Love Is Only A Feeling

Album: Permission To Land (2003)
Charted: 5


  • The Darkness may believe in a thing called love, but in this song, it's only a feeling.

    Lead singer Justin Hawkins sings about how love isn't really real: it's just a feeling we have, nothing more. We as humans have a tendency to make love out to be this big, otherworldly thing that transcends all and will take away our pain, but it's just another emotion. >>
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    Carly - Atlanta, GA
  • In a Songfacts interview with Justin Hawkins, he explained that this song was not about a specific person. "It's more a hybrid recollection, drawn up of lots of internal dialogue on the subject of hearts and all that," he said. "When we wrote that one, I was thinking, 'People always say that it's more than a feeling.' It really isn't. It's just that: it's a feeling.

    So, I wanted to express that, really. Because for me, that's enough. The way you feel is really essential to what frames your perception of a day or of an existence. I struggle with the idea that it can be any more than that... or is there?"
  • In their native UK, this was the last single from The Darkness' debut album Permission to Land; it charted in April 2004, more than a year after the album's first single, "Get Your Hands Off My Woman," touched down on the chart. By this time, the group was collecting gongs for their 2003 accomplishments: they won BRIT awards for Best British Album and Best British Group, and earned the Ivor Novello Award for Songwriters of the Year. They had a hard time getting it together for their next album, which didn't appear until late in 2005. The following year, Justin Hawkins left the band, shuttering the group until 2011.

    The single wasn't released in America, where The Darkness didn't break through like they hoped.
  • The video was shot at Flat Rock, a scenic locale in the Blue Mountains of Australia, near Sydney. A popular spot for weddings, Flat Rock provided a setting for the grandiose helicopter shots necessary to capture the full pomposity of their rock and roll glory.

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  • Zane from Kenosha, WiAddy,
    you put that very well about liking modern music with the classic vibe
  • Addy from Fort Myers, FlMatt, American Idol is for a single singer. Not a band. And also, It's not a ripoff, do the 70's or 80's claim right's to music like that, or are you just an ignorant whiner who has nothing to do but go comment bands you don't like. You probably haven't even heard any of their music. The Darkness is where it's at if your looking for modern music with that classic vibe.
  • Ty from Kitchener, Canadait doesnt matter if their a ripoff of 70s bands; their still way better than any of the other crap in music today.
  • Matt from New York, NyThe Darkness suck big time - they are a complete rip off of hard rock bands of 1970's and 80's, completely unoriginal in every way shape and form. I wish they went on American Idol or the X factor - they would be laughed at!!!
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiais this the song with the filmclip like bon jovi's with the cliff? rock on big day out! rock on the darkness
  • The Darkness Rock from Millmerran, AustraliaThis film was shot in The blue mountains in Australia. My country. The Darkness know where to shoot their films. The song is the second The Darkness song I ever heard. The first being I believe in a thing called love.
  • Bill from Warshington, DcActually this is a song of conflicting thought; On one hand he wants to believe in the existence of love, but has perhaps become hardened from past experience and realizes the inherent danger of "falling in love." It's inconclusive as to whether love is real or not, but the pain we all experience at love's end or in its course, is, empirically, undeniable. Rather then experience that pain, Mr. Hawkins implies, it's better to convince one's self that it is "only a feeling."
  • Luke from Maple Grove, MnWow Justin Hawkins has one of the highest voices ever
  • Aimee from Newcastle, United StatesThe Darkness is a gorgeous, out-there glam rock ensemble with a most perfect song. I believe Love Is Only A Feeling doesn't have as negative a meaning as the title might otherwise suggest. The vocalist tells of why he believed in love, what time of life he was at, and says that "love is only a feeling (drifting away) is only a feeling (anyway)" which are probably the most telling lines, because he is trying to tell himself that love is only a feeling, and forget the pain that ultimately comes with love. I don't think he truly believes that 'love is only a feeling.'
    If anyone knows of any other bands that are like the Darkness I would love to know so I can check out some of their songs!
    And I didn't know that the Blue Mountains was the location for the videoclip! That's awesome.
  • Jimmy from Byblos Lebanon, OtherGreat song , shot in a wild mountains where Rock belongs !!!! (Like Bonjovi blaze of Glory)
  • Andy from Lincoln, Englandthis is absolutely gorgeous when they perform it live
  • Anonymousthe video was shot at the blue mountains in nsw australia. they were in the country touring the big day out festival that travels annually across australia. the band wanted a video that was on the edge
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Dcfinally finally, thank god! a darkness song!!!!!
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