Dirty Magic

Album: Days Go By (2012)
  • This is a re-recording of a song that originally appeared on The Offspring's second album, Ignition. Vocalist Dexter Holland told Spinner that a lot of the band's older fans asked them to redo the song. He said: "It's a hardcore fan record, and the one song fans pointed to off that album is 'Dirty Magic.' We started putting it in our live sets, but most people weren't familiar with it. We had a tiny budget when we recorded Ignition. I think we did the whole thing in nine days. It was really rushed, and we probably did the whole song in two hours. We wanted to make it fuller and bigger and do it the way we'd always wanted it to sound."
  • "It was great to re-approach that," said guitarist Noodles. "We know our way around a studio better than we did back then and we had [producer Bob Rock] on board. I was stoked to add texture and layers to the song. A lot of old school fans ask us to play that song. That one never got its due."
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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThis song is awesome.
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