The Killers

Brandon FlowersVocals, keyboards
Dave KeuningGuitar
Mark StoermerBass
Ronnie Vannucci JrDrums
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  • Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers is a Mormon, but he said in 2004 that he does occasionally drink and smoke. The band keeps their rock star decadence low key, with the drugs and groupies kept to a minimum.
  • Mark Stoermer, bassist of The Killers, worked as a medical courier before becoming a member of the band.
  • The Killer's name came from the fictional band in New Order's music video for their song Crystal.
  • Before joining The Killers, Brandon Flowers, vocalist/keyboardist of The Killers, was in a synth-pop called Blush Response.
  • Flowers has a fear of flying and of the number 621, coincidentally his birthday. As a kid, an Ouija board told him he was to die on this day. >>
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  • Concerning alcohol, the band has a strict daily schedule in their tour rider - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are reserved for Maker's Mark whiskey and Absolut vodka. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are for Jack Daniels and gin, and Sunday is exclusively the province of tequila and Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  • Speaking to UK newspaper The Independent in 2015, Brandon Flowers revealed that he keeps his facial hair shavings in a bag. "I have a Ziploc bag full of hair. I'll grow five or six days growth, make sure that the sink is dry, use an electric razor, catch it in the sink, and then I'm able to just scoop it into the bag!"

    Flowers added that he started collecting the hair after shaving off the beard and moustache that he sported during The Killers' Sam's Town tour in 2008. "It's a lot of hair!" he said. "But it's compacted. And it doesn't smell. It's all black but about half way up you start to see some greys. I don't know what to do with it yet. It means something."
  • Brandon Flowers told Mojo about his first encounter with music: "When I was five or six we inherited an upright piano from my great grandma Dixie, Dixie was her showbiz name," he said. "Her real name was Melinda. She wrote country songs and actually received royalty checks from one that ended up being recorded by Mel Tillis. No none else in my family was creative."

    "I owe a lot to that handed-down piano," Flowers continued. "My mother took me to lessons from around age seven to 11. I still use the fundamental techniques I acquired in those tender years to this day."
  • The Killers are proud of their Las Vegas roots. Their second album Sam's Town was named after one of the City of Lights' casinos. Brandon Flowers also titled a song on his first solo record "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas."
  • The Killers' first ever gig was back in 2002 at an open mic night at the Cafe Espresso Roma in Las Vegas. Brandon Flowers can still remember the nerves he felt ahead of the band's debut show.

    "I've never been so terrified," he recalled to Q magazine in a 2017 interview. "The whole time I was looking for a spot to throw up on the ground as I didn't want to hit anyone. I can still remember looking down thinking, 'If it happens, then I'm going to the left.' After that I started to drink before we played."
  • In 2011 Brandon Flowers took part in an advertising campaign for Mormonism intended to change people's perception of the religion.
  • The Killers were one of the headline acts at Glastonbury 2019. According to Martin Audio, the company behind the Pyramid Stage's speakers, their set hit 106 decibels for fans in front of the stage. This broke the record for the loudest performance in the festival's history. Said fans in the front row: "WHAT!"
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  • Erika from Fox Valley, Wioldies band???? when I think of oldies bands I think of The Beatles, The Stones....not The Killers (who's first song was release only 6 years ago and who's last album was release last year)...
    I wouldn't even classify 80's music as "oldies" yet!
    I kind of think thats an insult to The Killers.
  • Alyssa from Red Lion, PaFirst one to Post a comment...but i really love the killers...for some reason old music is the best music...(for me)...i love there songs, and will always love them as one of my oldies bands...
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