The Doors

Jim MorrisonVocals1965-1971
Ray ManzarekKeyboards1965-1973
Robby KriegerGuitar1965-1973
John DensmoreDrums1965-1973

The Doors Artistfacts

  • Their name came from Aldous Huxley's narrative about mescaline, The Doors Of Perception, which got its title from a quote by William Blake: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." Huxley took LSD on his deathbed and tripped to his death on November 22, 1963, the same day John F. Kennedy was shot. >>
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  • Jim Morrison's father was a Rear Admiral in the Navy. Many people know that. But check this out: He was in command of the Carrier Division during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This makes him one of the people most responsible for the escalation of the Vietnam War (many credible historians believe there was something extremely shady about the phantom "attack" that occurred that day and justified American escalation). So, the son of one of the men most responsible for escalating the Vietnam War became, only three years later, one of the leading figures of the counterculture, which was based upon anti-Vietnam War sentiment.
  • They got their first club gig when a bunch of their friends came by to cheer them on at an audition at a club called London Fog in LA. The manager figured they were popular and gave them the gig, but very few people showed up.
  • They were the house band for the Los Angeles club Whiskey A-Go-Go in 1966. They were fired after an explicit performance of "The End."
  • They were the first band to have an album advertised on a billboard. Elektra Records paid $1500 to promote their first album on LA's Sunset Strip.
  • Morrison was in two movies: Hwy and A Feast of Friends. They were only shown in public a few times and have never been officially released.
  • On December 9, 1967, Morrison was arrested at a concert in New Haven for "giving an indecent or immoral exhibition." He was backstage with a girl before the show when an incident took place with Morrison and a police officer. Enraged, Morrison said this when he took the stage: "We started talking and we wanted some privacy and so went into this little show room. We weren't doing anything. You know, just standing there talking, and then this little man in a little blue suit and a little blue cap came in there. He said 'Whatcha doin' there?' 'Nothin'.' But he didn't go away, he stood there and then he reached round behind him and brought out this little black can of something. It looked like shaving cream. And then he sprayed it in my eyes. I was blinded for about 30 minutes."

    At this point, three policemen came on stage and arrested him. It was the first time a rock star was arrested in the middle of a performance.
  • The Doors were not invited to play Woodstock. >>
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  • On March 1, 1969, a drunk Morrison was arrested at a Doors concert in Miami after allegedly exposing his penis on stage. Charges included lewd and lascivious behavior, profanity, and public drunkenness. The incident caused an uproar, and The Doors had to stop touring because promoters kept canceling their shows. Morrison was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail, but died while the case was being appealed.

    In 2010, Florida governor Charlie Crist granted Morrison a pardon after a fan named Dave Diamond wrote to him asking for a review. Crist believed there was no conclusive evidence that Morrison exposed himself. Ray Manzarek explained: "He taunted the audience, 'I'm going to show you! I'm going to show it to you.' Then he took his shirt off, held it in front of him like a bullfighter's cape, wiggled it around as if there was something going on behind it."
  • Morrison's middle name was Douglas, after General Douglas MacArthur. His father wanted him to join the military.
  • On July 3, 1971, Morrison's girlfriend, Pamela Courson, found him dead in his bathtub. Cause of death was listed as "heart attack induced by respiratory problems." Some of the rumors were that he overdosed on heroin or that he faked his death. Courson died of a heroin overdose in 1974.
  • After Morrison's death, the remaining members released two poorly selling albums as a trio. Iggy Pop was considered as Morrison's replacement.
  • Morrison wrote his will in 1969.
  • Morrison's headstone in Paris reads: "Kata ton daimona eay toy," Greek for "True to his own spirit." His grave site is a popular tourist destination.
  • Morrison was 27 years old when he died. Other famous musicians who died at that age: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson and Brian Jones of Rolling Stones. >>
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  • In a story he often recounted, when he was four years old, Morrison's drove by an auto accident in New Mexico where several Indians were dying along the road. Morrison felt their spirits leapt into his soul.
  • Krieger and Manzarek continued to play together into the '00s, but Densmore did not join them because he has severe tinnitus, which is ringing of the ears.
  • Spawn creator Todd McFarlane designed a Jim Morrison action figure which he began selling in 2001.
  • When the group started out, Morrison was very shy. As a result, Manzarek had to sing on a lot of the songs.
  • There was a minor-league hockey team in Jacksonville, Florida called the Lizard Kings, which was one of Morrison's many nicknames.
  • They never officially hired a bass player, but used several on their albums.
  • Morrison's girlfriend worked in a boutique owned by the mother of Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash.
  • Since the breakup of the band, Manzarek has done a lot of work with beat poet Michael McClure.
  • Krieger's son played in a band called Bloodline, which also featured the sons of jazz trumpetist Miles Davis and Allman Brothers bassist Berry Oakley.
  • Morrison published a poetry book which was trashed by most critics.
  • A movie about the band called The Doors was directed by Oliver Stone. Val Kilmer played Jim Morrison. >>
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  • Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 8, 1943. He was one of the infamous three music artists that died within a couple of years from each other, accompanied by Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. December 8 was also the day John Lennon was shot to death. >>
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  • There is a real Morrison Hotel, which was featured on the cover of their album of the same name. It's in Los Angeles and opened in 1915. You might not want to stay there: In 2004, it was cited for over 100 code violations and in 2006 the owners were sentenced for slum-like conditions.
  • Morrison was married to Patricia Kennealy in a Wiccan ceremony in 1970; she went on to become a science fiction writer. >>
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  • They have more songs in the 1994 movie Forrest Gump than any other band with a total of six. These are, "Soul Kitchen" (in one of the Vietnam scenes), "Hello I Love You" (first song in Gump's first ping pong sequence), "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" (second song in Gump's first ping pong sequence), "Peace Frog" (third song in Gump's first ping pong sequence), "People Are Strange" (during a New York scene with Lt. Dan) and "Love Her Madly" (when Jenny is leaving the hotel room with a black eye after presumably whoring herself). >>
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  • Morrison was a pudgy kid in his UCLA years, his weight at that time was about 185. However in the forming stages of The Doors he and Ray took to a workout area at Venice Beach; that and not having much money for food at the time meant a strict diet and the 145 pound figure that can be seen in the Joel Brodsky photos. It was only a few short years of self indulgence with alcohol and drugs, coupled with staying up for days at a time and partying all night that Jim quickly added the weight back and was much heavier at his time of death. >>
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  • Early in his career, Glen Campbell opened for the Doors. Said Campbell: "One of the first big gigs I played was with the Doors. And I got up there and I said, 'Where's the band?' They said, 'We ain't got no band, it's just you and the guitar.' I went out with my guitar and opened for the Doors in Portland and Seattle. And when I got back to town I said, 'Don't book me on no more of those.' I said, 'I'd rather stay here and do sessions, make more money and enjoy it.' And I didn't go back out, either, till after the TV show (The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, which ran 1969-1972). I can make more money sittin' right here and have a hell of a lot more fun."
  • Ray Manzarek passed away on May 20, 2013 at the age of 74. He died at the RoMed Clinic in Rosenheim, Germany after a lengthy battle with bile duct cancer.
  • Even though Jim Morrison attended UCLA film school, he never actually completed his student film. Terry McCartney-Filgate, a Canadian filmmaker who taught Morrison, said that Jim was talented but "undisciplined," which is rather interesting considering the fact that Jim's father was an Admiral in the Navy.

    McCartney-Filgate did a brief interview and spoke about Morrison and Ray Manzarek. He revealed some interesting tidbits about his impressions of the two young film students.
  • In 1966, they took a corporate gig composing music for a Ford training video, which earned them $200. The video was found in UCLA's archives in 2002.
  • Both Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek attended the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Also there at the same time was Oscar-winning movie director Francis Ford Coppola. He later used The Doors' song "The End" in Apocalypse Now.

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  • Crispen Buidens from St, Petersburg, Florida Jim was one of the most influential poet's of mine growing up, the grateful dead and Zeppelin were the others. I called Jim a poet because I consider him to be the best one of the 20th century. There isn't a single thing that he wrote that I don't like As well as the dead and Zeppelin. If any one can find something that any of them did I'd be hard pressed to feel the same.
  • Woden from Dahville, AlThe tragedy is this is that a people (government) tend to first persecute a person that rises to fame, then end of murdering them for being a threat to the ruling order. Jim Morrison did not overdose "on a toilet" in a bar. There is no evidence of this, whatsoever. From his early days in Venice, CA., he outgrew doing psychedelic drugs. In fact, he abhorred doing hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Morrison stated this and preferred alcohol as his "crystal ship" (Morrison's word's verbatim and similarly as the classic writers he admired). Morrison had strong intentions on returning to America to reconquer it. His death was covered up and may have been a murder.
  • Pat from Fort Lauderdale, FlDouglas Lubahn was the bass player when the music was the most powerful. Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun & Soft Parade. Read his book my Days with the Doors......Awesome!!!
  • Barry from New York, NcAlthough the Doors did not perform at Woodstock, they did play at the Isle of Wight Festival (U.K.) in August 1970. This huge festival attracted over 600,000 fans, and included acts such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Joan Baez, Sly & The Family Stone and Miles Davis. MESSAGE TO LOVE, a movie of the festival was released in 1994, and features two Doors songs: "When The Music's Over" and "The End."
  • Stephen Applebaum from London, United KingdomHi,

    I am a journalist looking for people to interview who saw The Doors at the Whisky A Go Go in 1966 for a magazine article.

    Anyone out there?
  • Eric from State Collge, PaI love the doors they have an awsome sound that I would listen to non-stop as a kid, I think I still have the records around the house.
  • Philippe from Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaThe first rock band to have a no.1 song without a bassist.

  • Nate from Lubbock, TxTo Mary. Thats very interesting I never heard that they moved Jim's body. And Ive read 5 biographys on him, none of wich mention anything of that matter. However it is valid that his grave site is I beleive the 3rd or 4th most visited attaction in paris. And that his fans would often trash the area around his grave, were many 17th centry and older rocks can be found with Mr.Mojo risin and what not etched in them or spray painted on. This problum however was solved when the owners of the Pere' Lanchaise contacted the doors ownership and expressed to them that they were going to -evict-Jim unless they agreed to pay for security and enclosure to the gravesite as well as take care of the clean up around it which involved ALOT of elbow grease. It was also noted that only a few short years after Morrisons death grave robbers were caught trying to dig up Jim, they were arrested, and that is why a huge concrete pallet lies over Jims grave currently to keep people from stealing his remains.
  • Nate from Lubbock, TxTo William...Hey man think twice before you insult somone like Jim Morrison, He's one of if not my biggest hero and im sure im not the only one that feels that way, To say he died Fat and alone on the toilet at the rock and roll circus is just stupidity. Yes I am aware that Jim put on weight and became an alcaholic over time as well as an acomplished drug user..But I beleive he started with the right intent which was not to kill himself or drown out his life in Alcahol but more so to expand his mind. And not just Jim died in this tragic maner...Elvis, Layne Stanley to name a couple of other artist that feel into drugs, and I beleive they mostly did it because of people like you. Accusing them of being somthing they arent not being able to escape the public eye and the public belife of what they are. If you knew anything abuot Jim Morrison you would know he was a hell of alot more than a Alcaholic junkie...

    He was a great...Singer
    He was a great...songwriter
    He was a great...person thrown into a rough life at a young age.
    He was a caring man that had deamons inside him that the stressful life of being a rock star pulled out of before you talk badly about someone like Jim Morrison, Tell everyone else all of you're life acomplishments...Have you gotten as much done in you're life as he did from age 22 to 27? If so I would love to hear it.

    Until then.
    Have a nice day.
  • Roy from Granbania, MaWow. I cannot believe that someone actually thought Jim Morrison died on a "nightclub toilet"! William from Cape Canaveral don't you think you should do some more research before dissing someone on a webpage where the majority of people like the person you are dissing? Because most people will jump right on you and call you an idiot or something (so be careful). Anyway, The Doors are my second favorite band of all time. They were a very unique band and will hopefully never be forgotten as a very influential group in rock history.
  • Allison from Oslo, --I LOVE THE DOORS! They had their own distinct style and were awesome WITHOUT A BASSIST! Most bands require a bassist to get that low sound but with a keyboardist, that was not needed. Jim's voice was unlike many other people and it's a shame he died so young. LONG LIVE THE DOORS!!!
  • Naioka from Sptsyltuckey, VaI love the Doors. Their reign was short, but it's better than releasing sucky records for DECADES. I appreciate everything The Doors have ever done...ever. In the imortal words of Jim Morrison: "THE TIME TO HESITATE IS THROUGH"
  • Angga from Bandung, IndonesiaIf we read "an american prayer" we will see who is the true Jim Morison. He to obses about the Indian, I think it the truth, if the tragical like Jim's have was in New Mexico. So it can be give him a big effect for his trauma. And that trauma give Jim a big talent like write a song, write a poem, a social life of Jim, a 'disgracefull atittude' (I don't like to say it), his superb performance at the stage, and many think he can do he just do. That talent in Jim Morison personal makes United States cultural change that the revolution, a major revolution in social-culture. Amaericans in this case must pleased to Jim Morison and The Door give a huge different in cultural changes at the end of 60's. Jim is big-big man. A father of american music, a revolution man. If a latin have Che Guevara, American have Jim Morison. Bravo Rock N Roll.
    Angga, Bandung, WJ, Indonesia
  • Eric from Old Bridge, NjDecember 8th( morrisons birthday and john lennons shooting), is also the day dimebag darrel was killed
  • William from Cape Canaveral, FlIf Jim Morrison had removed that beam from his eye, the janitor at Rock N rOll Circus wouldn't have had to remove it for use ramming the bottom cut of Jim's left buttock down the toilet Morrison died on and, flushing repeatedly, finally forced the restg of shidder into the sewer.
  • William from Cape Canaveral, FlMaybe if Jim had had some Colon Cleanse, he wouldn't have died of fuggin brain hemmorrhage straining himself on that nightclub toilet. Shaman indeed!
  • William from Cape Canaveral, FlDid everything appear infinite to Jim Morrison when he died a fat felonious disgrace on that nightclub toilet? If Jim Morrison had cleansed himself of what was obscuring his perception, if he could have seen things as they truly were, he would've realized what a pretentious name The Doors is and called his airport-lounge act Occupado. If he had removed that beam from his eye, the rightly irritated management of Rock 'N' Roll Circus wouldn't have had to wash up the wash-up's blood, gore, (along with his earlier poorly aimed a*s-drip and vomitus) after sawing his bloated carcass into tiny little pieces and flushing him to a permanent resting place better than he deserves.
  • Austin from Fall City, WaThe Doors...It's hard to express how much I love them. Anyone know where or how I can find a copy of Hwy or A Feast of Friends?
  • Howard from Seattle, Waone more thing, Im not saying listening to the Doors is going to get you in the right path with God,though it s possible, or Im not one to keep quiet that some of their songs are just too annoying and negativish(hey a new word), but thats how our own lives our anyways without music to influence us, and Iven never came across a band that I liked every song they did, but I just truly believe that most of of those songs are awesome, and full of love, and you cant get better, I dont care if the Doors were a band in 10.500 B.C.
    our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and I think the band tapped into that power, and the Lord never changes his love endureths forever.
  • Howard from Seattle, WaTo Matt Defiance from ohio, Jesus was certainly a Protestant Christian, Ray MAnzarek sted that in the Vh1 Legends episode, and Ive read his book and hear other intervies were he stated that when they were making those songs and Touring that they based there life on Christ teaching of Love , and I dont care who you are nobody turns perfect all of a sudden when you first claim to be aChristian, lifes a cycle of tepmtation and being disobedient and obedient of God. And The Petition The Lord with prayer wasnt a pagan thing but the opposite, it means what it means "U cant petition the Lord with prayer" and no U cant petition the Lord with Prayer thanks Jim Morrison for comung out and saying that, and I mean the Guy wore a big Crucifix around his neack and the the ones that thave the little Jesus on the cross, if youre an atheist you dont wear somethin like that, and Jims lyrics included Angels God Jesus and Mary Mother in them he was a Christian, he may not have been the most obedient Christian, but theres Monks and priests who probably werent as as much of an all around nice guy as Jim or people like him. I just get so bothered by people who constantly accuse people and hate them, when they are jus a bunch of hypocrites. Ive stated my thoughts and Im done may Peace be with all of you.

  • Matt from Defiance, OhJim was a known pagan and had no belief as far as I know in God, as at one time he gave a speech about "Petitioning the Lord in Prayer" as a mock and sacriledge to Jesus Christ.
  • Paul Marlo from Perth, Australiayou can view a photograph on the internet taken at jims gravesite. with what looks like a ghost of jim in it. very interesting!
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhRay Manzarek once stated in an interview that Jim Morrison's drug usage was so severe that he literally had to take them just to start a show. When the drug(s) wore off of him he would then fall to the floor and struggle to sing- many times in the middle of a performance. It would then require a 'roadie' to get onstage and administer him more drugs just so he could finish the song.
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzI read somewhere a while ago, that his original grave had so many visitors that would trash the place and people who wanted to exhume him, that they actually moved his body to an undisclosed location that still no one knows where. Anyone know if this is true?
  • Robyn from Orlando, DcI find a country in your heart, an island in your eyes.
  • Hei from Sandefjord, NorwayDid you know that Ray Manzarek wrote a book that was published in 2002"The Poet In Exile"in the book manzarek says he met Jim Morrison on the an island in the indian ocean.
  • Jason from Orlando, FlWhy did they leave out Alan "blind owl" Wilson from they other musicians that died at 27? He was after all a big part of the 60s.
  • Jason from Orlando, FlWhy do people insist on saying that The Doors were not invited to Woodstock?!! They were!! Jim Morrison declined because he didn't like outdoor venues!!
  • Matt from Av, Mnthey didnt invite the doors to woodstock because of they thought jim morrison would get naked on stage...what a he WOULDNT fit in lol
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdTay I don't know if you know this, but Jim Morrison's last name wasn't originally Douglas. His MIDDLE name was Douglas.
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdI must agree with you Tay from Annapolis. Jim Morrison was amazing, even when passed out on stage.
  • Tay from Annapolis, MdJim Morrision A.K.A James Douglus.
    is a beast. his lyrics are amazing. his entire public preformance style was amazing. I posted artist facts but they must be reviewd before they can be posted.
  • Asa from Atlanta, GaThis comment is gonna sound weird but I think this band has the best keyboardist that gives you a 70s groove. I also see these 6th graders wearing the doors shirt among other bands and not know who they are. but they are a great band.
    love her madly is my favorite song
  • Don from Wheeling, IlPlease don't forget that Jim's favorite Hero: Alexander the Great. He read a LOT of books...Credit his wonderous wordings. His poems reflected that life based on his memories of all those books and of all his life experiences. The Doors mirrored his poems and his life in music. Let's celebrate them.
  • Roger from Tallahassee, FlFirst off, Jim and Ray met at the UCLA film school not at a school in Florida. Jim did go to Florida State and got arrested in Tallahassee, Fl for stealing a cops hat at a FSU football game. He later dropped out and went out west to UCLA. And Secondly, Jim's grave is the 2nd most popular site in Paris.
  • Moe from Boston, MaJim Morrison did not die before he was sentenced for the exposure incident. I cannot remember what exact charges were passed. They are in the book "The Lizard King".
  • Mal from Richmond, VaI heard the doors members all met for the first time in meditation class which explains the spiritual lyrics.
    <<<< no, jim morrison and ray manzarek met at college in florida where they were both studying to become filmmakers
  • Andrea from Roxbury, NjIf you take "Mr. Mojo Risin' and rearrange all the letters it'll spell 'Jim Morrison' I love The Doors Jim Morrison is a beautiful God and poet. Andrea, Roxbury, Nj, USA I love you Jim and I knoww i'll see you soon. "This is the end"
  • Jim from Troy, NyIt has never been proven that Morrison exposed himself. Manzarek insists he didn't. He did not plead guilty as mentioned above, he was found guilty. He died before he could be sentenced.
  • Chris from Sunnyvale, CaThe Doors are the greatest American rock band. Hands down. No competition.
  • Alex from Baltimore, MdAlso dionysus is the greek god of theater too.

    In additon the door's used an electrical organ with a keyboard bass.

    Not just keyboards.
  • Alex from Baltimore, MdThe Doors didn't perform at wood stock for several reasons.

    1. Since the Doors tour for the first album they decided that their music was not set for outdoor venues.

    2. Woodstock was only a couple of months after Jim Morrison's arrest due to onstage behavior at the university of miami ( come on we all know that ).
    The organizers in their infinate wisdom decided not to book the doors due to their black listing across the U.S.

    3. The doors can do what ever they want.
  • Amey from Mumbai, Indiadoors is truly the best classic band.jim morrison rocks
  • Mojo from Paris, FranceI am not dead. I am still living in Paris. Why don't you come to try and find me?
  • Ben from Nyc, MsGreat Keyboards
  • Lea from Rijeka, CroatiaThe Doors are the gratest band of all times.. Jim Morrison is god of rock,he is a legend and i really love him. JIM IS A GOD OF ROCK&COCK!!!!He rocks and because of him rock will never be dead! JIMMY VOLIM TE;ZAKON SI!!!!
  • Derek from Nor Cal, CaP.S. Densmore the only one that isn't a sell out
  • Derek from Nor Cal, Cathe reason they didnt ask the doors to play at woodstock was because they were afriad he would pull of somethin like he did at New Haven (public nudity or wutever B.S. Nixon tried to pin on him)i find it funny that half the people at woodstock ended up being naked anyway
  • Shannon from Sydneythe doors are the best band ever, they just have the intellect like no other, i used to get annoyed when people used to give james all the credit i mean he deserves it definately but raymond robert and john were beautiful musicians but i have recently lost alot of respect in the remaining doors, they are sell-outs they sold out to SNOOP D.O DOUBLE G THATS RIGHT SNOOP DOGG!!. an amazing rock band possibly the best or should i say they were the best band ever and the remaining doors did tottally what jim wouldnt want they sold out to snoop dogg,they sold hello, i love you to a teeny-bopper add in the 60's, k-mart, and one thing that annoyed me most of all they wrecked an american prayed, now jim considered himself a poet and he wanted to make an american prayer(recorded poetry) but he wanted on the cover it to just say "james douglas morrison" "an american prayer" but the doors had to put "jim morrison" and music by "the doors" jim specificly told them he wanted it james, they did alot of things jim would be ashamed of. - 15, shannon kennerson, sydney
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI heard The Doors didn't play at Woodstock because Jim Morison didn't like playing at outdoor venues. Don't quote me on that though.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI meant Devin. Sorry man.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScDevi. Dionysus was the god of wine and fertility in Greek Mythology.
  • Gary from Marshall, IlWoodstock never asked them to play. If i recall they were afraid Jim would start a riot.
  • Devin from Ottumwa, IaJim always claimed he wasnt affraid of death. He was though. not so much as death as confronting death.he was affraid to ride the obsession with the doors came to me like others did.picked up an album from my mom one day and hooked.though i disagree with someone saying he was possessed. he was to spiratual for that.there was no heaven or hell to him, he was pegan.Morrison was also known as pure, no one that is pure is possessed. one ? though? does ne one know the backgroung of the dionysus?

    kewl site,im new and theres alot of stuff i didnt know.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsMorrison, of course, died in Paris, France, and is buried on Père Lachaise. A beautiful townlike graveyard with huge trees. To visit him there is an unforgettable experience.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsAll of the good artists die at a young age? Frank Sinatra was rather old, and I know a bunch more. Mick Jagger and Bono for instance are real grandaddy's too. Let's not mythalize those selfdestructive types.
  • Micah from Huntington Beach, Cabtw, jim morrison is great. he can never be duplicated. he was possesed, but that doesnt bother me beaucse he can change his voice like the exorcist. i saw him. my dad has a video recorder of him being possesed when he was onstage at a concert. i think he was singing "the end"
  • Micah from Huntington Beach, Cahave you ever noticed that all of the good artists die at a young age?


    jimi hendrix

    jim morrison

    john lennon

    sublime lead singer Bradley wilson

    kurt cobain
  • Lachie from Melbourne, AustraliaI'm 16 years old and want to say I love The Doors, I discovered The End on Appocalypse Now and asked my mum the name of the song, to this she pulled out all her old Doors records and I've been hooked ever since, I envy all of you that were lucky enough to see them live and also think that as legendary as he was Jim doesn't deserve all the credit for The Doors success, Robby, Ray and John deserve equal credit, can anyone imagine Riders On The Storm without it's brilliant rain effects, or the end without it's awe inspiring guitar solo's. The Doors are the greatest band of all time.
  • Sandalista from Cody, WyDoors of Perception was not a novel. It was Aldous Huxley's narrative about mescaline, written before Huxley tripped to his death on 22 November 1963, a date famous for other reasons.
  • Bryan from Nova Scotia, CanadaRE:Steve Bakersfield,CA. Jim Morrison died in Paris, France on July 3rd 1971. His closest friends refer to that particular book as "Nothing Here But Lots of Lies."
  • Justin from Memphis, TnI think that Ray should have got more spotlight. He writes some of the most intricate musical pieces.
  • Laura from Dudley, MaRegarding *** Zvonimir, Lexington, KY ***
    I think everyone has heard or them or heard them... even if they dont realize thats what they are hearing or know at all... at some point in your life you will hear the doors. and they will take you to higher ground
  • Zvonimir from Lexington, KyI agree, the doors have been pushed back by the beatles and the rolling stones even tho they were great bands. I heard the doors members all met for the first time in meditation class which explains the spiritual lyrics. At my school of 1800 students i can honestly say no more then 10 people have heard of the doors. Jim morrison is my heroe and their greatest song is The End. All their albums showed me a new perspective on life and i thank Jim, ray, Robby, and john for there inspirational music. I dont think i will ever be able to show my appreciation for the doors while im in a proper state of mind
  • April from Rodgefield, Ctthe doors were by far the best band ever... jim is beautiful and everything he sings and said will live on forever... jim made the doors seem so much more poetic and spiritual... no one can ever begin to compare to the doors let alone jim...jim is the greatest man to ever live...
  • Melissa from Lansdale, Pajim morrison was not only a great performer, and beautiful person, but a very inspiring poet. his lifestyle is what i wish mine to be. and well the doors.. they just freaking roccccck!
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Cti don't and never did like the doors, even the entire world around me is OBSEST with them
  • Michael from New York City, NySaw this at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was fairly surprised by it. Jim Morrison's father was the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, the number 2 uniformed rank in the United States Navy. The Hall of Fame has a letter from the American ambassador in Paris to Morrison's father informing him of his death. His father's military career is probably the likely reason they wanted him to go into the military.
  • Foo Foo from Warren, Mithe doors are one of my favs along with led zep...i just recently bought the box set and i am so addicted to morrison hotel. i love em all....the disc that has the live songs and rare ones is great...
  • Don from Philadelphia, PaGreat band, very infulencial. First band to rely entirely on the keyboards!
  • Chris from Nashville, TnFirst off, it's Ian Astburyof tyhe Cult singing now, and second off all, they aren't trying to replace Jim. It can't be done, but their is no call for them to stop performing. They are jazz, rock, and blues musicians, and they merely want to share the experience that was, and still is, the Doors. So to say that they are wrong is to be closed minded and goes against the lifestyle of the times and the musicians. So Rob, in Bayonne, NJ, Shut-up.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaDid you know; Jim Morrisons favorite album of all time was "Pet Sounds" by the "Beach Boys." Go figure.
  • Rob from Bayonne, NjThe former Doors members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek have recently reunited with Ian Ashbury(formerly of The Cult) to the dismay of John Densmore who has filed lawsuits to stop them.They use the name "Doors of the 21st Century."
    This is one band that could never replace their singer,songwriter and gifted poet they had in the Lizard King nor should they have ever tried.
  • Steve from Bakersfield, CaIf you read the book," No One Here Gets Out Alive" Jim Morrison talked about faking his death, moving to South America and changing his name to Mr. Mojo Risin.
  • Gina from New Haven, GaI was present at the Doors concert in New Haven, Connecticut on December 9, 1967; Jim did not get arrested for indecent exposure (that came later in Miami, Fla.) He did get arrested for breach of peace, and for giving a "lewd and lacivious performance" as it was rare in the late '60's to use 4-letter words on a public stage and to be as provocative as Jim was onstage. He did NOT expose himself nor was he arrested for that type of charge in New Haven. If he did, I sure as hell didn't see it! (although Jim was in what you might term as, a high-state of sexual arrousal in the physical sense on-stage)- a well-endowed man in those tight leather pants! Now THAT I can NOT forget!
  • Jeff from Charlotte, NcThe Doors were clearly one of the most influential bands of the late 60's and into 1971 until Jim Morrison's death. Loved them during my college years when the music scene was changing drastically.
  • Terri Lynn from Heart's Desire, CanadaThe Doors were a very important band in rock history, their songs still play a huge rock in modern music. Jim Morrison's lyrical style, and the entire bands unique composure and closest is something that is not always found in a band. The Doors are one of a kind.
  • Tyler Campbell from New Canaan, CtThe Doors were and are The Greatest Band Of All Time!!!ROcK and ROLLLLLLLLLL!!!!LandmarkCollege!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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