We Are Done

Album: Greetings From California (2014)
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  • This soulful, '60s-inspired tune is the first single released by The Madden Brothers, an American Rock band formed by Joel and Benji Madden from the pop punk band Good Charlotte. The group also features Good Charlotte drummer Dean Butterworth and bassist/guitarist Serge Dmitrijevic.
  • The song topped the singles charts in both Australia and New Zealand. The Madden Brothers are well known Down Under as Joel has been one the four vocal coaches on the Australian version of The Voice for several seasons whilst Benji has served as a mentor on the show.
  • Benji explained this is an anthem about standing up for yourself. "It's for anyone who's feeling unappreciated or abused, or is suffering in any way," he said. "We want to inspire people to speak up."
  • This song was inspired by social media. Joel explained to Extra's Renee Bargh: "What's been happening a lot on social media is kids have been holding signs, saying what they are done with and that's kind of what the whole song is. Being done with something, standing up for yourself, moving on from something."

    Benji added, "When we watched what's been happening around the world with social media, with politics and how people are now standing up to say, 'Hey this isn't cool. This is wrong. Those people shouldn't be treated that way.' Now people stand up and they speak out."
  • The song was produced by Eric Valentine, who also helmed Good Charlotte's The Young and the Hopeless and The Chronicles of Life and Death albums.
  • The accompanying music video was directed by David Katzenberg, whose father is DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. The Madden Brothers tweeted that they hope the visual helps "spread those positive vibes."
  • The song is about being done with the old way. Joel Madden explained to Radio.com: "I think the system hasn't evolved as much as it should. That being said, I think people should also evolve. As a country and as a society we constantly need to evolve and compassion is a bit part of evolution. It's been sad and hard to watch."

    "If we get deep into it, and we talk about society, we haven't evolved," he continued. "I think that education is the #1 solution. I think we have to work hard on trying to provide more of it. The bottom line for me is having compassion and it's tough. I understand that individually people are doing the best they can."
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