Glory Bound


  • Was harmony-filled song was written by Buzz Cason and Anthony Crawford. Cason is a producer/songwriter whose compositions include "Everlasting Love" and "Love's the Only House"; Crawford is a guitarist known for his work with Neil Young.

    In our interview with Crawford, he explained the significance of this tune and the process of creating it. "I love the song," he said. "'Glory bound' is meaning that there's somewhere we're going after this life. It's a God-related lyric and that 'all things are fine because I know I'm glory bound' kind of thing. I just somehow inspired Buzz with that piece of music and he started writing all those lyrics. It's almost like Buzz should be doing this interview if it came down to lyrical content. But without the music and the music of that song - I think every song on this record that I co-wrote with him has its own power of the music that elevates the lyrics. I think they hold each other up. But for the most part, he and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. If I didn't like what he was writing, I'd certainly just go, 'I don't know about that.'"
  • Crawford told us how he felt about the Oak Ridge Boys performance on this song. "They did a fine job, but, of course, it became Oak-erized," he said. "They took it in a different direction. I personally think that it's a great thing to have a song cut by another person."
  • Anthoney Crawford recorded this song with his group Sugarcane Jane for their fourth album, Dirt Road's End, in 2015. "We did 'Glory Bound' just because it was a crowd favorite," he said. "People just love when we sing that song and I think that we do it in its truest form. I don't think anybody else can do those songs as true as we can do them because they are a part of us more than the Oak Ridge Boys. It was just a song to them. For us, it means way more and I think that it translates in our performance."


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