Anyone Else But You

Album: Juno Soundtrack (2008)


  • The Moldy Peaches were a New York indie group founded by Adam Green and Kimya Dawson. None of their albums sold more than 8,000 copies, and since 2004 Green and Dawson have been pursuing solo careers. Kimya Dawson said of this song in Rolling Stone magazine: "We wrote it during a period in our lives where Adam and I both wanted to find people to be totally crushed-out on. We called them hippies, and we'd walk the streets at all hours of the night looking for hippies. This song was what each of us would sing to our perfect person if we'd met them."
  • This anti-folk anthem was featured on the Juno soundtrack album, which includes several other of Dawson's songs. It also prominently features at the end of the movie when it's sung by Michael Cera and Ellen Page. The version by the two Juno actors is also included on the soundtrack album.
  • Green told the New Musical Express January 26, 2008 about his reaction to the song's belated success: "The song came out in 2001, so I didn't expect to have so much fuss over it again now. I was sat in my pajamas one day when I got the call asking if they could use it, then a few months later I'm at the premiere. I think it's, like, the biggest movie in America right now - it's a comedy about teenage pregnancy. It's the #1 soundtrack in the country! It's crazy!"
  • Ellen Page, who played the title character, had a hand in selecting Dawson's music as a major portion of the soundtrack. She explained to Pitchfork Media what happened: "[Juno director] Jason Reitman and I were meeting for maybe the second or third time and he simply said, 'Well, what do you think Juno would listen to?' Immediately I said The Moldy Peaches, and he, I guess, wasn't familiar with their work, so I hopped on his computer and I played The Moldy Peaches for him. The next thing I knew he'd fallen in love - rightfully so, they're awesome - and he was in contact with Kimya Dawson, who is the female in the band, and he added the song at the end of the film, which is a Moldy Peaches song. That song's been in my life for years, actually; there's a lot of sentimental value there. And the next thing we know Kimya Dawson is doing the music for the film. It was really incredible how that all worked out because it just feels perfect."
  • The composer of the score for the teen pregnancy comedy, Matteo Messina, based his score on Dawson's music. He explained to The Los Angeles Times: "Reitman was interested in The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson after a suggestion from Ellen Page. So he and I flew up and recorded her for two days while she was on tour. He was tempting her songs into some of the film, and he was realizing that when music with lyrics was going into the dialogue, it just wasn't working. So we ended up recording her just humming a lot of her songs. After spending a couple days with her, and seeing her style of recording, and getting her sensibility, that was definitely a strong influence when I was writing the score. I was trying to capture the Kimya Dawson vibe."
  • The Rhino soundtrack to Juno became the label's first #1 album on The Billboard 200, when it moved to the top of the February 9, 2008 album chart.
  • Adam Green recalled the writing of this song to The Guardian April 10, 2008: "One day I was walking down 58th Street near Central Park, and I had in my head a Skip Spence song. I think it was either "Broken Heart" or "It's the Best Thing for You." I couldn't remember all the words so I started replacing them with lines I was making up. I guess 'I can't see what anyone would see in anyone else but you' - the chorus line - fitted the meter of that song. So I was just fitting it in. And I wrote it down, and then I think me and Kimya were writing songs on my couch the next week, and I brought up that idea, and we wrote a bunch of lines, piecing around a lot of ideas from our notebooks. We finished the song in Tompkins Square Park on a bench. You know, we finished a lot of songs on a bench in Tompkins Square."
  • The Michael Cera and Ellen Page version of this song reached #91 in the Billboard Hot 100.

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  • Kit-kat¢¾ from Somewhereurnot, YtThe Moldy Peaches are deffanately two ugly people but thier music is awsome its amazing how the folk acustic music became so popular over one song, and if I could find one of there albums i'd totaly buy it and learn to play not only "anyone else but you" but also "the swing".and if I were them I wouldnt split after all they do look good for 2 ugly people.
  • Jun from Aklan, Philippineska bd3p ka dung
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