Parasitic Twins

Album: Option Paralysis (2010)
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  • This track sports lead vocals by guitarist Jeff Tuttle, as well as Beach Boys-styled harmonies and a major-key Ben Weinman guitar solo. Possibly the biggest departure on the album from the band's usual sound, Weinman commented regarding the assorted directions and sonic vistas on Option Paralysis: "We're just trying to make music we can be stimulated by. We consider ourselves songwriters, which is kind of odd when you consider the kind of band most would consider us."
  • Bassist Liam Wilson told The Associated Press: "Arguably the biggest departure from our perceived center of gravity, this song counter-balances everything the record has been slashing and burning up to this point. It's a true parasitic twin living off the rest of the album, giving the vocal abilities of Jeff their day in court on the verses, hauntingly-harmonizing with Greg [Puciato, lead vocals] on the pre-chorus and fully passing the baton off to him for the 'claw-fingered' jazz-hands choruses."


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