Your Wildest Dreams

Album: The Other Side Of Life (1986)
Charted: 9


  • This song is about "the one who got away." Feeling a bit nostalgic, the singer wonders if his long-lost love remembers him the way he remembers her.

    The song was written by The Moody Blues guitarist/singer Justin Hayward, who told us that it was inspired by a real person, but one that shall go nameless. "I found with 'Wildest Dreams' that it was a common experience for a lot of people," he said. "I thought I was writing a frivolous sort of song. I thought 'Wildest Dreams' would be a throwaway thing that people wouldn't really take much notice of lyrically. But I found out that it was a common experience and desire by a lot of people. So that was very revealing."
  • The Moody Blues were one of the first bands to use a Mellotron, which was a keyboard instrument that played sounds by triggering tape loops. Mike Pinder, a founding member of the band, was their Mellotron virtuoso. After Pinder's departure in 1979, Justin Hayward began experimenting with synthesizers, and became particularly fond of the Yamaha DX7, which is apparent on this track.
  • Tony Visconti, famous for his work with David Bowie, produced The Other Side Of Life album and encouraged the band to use some unusual instruments. "Most of 'Wildest Dreams' - 90% of it - is Tony Visconti, my DX7, and a guitar synth," Justin Hayward tells us. "The piece at the beginning that sounds like a sort of Theremin, a (humming) 'oooo ooo,' that's a guitar synth. All of that is. So it was just another way of exploring musical avenues. Tony Visconti was very much into that and the first person who really turned the band on to programming in a serious way. And he was very, very good at it, so I enjoyed every moment of that."
  • Justin Hayward wrote the song "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," which appeared on the next Moody Blues album, Sur la Mer, as a sequel to this song, with the singer longing to find the girl.

    For "Somewhere," he went back to his Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and used the same keyboard and bass sounds, keeping the same tempo. This gave the songs a similar musical feel to connect them musically, and then he wrote the lyrics to continue the story.

Comments: 7

  • Fzr894 from UsaI love these songs. But please don't believe this is "the best" of the Moody Blues. Start at the beginning.
  • Ja from EarthLittle know fact: when the woman in the song heard it, she was highly moved.
    Moved enough to (unsuccessfully) sue the moody blues for royalties for using her in a song.
    She is a scorpio.
  • Melody from OhioJust wondering who the young girl is in this video and in the I know you're out there somewhere video. The mature version of her is Janet-Spencer Turner.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhThe perfect opening line: "Once upon a time" immediately lends itself to the fairy tale element: taking you back in time to happier days. And making you wonder do they, or don't they, end up 'happily ever after'?
  • Camille from Toronto, Oh"Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" may be my two favorite Moody Blues songs. They both elicit the good kind of nostalgia for lost love.
  • Kevin from Memphis , Tnif you do watch the video then you need to also watch the video for "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" as it is the second half of the story.
    (and it has an ending that i won't spoil , but you get a sense of closure)
  • Tommy from Frederick, MdIts much more then that?.

    Its about a girl who was attached to another man.
    (In this case in the Moody Blues band)
    She had a brief affair with the lead singer.
    She breaks it off and he is shattered
    The years go by, 5, 10 and then 20 years
    All the time he searches and can't find the love he had with her. Then after years of haunting torment, He finds himself coming to terms with 'that she was the one' all he could do now was make the best of what was left of his life.
    His Heart would remain hers till he died.
    Now the question wasDoes she think of him Or even remember? Does she regret letting him go? Has she ever found that love again? Once in a while, He checks up on her from afar but he never contacts her.
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