So Done

Album: F--k Love (Savage) (2020)


  • The Kid Laroi's F--k Love mixtape finds him focusing on the messy breakdown of a toxic relationship that made him realize he's not ready for love.

    Just over three months after the original release, the teenage rapper dropped a new Savage version. This song is one of the six new tracks that finds him reflecting on the personal changes he's undergone since the breakup.
  • Kid Laroi starts off the song by recognizing his part in the relationship not working out.

    Okay, I realize now, that everything that I did was wrong
    Okay, I realize now, some things are better off said than done
    Okay, I realize now, that maybe I'm not ready for love

    The rest of the song finds the rapper exploring his inner resolve.

    I'm walkin' away from you, it's about time
    Want you to walk out and walk out of my life
    And you, yeah, you
    You stay on my mind way more than I would like for you to

    However, the games his ex played and the pain she bought him has put him off other relationships.

    I think that it's time for you to realize
    That I'm not gon' be here forever but I
    Wish that I was, but you were the cause
    For every lil' feelin' I'm feeling inside

    Kid Laroi is "so done" with love and pain.
  • Kid Laroi told Billboard the songs on F--k Love weren't inspired by one big relationship. Rather, "The project is about a girl or two or three that I was messing with."
  • The Kid Laroi wrote the lyrics over his beatmakers' ukulele reggae instrumentation. The producers are:

    Los Angeles producer Omer Fedi, who also co-helmed "Go!." His other credits include 24kGoldn's "Mood."

    Sydney producer Khaled Rohaim, who formed the DJ Mustard-mentored production group Twice as Nice in 2016. His other placements include Zayn's "Let Me" and Juice WRLD's "Stay High."


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