Sagittarius Silver Announcement

Album: Embryonic (2009)


  • Like several other songs on Embryonic, this evolved from a free-form jam. Frontman Wayne Coyne said: "Voice from beyond was added to early spooky jam. Religious choir vocal things by Steven Drozd. The lyrics imply that to surrender to our primitive desires and obsessions is the only way to pure freedom."
  • In a 2017 interview with Consequence Of Sound, Wayne spoke about the making of the album and the oddity of this song title. "That was a fun and strange record to make," he said. "I think we started off thinking it was going to be a double album, so that we could stretch out. I think that was a great thing to happen for us at that time; when you think you're only doing 10 songs, you start thinking how they are going to be working together, and the greatest hits, or something ridiculous. When you think you're going to make a double record, you could just keep on being weird. For this album, we just started on any idea that we thought would give us more character or more color. And as we went, some of that worked, and some of it didn't, but when I see it now, songs titled with 'Sagittarius Silver Announcement' … well, what the f--k is that? I love it. Even that album cover. It made us deal with this feeling of detachment. It's not sexual, but there is something kind of menacing about that album title that's different from a normal Flaming Lips record. It’s in a whole new realm."


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