Just Like Honey

Album: Psychocandy (1985)
Charted: 45


  • This song is about cocaine addiction. The album Psychocandy makes several references to cocaine, including the name of the album itself ("candy" being slang for cocaine). The line, "walking back to you is the hardest thing that I could do" implies addiction. Cocaine is described as "good, so good; it's so good." "I'll be your plastic toy" represents enslavement to the drug.
  • This song is featured in the closing credits of the movie Lost in Translation. >>
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  • As the leadoff track and third single off Jesus and Mary Chain's debut album, Psychocandy, this song was the band's first big hit, peaking at #45 on the British charts.
  • This song was on their setlist when the band first performed on the televised UK music show The Tube in 1985.
  • The drum intro is quite famous; it was borrowed from "Be My Baby," a 1963 hit by The Ronettes. The intro was originally played by Hal Blaine. >>
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  • Ray Johnson from IndianaBig dummies, it's about COCAINE ADDICTION!
  • John Paul Baptiste from LondonI remember reading that it's about cunnilingus, but to be honest I don't know, brilliant song and band. I wish I could see them especially when Bobby Gillespie played the drums.
  • Paul from BostonThis song is about anal sex. Nuff said. That's the fact.
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaFor me it is definitely all about some kind of sexual act. The reference to 'honey' is obviously representative of semen, 'moving up and so alive' describing oral sex, 'her honey dripping beehive'; obviously about male ejaculate on her hair. At first I thought it said 'behind', which might have led to the conclusion that the song was about female ejaculation. 'I'll be your plastic toy' is obviously a sex toy reference, anyone who denies that fact is avoiding the truth of the song. Furthermore 'eating up the scum' is either about male or female oral sex, though as the lyric is 'the hardest thing for ME to do' it probably refers to the male giving oral sex to a female.

    Its probably about female ejaculation. Just wanted to clear that up (no pun intended)
  • Chris from San Diego, CaThis was their biggest hit to date, reaching #45 on the UK charts.

    First heard this song in Lost in Translation, and it made the ending so perfect... love it
  • Chris from Willoughby , OhThis song is talking about oral sex on a girl. ("Moving up and so alive in her honey dripping beehive") They had a similar song called A Taste Of Cindy. Oh and Chinese Rocks is Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers, not Tom Petty. This site needs a fact checker.
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