New Horizons

Album: Seventh Sojourn (1972)
  • Written by lead singer Justin Hayward, this song has a philosophical tone, addressing love and consciousness. "I'd not long lost my father," he told us. "There was quite a lot of death around me, and I was having to cope with that and work out how you handle that and what you do and how you can get through it. It's very poignant to me." (Here's our full interview with Justin Hayward.)

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  • Gigi from St. Louis, MoThis is most surely one of my very favorite songs written by Justin Hayward. I think he wrote it at a time when he had mixed feelings or anxiety about becoming a father but realized he had love enough for three. and with a family coming he had new horizons now and never wanted to loose this beautiful place he had found in his life. we all have new horizons at some time to relate to this song in our lives. incredibly beautiful lyrics and music
  • Michael from Kissimmee, FlHow sad they don't write like this anymore...
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