot of politics. i really think that the zombies are the people that are still thinking about what has happened and they cant get it out of their heads. "in your head, they're still fighting...zombie, zombie." the zombies are the oppressed, not the oppressers. but thats just what i think.
  • Jaime from D.f, Mexico...WOW everbodies a history buff. I love this song, after i heard it i went out and bought the CD. Christian here... first # is troops, then deaths, then wounded.

    United Kingdom 5,896,000 357,1164 369,267
    United States 16,112,566 291,557 670,846
    U.S.S.R. â?? 6,115,0004 14,012,000
    Canada 1,086,3437 42,0427 53,145

    Thanks for the help Canada. While I love my country i think that yes america did help, after the "Suprise"(not) attack by the country they have sold scrap metal to(Japanese used it to make the Zeros). The USSR would've been better off with Hitler as dictator. In Mexico we call Canada El Menor Hermano de Los Estados Unidos.
  • Stu from Fife, ScotlandAll the rants have missed the point. It doesn't matter which side of the dispute you are on, once you stoop to putting bombs on busy shopping streets and blowing up passing children, you have become sub-human. The song also berates those who turn a blind eye and remain silent to evil, so long as it's done by their own side. These are the Zombies, too.
  • George from Telford, PaOh get over yourself Christian. Your understanding of history is about as deep as Jessica Simpson's understanding of anything. Hitler could have virtually cemented his chances at winning the entire war had he pushed his advantage at Dunkirk and fully destroyed the British and French forces there as the were uploading to head off to Britain. I consider that one of his biggest mistakes of the war along with a premature invasion of Russia. Regarding the US, while there arrival into the war was rather late, we won it for everyone. Admittedly, the Canadians had an impact in the Normandy invasion along with the British. However, the total war effort was mostly American and British advances with limited Canadian support, excluding the Sicilian invasion. You say we Americans lost more at the war's end than you lost in the 4 years before? Let's just take a look at those numbers... How many Canadian soldiers were actually in uniform during WWII? According to a government run website (http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=history/secondwar/fact_sheets/youth) 700,000 soldiers served in uniform for "her majesty". Now subtract from that the officers and non-combat soldiers and you have a lot less. Now, how many Americans were involved in the war effort? [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_II_casualties_by_country] lists the total number of Americans involved in the war effort as 16.3 million. The total death toll of both the Pacific and European campaign sums to about 405,000 to Canada's 46,000. But if you look at the ratio of deaths to population, the US comes in at 3.1 per 1,000 people compared to, you guessed it, CANADA at 3.5!!! It appears that you were the more careless and stupid country, foolish Christian, rather than the U.S. which not only ended the war Europe, but defended it from Communism throughout the postwar years, but that's another political song... So don't open your mouth and spew out complete B.S. regarding the U.S. and its trivial involvment in the largest and most deadly war the world has ever seen. And Zombie by the Cranberries is a decent song.
  • Christian from Virgil, CanadaI was just reading through this forum when I was entirely upset by your comment. I want to tell you a little about why Hitler lost WWII, how WWII was actually won, and who the only real contributors were. Ahhh, sorry I forgot one thing, how America damned the world ALMOST as much as Hitler during WWII. First of all Hitler lost WWII for a very simple reason; after many years of negotiated peace with the Soviet Union, Hitler got greedy and decided to take Russia, this was in fact his main mistake. Russia was so large that they COULD NOT take it, and due to how unprepared the troops were they started to die off due to the weather. Further more the Russians developed a tactic where instead of losing installations and even civilian portions of the country, they would burn them down and retreat further inland. Now, assuming that you are not completely retarded you should be able to see the implications here. WWII was won becuase of the uniteing of the allies, and great efforts of Canadians, French, British and many other littler countries (that may or may not have feel quickly). After the Germans became weak from the trade embargos (not being able to get food and soon there after eating large portions of wood chips for dinner) and attacking the Russians, it was only then that the war could be won. Granted that the Americans, who came into the war only at THE VERY END, did contribute, they were stupid and killed as many Americans, as Canadians lost in last four years, and basically just, what gamers would call, stole the frag. They only stepped in once the Germans had basically lost, and did something. Now, you want to know how the Americans betrayed the rest of the world? As you may or may not know, the Japanese were more or less the only allies of the Americans. The Americans, for many years while their neighbors, friends and allies fought WWII, sold oil and other essential war materials to the Japanese, only fueling the war more. Guess what, just as the Americans enslaved millions of Black people without remorse, tearing them from their families (which is, granted, learned from the muslims, Alah bless them, lol) they had no problem selling the souls of their friends to America. While I have nothing against Americans, as my dear Aunt is one, I cannot condone comments like "If it wasnt by the USA, Benjamin, we would all be shouting Heil Hitler in Europe, maybe thats what u want?"

    Once you actually look at the evidence, or even glance in the direction of a history book, perhaps the question should be, "If it were up to the Americans, we would all, except America, be yelling HIEL HITLER!" Perhaps that's what you wanted?
  • Rich from Durham, EnglandThe Irish Republican movementin the last twenty odd years bears no relationship with with the original 1916 movement in that in 1916, it was a true freedom fight, against repression and intimidation, rather than the form the Prov's took later, which had much more to do with organised crime and gleeful murder. And while the so called Orange order (loyalists apparantly) use politics as an excuse to kill, destroy and maim also, with a stupid parade as an excuse, we have to wonder what it will take to restore sanity to such a wonderful country.
  • Ryan from Windsor, CanadaThe I.R.A. will never die. It will live on in the hearts of some people (if you follow). The Brits will leave, and if not they will eventually pay a huge price (if you follow). ;)
  • Joneire from Derry, IrelandFew points I'd like to add, i'd actually say the word Zombie has far greater meaning than just those doing the killing, but infact the mind set of everyone here in Northern Ireland and the hatreds we grow up with.

    Secound the IRA aren't Terrorists, they're Freedom fighters and there struggle has been legitimised by both American and English goverments.

    Thrid the IRA don't have Tanks, hehe just thinking about that has me in giggles.

    Again i'd like to stress that the word Zombie isn't just for or about a select few, it's for everyone and the silly hatreds that is embedded in us all and how we fail to see past them.

    Oh and 1916 is the Easter Rising the result of which was the freedom of the South and the dawn of the opression in the North.
    And please don't point out to me that the Easter Rising was a Failure because we all know it wasn't completely.

    One last thing hello Kristofor

    i'm also from Derry Ireland.
  • Kristofor from Derry, IrelandThis is one of my favourite songs which always gives me goosebumps. the war between the unwanted British troops in northern ireland and the IRA is one which will never be over. being an irishman i have no want for the british troops in ireland however murder is not the answer. i think the cranberries picked the correct word ('zombie') to describe these monsters. not only have they absolutely no care for the human race they also will never go away. even now they have called an end to their war there are still people willing to kill. Zombie is the song which describes ireland best since 1969.
    P.S. Jose, the IRA were not founded in 1916 as you believe. In fact it was not founded until much later in 1969. People believe that the IRA was founded in 1916 during the Easter rising of that time. However it was the Irish Republican Brotherhood which fought in the battles and that was founded 3 years earlier in 1913.

    -Kristofor, Derry, Ireland
  • Richard from Glasgow, ScotlandI am now very confused!!! and have a couple of points 1. The song Zombie is to do with the British Army and the I.R.A. 2. It has nothing to do with the U.S.A. apart from the fact that the U.S.A. funded the I.R.A. (as they have done with most terrorists) 3. Glasgow is in Scotland and not England 4.The word zombie does not represent the undying will of the I.R.A. to get the British Army out of Northern Ireland but more to do with the state of minds of those doing the all the killing 5. As for the comment that it is meant to be a song for peace? I would agree to that. But not to it being a song of peace between Ireland and England as it is more to do with a civil revolt within Britain as Northern Ireland is still a part of Britain not achieved devolution or independence yet! (But good luck on that) 6. My final point is that for this not to get political then it would be very difficult as this is an entirely political song but a bloody good one at that. And if you forget about the politics what ever side you are on you have to agree that it is a great song. Thanks and good night.
  • Jose from Valencia, SpainJust 3 things to say:

    1) 1916 is the year IRA was formed

    2) The IRA have tanks

    3) If it wasnt by the USA, Benjamin, we would all be shouting Heil Hitler in Europe, maybe thats what u want?
  • Benjamin from Heidelberg, GermanyImagine, laura, this song could also be about the U.S. Just read the lines:

    "It's the same old theme since 1916
    In your head, in your head they're still fightin'
    With their tanks, and their bombs
    And their bombs, and their guns"

    1916, tell me if I'm wrong, was the year the U.S. entered World War 1, the first international war on foreign terrain the U.S. took part in, and since this day they are "still fighting" in many wars, one war each decade or something like that. And last but nor least, the I.R.A. has bombs and guns, but I don't think they got tanks. The U.S. DOES have tanks...
  • Lawrence from New Waterford, Canadatechnically a zombie cannot die dispite what you see in the movies, mabe the term zombie represents the IRA's will to get the british soldiers out of ireland
  • Katty from Saskatoon, Canadayo, Christopher, you know what i dont get? why do Americans always think Canadians (like i), ice fish and dogsled, what gives off that impression to you people???...back to the point, this song moves me.
  • Kate from San Diego, United Statesits about the fighting in ireland

    also i seriosuly doubt the us just kills people for the sake of killing people
  • Nick from Aberdeen, ScotlandExcellent song that is still relevant today.

    Catherine Glasgow is not in England... try Scotland.
  • Christopher from Greenfield Center, NyNot to turn this into a political forum, but, don't believe everything you read in the papers about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What about Sadamm, what about osama ...should the song have been written in a cave, which is where osama is hiding and its where we, THE U.S., found sadamm. Don't be so quick to sterotype. If I believed everything I read or saw on TV, I would think Canada is filled with nothing but people who drink Molsen all night and go ice fishing in the morning.
  • Amarendra from Mumbai, IndiaA very disturbing song, especially the video - peace, is what we all want, no matter where on earth. It is one planet, and one planet it should be.
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsThanks for the great feedback there, Laura, but it'd be nice if you didn't stereotype the US to be babykillers as is the trend recently.
  • Laura from Victoria, CanadaI love this song, and I love the Cranberries, but I think that the song would have more effect if it was written for the United States of America. They need to realize that it is a indecent crime killing so many innocent people whenever they feel like it.
  • Catherine from Glasgow, England "Whats in your head? Zombie" is supposed to represent that they have no minds, no emotions to go around killing little children.
    It's a wierd song it makes me sad, sick, and frightend when i hear it.
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