I Cheat The Hangman

Album: Stampede (1975)
Charted: 60


  • Guitarist Patrick Simmons wrote and sang lead on this. Pat says: "I think the piece may have been inspired by An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (by author Ambrose Bierce). It has the feel of an old west ghost town. In fact, its about a ghost who doesn't realize he's dead returning to his home after the Civil War.
  • The strings in the wild fadeout were inspired by Russian poet Modest Mussorgsky's Night On The Bald Mountain. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Charles - Charlotte, NC, for above 2

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  • Bear from Atlanta Gadosen't get any better than the doobies, grew up with their music.at 68 yrs old still a blessing they have been, will play the hangman at my funeral. keep on Brothers
  • Eric from Tuscaloosa, AlThe man who inspired the song is actually my biological great-great-great-great- grandfather!
    I couldn’t believe it bc I love the doobie brothers.
    It is awesome song and means a lot more to me than anyone else in the world!
  • Dave from Vancouver, WaI heard this song while falling asleep in about 1980. It took me years to figure out the title and that it was the Doobie's. I have seen them in concert several times but they do this song. Maybe it's to hard to get the right background music.
  • Rick from Seattle, WaA great song, magnificent. Not a hit, but one of Simmons finest!
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