Old Juarez

Album: World Gone Crazy (2010)
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  • This Latin-tinged track is from World Gone Crazy, which was the first Doobie Brothers album since their 2000 effort Sibling Rivalry. Their guitarist Tom Johnston, who wrote the track, told us: "'Juarez' is an old West theme, if you will. It's a Mexican old West, about what Juarez was like in the Zapata era: Some young gun slinger running around getting himself in trouble by fooling around with a married woman."
  • Ted Templeman, whose credits include the Doobie Brothers '70s output as well as most of the classic Van Halen albums, was brought in to produce the album. Said Johnston:"It was just a track - no vocals - and Ted said, 'Man, you need to try that one.' The band worked on that one very early on, and it developed and developed. That's one of those songs that went through a metamorphosis two or three times. It went in a different direction for me to try something Latin, but being as how I had Latin experience at a young age, playing in bands and stuff, maybe that's where it came from. Those chord changes are universal for any Latin group."
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