Album: Bloodflowers (2000)
  • The song was inspired by the artwork of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, who felt that he had produced good art when he felt that "a bloodflower popped out from his heart." Robert Smith added: "As a coincidence, about the same time, I was reading a poetry book about World War I, and one of the poems described how a wound in one of the soldiers, hit by a bullet, opened a blood flower in his body. I liked this analogy, between pain and art." (Folha de Sao Paulo, 2000).
  • When Robert Smith says "these flowers will never die" he is talking about how the group was going to break up but their legend will live on forever and that they will never fade out or be forgotten. >>
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  • In a 2000 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Smith says "'Bloodflowers' was written during a period when I was really disenchanted with the group and had no intention of carrying on. But the process of making it changed my mind."
  • Rumor, not known fact, has it that The Cure recorded two different endings to this track... one was the downer version released on the album of the same name, the other was a more happy-ending version. >>
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  • Eriquito from Orlando, FlYou are all wrong, this song has to do with Robert's alcoholism and how bloodstains ended up on his toilet paper...
  • Chuck from Nanaimo, Bcthis is what i get out of it one half is his wife and how she sees life and the other half is him
    a bloodflower is life and soul
    he has no faith and the soul will die (tide always turns ect)
    but she says it will never die the love and soul will never end so ther for she gives him flowers of blood
  • Ziggy Hendrix from Lindenhurst , Ilthis song seems to be about a cynical guy who falls in love with an upbeat girl.
  • Trav from None Of Your Business, CaYour right, Trav. Half the song is ment to be a chirade of innocence whilst the other is about the sad end of that innocence.
  • Trav from San Carlos, AlHalf of the song is a almost childish persona who believes that all good times will last, while the other half is a mockery of the first half. at the end it says how you must choose which one to live by.
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