How You Like Me Now?

Album: The House That Dirt Built (2009)
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  • This was featured in a commercial for the Kia Sorento that aired during the Super Bowl in 2010. The spot was titled "Joyride Dream," and it was considered one of the game's best. In the ad children's toys Sock Monkey, Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba, Mr. X, Robot and Teddy Bear come to life in the car. It was a huge breakthrough in America for The Heavy, who are from the small town of Noid, England.
  • When we spoke with The Heavy lead singer Kelvin Swaby, he told us about this song: "It was that point of mine and Daniel's (Taylor - Heavy guitarist) life when we were kind of at ends with our girls. 'How Do You Like Me Now' was when you can take advantage of a situation and it doesn't matter what you do. I'm trying to say that I've been really, really, really bad, you shouldn't love me after all. And I'm telling you I've done this and this and this, so how do you like me now? And it's almost like you're just being cocky with it, because you know that you can do it. It's like you know that you're in a position to be able to do that. It's when you realize that you're in that position, it's like what do you do? I mean, if after everything that I've told you, does that make you love me? Really? Does that make you love me? And if it does, then it just means that you can do whatever you want. Or it should bring you closer by the end of it. If you can acknowledge, Okay, there is someone that will love you wholeheartedly for whatever you will do, then you probably won't do those things.
  • When The Heavy performed this on Late Night With David Letterman, they so impressed the host that he asked the band to play some more - the first time that's ever happened on the show. According to Swaby, he didn't know the request for an encore was a unique distinction. Said the singer: "We were aware only after it happened. As soon as it happened, and we all went backstage, and David had said, 'Thank you so much, that was incredible,' and blah blah blah, all of the staff were like, 'I can't believe what just happened! That is unprecedented.' And we were like, 'What just happened?' We just played and we played again, sure. And then they start saying, in the whole history of that show that's never ever happened. But it was one of those, Okay, we're going onto David Letterman. And we'd watched a few performances of bands that we really liked on Letterman. We've played with the Noisettes before. But I remember just looking at our performance and thinking, Shingai (Shoniwa, Noisettes lead singer), you look as if you're playing it down a little bit. You're not playing it like you would play it. And I said to Dan, 'When we go out, just play it like we would all play, and I think that was the best thing.' We played it like we would play it at any show. And to see David kind of lose it over it was great."
  • What's up with the "Dirt" in their album title The House That Dirt Built? Swaby told us: "It's the mistakes, the imperfections of everything that's gone past and gone into the recording. We are huge, huge fans of everything that is raw within the influences that we choose to bring to the table. And that's what the dirt is, that's how we built this house for the second album."
  • This samples "Let A Woman Be A Woman," by Dyke and the Blazers. Dyke and the Blazers are an R&B group from the '60s best known for their 1967 song "Funky Broadway."
  • This was featured in the 2010 movie The Fighter, which is about the boxer Micky Ward.
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