Flowers Of Neptune 6

Album: American Head (2020)


  • This psychedelic Flaming Lips ballad features typically spaced-out lyrics such as light bugs glowing "like tiny spaceships in a row." There is also a reference to orange flowers blooming "into Saturn, Jupiter, the moon," but there's no mention of the titular planet Neptune.
  • Kacey Musgraves joins The Flaming Lips on the track, crooning harmony vocals alongside singer Wayne Coyne. Musgraves is a big fan of the psych legends; the country star covered their Yoshimi classic "Do You Realize??" at Bonnaroo 2019.
  • According to Coyne, the song originated with "a very evocative series of melodies" that multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd bought to the table. They suggested to the Flaming Lips frontman "an older, mature mind reflecting back into a journey from younger innocence then starting to learn and understand and keeps going into the panic of becoming one with the world."

    Inspired, Coyne came up with a collection of "blissful, innocent, psychedelic experiences" created from discussions between him, Drozd and Musgraves.
  • The mournful video features Wayne Coyne draped in an American flag. He wanders around a burning field inside the huge plastic bubble he uses to walk over concert audiences.


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