Evil Spirits

Album: Evil Spirits (2018)
  • The title track of The Damned's 11th album is a riposte to the inertia of the UK's two main political parties. Guitarist Captain Sensible commented to Louder Sound: "Whoever you vote for, nothing changes. Labour or Tory, two cheeks of same bum."
  • The song finds the former punks exploring a progressive rock sound with echoes of late '60s The Who. Vocalist Dave Vanian said:

    "The Who are never far away from The Damned's sound. We've had some big noses in this band, too. I suppose there are some parallels between us, because they were a high-energy band, too, but then Pete started writing his rock-opera stuff, stretching out, looking for different ways of writing. Queen did the same sort of thing as well – we're one of those bands whose music can cover different genres of music, within one song."
  • The Damned entered the UK album chart in the top 10 for the first time in their 41 year career when Evil Spirits debuted at #7 on the listing.


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