Jennifer's Jacket

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  • The first single from Canadian ska/punk band The Johnstones fifth studio album SUCK was the result of a competition that the band held to find their biggest fan, for whom they would then write a song. Vocalist/guitarist Jarek Hardy told us: "We wrote a song, and it was a rock version, like a skeleton version of 'Jennifer's Jacket.' And two years later we just turned it into a real song and threw it on our album. 'Jennifer's Jacket,' though, is actually the name of a Presidents of the United States of America song that we just love. So we just took the title from the Presidents of the United States of America. It's really bizarre."
  • Jarek sings about the song's title character losing her heart in San Diego even though she's never been there. He explained to us: "The story was written about one of our fans saying that she lost her heart in a different city. So the story of the song is representative of one of our fans two years ago. It's written for a fan, and we just brought all the lyrics that we had into the chorus. We brought them over and then changed the name of the song and changed the chorus to basically a new chorus."
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