Wonderful Wonderful

Album: Wonderful Wonderful (2017)


  • The title track of Wonderful Wonderful finds The Killers going into darker territories than they've ever ventured into before. Frontman Brandon Flowers said of the tender and esoteric slow burner:

    "I hear things in it that remind me of things that I grew up loving. Also, that I haven't been able to touch upon and that was helpful.

    I started it with Mark, our bass player, and he's more a minor key type of a guy and he brought that out of me. Thanks Mark."
  • Wonderful Wonderful is The Killers most personal album to date. "I'm turning it around. I'm turning the pen around on myself," Flowers told NME. "I'm looking in the mirror on this record and focusing a lot on my own personal experiences. Instead of just drawing upon all these experiences and maybe using them in other songs, I am going straight for it with this and singing about my life and my family and that's something different for me."

    "What I like about it is that songs that I love to perform the most are songs that sort of went into that territory and connect with people," he continued. "Even 'Mr. Brightside' was a personal song, or 'Read My Mind' – these are songs I love to perform, tend to come from those real places. I really wanted to do that more on this record."
  • Brandon Flowers' wife, Tana Mundkowsky, suffers from PTSD as a consequence of traumas experienced in her childhood.

    The Killers frontman revealed that one of his biggest inspirations writing the Wonderful Wonderful album was Tana's struggle with mental health issues. This song, for instance, references his wife as a "motherless child" being rescued by the Mormon couple's faith. "It bonded me and Tana in a way that I never foresaw," Flowers told NME, "because it helped me to understand her better and be more compassionate."
  • Wonderful Wonderful was the fifth consecutive Killers studio longplayer to top the UK album chart, following Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Day & Age and Battleborn. In doing so, The Nevada quartet became the first non-British act to achieve an untarnished career streak of five #1 studio albums starting with their debut. UK groups Oasis, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys are the only groups who have equaled or bettered The Las Vegas four-piece's success with their own unbroken runs of five chart-topping studio albums. Keane also managed five, including one EP.
  • Wonderful Wonderful also earned The Killers their first #1 album in the US. Despite having scored five chart-topping LPs in the UK, this was the first time the Las Vegas quartet had reached top spot in the home country. Their previous highest charting record was Sam's Town, which peaked at #2.


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