Convinced of the Hex

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  • This is the opening track of experimental rock band The Flaming Lips' twelfth studio album, Embryonic. The closest thing on the record to a traditional pop song, the band's frontman Wayne Coyne described it to The Daily MailSeptember 18, 2009 as, "The first take of a traditional jam."
  • The roots of Embryonic can be traced to Summer 2008, when multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd and Coyne set up gear in the Oklahoma City house that Drozd was selling and started jamming. This was the first fruit from their sessions. Coyne told Billboard magazine: "I think with this there was an element of accidentally stumbling upon more spontaneous sort of freak-out stuff. We were sitting at (multi-instrumentalist) Steven's house and we just started out having these freak-out jam sessions where he'd play drums and I'd play bass and we just would sort of do freaky stuff. Some of those recordings, even though they're not recorded very well, really had a spontaneity about them that we probably wouldn't have purposely done. So we just went with some of that and use those as sort of the bedrock of what we'd do later on with overdubs and lyrics and stuff like that. It sounds very exciting."
  • Coyne explained this song in the album's press notes: "This was our first successful attempt at merging a low-fi distortion jam with hi-fi computer overdubs. This was the first in a series of lyrics inspired by repeated viewings of the controversial film The Night Porter (made in 1974 by the radical Italian director Liliana Cavani). Its themes of submission and obsessions and cruelty and pleasure really put the zap on my sleep-deprived head."
  • Embryonic debuted on the Billboard 200 at #8, giving The Flaming Lips their first ever Top 10 album.
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