All We Have Is Now

Album: single release only (2012)
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  • The Modern Electric is a Cleveland-based band that describes their sound as "cinematic pop." Their lead singer Garrett Komyati told us about this song:

    "Almost all of our songs are inspired by great cinema. I usually escape from the heavier things in life by getting lost in the silver screen. Without fail, emotions in the films bring my own feelings right back to the surface. These emotions turn into songs. 'All We Have Is Now' is no exception.

    At the time, this girl I was in love with was planning on moving away for college. Having my friends move away, to this day, is one of my greatest fears. One could only imagine how I felt when the love of my life had dropped that bomb on me. Armageddon was the movie I chose to turn to. As the credits started rolling, I was flooded with this overwhelming sense of urgency. I was thinking: We don't know how much time we have left here on Earth. Why am I spending another night apart from this girl? That's where the line 'Honey, you should be here/ here but you're not' came from. I built the rest of the song around that line."
  • Considering the band's interest in film, it makes sense that they would come up with an intriguing video for this song, which they certainly did. Garrett Komyati explains the clip: "The music video shows two characters who are forced apart by something other than distance: zombie apocalypse. The human character is running away from his zombie girlfriend for the first half of the story. When zombie hunters threaten to destroy the zombified girl, the boyfriend decides to risk his life to save her. He chooses to be with her even if it means becoming a zombie. It shows how precious being together is, especially in the light of an apocalypse or world's end."
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