The Infanta

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  • This song puts to words in a symbolic way the image of the Infanta Maria Teresa (later, Marie Therese) that emerges from Antonia Fraser's biography on Louis IVX. Uncannily, though, the song apparently preceded the publication of Fraser's book. The song imagery parallels the way a traditional infanta was "turned out" like a dressed up doll. (The current Spanish Infanta is a very modern, well-educated young woman). The song also hints at the personal powerlessness of an Infanta at the Spanish Court at the time of Louis IVX except as a future wife of a king and mother of his heir.Any thought of pursuit of an Infanta's personal dreams or aspirations was out of the question. Thus does the song shine a feminist light in a subtle and symbolic way on the historic position of virtually all "privileged" women in many traditional societies. >>
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  • Lisafer from Hollywood, CaIn case anyone is wondering, "The Infanta" is the music over the opening bra-donning sequence of Mad Men's "Maidenform" episode on season 2. That info is buried deep in the Mad Men website so hopefully googlers will find it more easily this way!
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