Yes, The River Knows

Album: Waiting For The Sun (1968)
  • Doors guitarist Robby Krieger wrote the majority of this ballad, which he said was one of the favorites among his compositions.
  • With the lyrics about drowning in wine, this song could be interpreted as being about suicide. >>
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  • James G from South KoreaLet's all respect everyone's opinion, we all love the The Doors which everyone has something special in their hearts for them.
  • I Am Zoso from U.s.Jim had a fear of drowning. simple as that.
  • Pejose from EarthThe essence of life is it's fluidity. The river is the fluidity of consciousness. The secrets of life lie within the river. The river knows. We breathe under water because we are immersed in the river.
  • Wesley from Waukesha I love the doors. Surprisingly I had almost all albums except waiting for the sun. Just bought it this month and it might be one of my favorites. It's quite a trip even for the sober mind. Very surprised to learn it wasn't written by Jim. I wonder what the total number of songs on albums that are not written by him are?
  • Dan from Kittery Point, MeLooked at the lyrics as given through this site. As a southern california boy, growing up on the streets of '67 so cal, I caught this song pretty early, (69?) live, bought the album, pretty sure it's "drown myself in mystic heated wine", not, "mysticated". Jims use of language was always poetic, always evocative, but never dorky, like "mysticated", which sounds like a cross between masticated and mystical. And of course, I could better completely wrong. Give a listen, yourself, and speak your mind
  • Chai from Los Angeles, Cai always thought this song is about their life on tour, constantly moving... or something along those lines. I get a feeling of accomplishment, understanding, and moving ahead but also it feels as if he was leaving someone behind.
  • Mark from Hillsdale, NjI've been a Doors fan since first hearing Light My Fire in June 1967. Saw them twice in concert, most notably in Philly in 1970. "Yes the River Knows" always makes me think about Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha", which contains allusions to the River knowing all. In any case, one of the Doors great rock ballads, along with "Wishful Sinful" and "You're Lost, Little Girl".
  • Robinson from Plymouth, United KingdomYes, a wonderful song, though i think its not as depressing as everything thinks here.. maybe its me being naive but it seems to me to describe the passing of seasons etc. being placed at the end of the album "waiting for the sun", it reminds me alot of the passage of time and such. the river washing away the bad and winter etc. and that the flow will always overcome everything in the end ^^
  • Sandman from Ba, Argentinaactually i don't believe this beautiful and nostalgic song is about murder and body concealing, but i do think it has to do with suicide or at least the thoughts of it.. you know "..believe me, if you don't need me i'm going but i need a little time.." or "the river told me, want you to hold me" as if the river was calling him to drown the pain
  • Wicked133 from Champion, MiThe Song,talks About Death Cause There's Nothing Left ,To Do It Will Cause Peace In The End.
  • Roy from Granbania, MaA very moving song indeed, although its meaning may not be very straightforward. As usual, Ray's keyboard work is excellent. The fact that he plays on a piano rather than the organ gives this song a unique feel not present in some of the band's other works.
  • Nick from Chicago, Ildoes anyone see the connection in this song possibly being about murder "yes the river knows"-the river has the body, it knows what you did "breathe underwater till the end"-must i explain and tristan what exactly is moving about this song?
  • Valerie from Eureka, CaI have been a Doors fan since the summer of 1967...or was it 1968. I really don't remember the year. I just remember hearing Light My Fire on the radio and that was it for me. I was hooked. I never got to see the Doors in person. I lived in Massachusetts in those days. They were scheduled to play in Boston. Unfortunately, they played New Haven Connecticut first. We all know what happened there. They were not allowed in the state of Massachusetts or so it was reported. Their Boston show was canceled. They went on to play Miami, Fla. Once again, we all know what happened there too. It was the end of a great band.
    Valerie, Humboldt Co.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, Pathis is a really nice song. I just discovered it, but its really good. In my opinion, the doors most moving song.
  • Red from Los Angeles, Cawonderfuly beautiful song written by Robby Krieger.
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