Shotgun Girl

Album: The JaneDear Girls (2011)


  • The JaneDear Girls are a Country duo comprising Utah native Susie Brown and Texas born Danelle Leverett. The follow-up to their debut single "Wildflower" was penned by Leverett with Canadian Country music artist Deric Ruttan and finds her recalling an old flame with whom she liked riding shotgun. "I was dating this guy a couple of years back, and he wanted to buy a truck," she told Taste of Country. "He went down to Carl Black Chevrolet and sat in all kinds of different trucks. Basically I decided that I liked the kind with the bench seat, which apparently is not a popular choice these days. He had to take a downgrade on a truck to get a bench seat because everyone wants one with bucket seats, because they're more fancy. Nobody wants to be that person riding in the middle anymore. Well, I'm totally that girl. I want to ride smack dab in the middle, right next to him. Comfortably close! Shotgun! That's what I wanted."

    "I did ride with him like that for quite a while, until I broke up with him," Leverett added. "I got a good song out of it, though [laughs]! That's about it! And he is stuck with that truck, still."


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