Strange Attraction

Album: Wild Mood Swings (1996)
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  • This is about a relationship that started with a dedication and ended with an obsession. It's a warning not to get caught in an obsession, since you will be disappointed in the end. >>
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    Dave - Springfield, MA
  • Released exclusively as a single in the US and Australia, the song failed to chart in either country.
  • In a 2000 interview with Q, vocalist Robert Smith revealed that Wild Mood Swings is in his top five cure albums.
  • Smith has said that this is a "a song using the language of 'chaos theory' to tell a story of miscommunication... I have often endured whole correspondances as a non-participant, my answers are often, unknowingly, contained in my songwords... songwords such as 'strange attraction.' Rather aptly, considering the subject matter, there was no video made fore this single." (, 1997)
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  • Hailerz from Silverton, OrYo Paul from Arizona? I'm only thirteen but I have done research on EVERYTHING there is to know about the greatest band of all time, The Cure. I once read in a Robert Smith interview that songs like "Strange Attraction" meaning, songs about losing love, are fictional fears he has about losing his wife Mary. Whom he married in '89 and met when he was fourteen :) How'd I do?
  • Betto from Ciudad De México, MexicoEl amor por correspondencia es sumamente peligroso ya que se elevan las expectativas y, al momento de conocerse físicamente, la atracción frecuentemente se esfuma.
  • Paul from Tucson, AzWAIT correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Robert Smith married already? Why would he write a song about a relationship even though he's already married?
  • Ali from Wine, Care think this song...hmm. i just did.

    this is weird. its two people...used to like eachother?
    at the beginning it says that a dedication was made, i guess on "Roberts" birthday (as it says later the song...), and the woman says that shes forever his. they have a great time, doing whatever they did, and they love eachother...but its been a long time and they decide to meet again.
    during the meeting he totally loves her but i guess things didnt go too well because he asks too see her again and she never responds. and its his birthday again...and dissapointment comes...because nothing had changed
  • Tamalee from Cornelius, OrFor me, the song was about someone who developed a crush on someone (Robert Smith I'm assuming since she asked to borrow his lipstick)and was disappointed in the reality when she met him.
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