Another Girl, Another Planet

Album: The Only Ones (1978)
Charted: 57
  • Written by guitarist and lead vocalist Peter Perrett, "Another Girl, Another Planet" is as good as it got for The Only Ones. Running to 3 minutes 2 seconds, this uptempo number was the second track on their eponymous debut album. It was released twice as a single in 1978, both times on the CBS label. The first time it was backed by "Special View", the second by "My Wife Says".
  • Although the song originally failed to chart, it has been re-released and covered more than once, and is surprisingly well known, although few would go as far as Andy Claps who in reviewing it for Allmusic said it is "that rare confluence of lyrical, instrumental, and vocal poetry that is so complete, so absolute, that it renders everything else - in, on, above, below, and around it - irrelevant while it plays."

    The song did eventually chart after being re-released in 1992, peaking at #57 in the UK. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
  • The Only Ones split in 1982 after being dropped by their label. They reformed in 2007 as a result of this song being used in a Vodafone advertising campaign.
  • Speaking about the writing of the song to Uncut August 2015, Peter Perrett recalled: "I can remember what caused me to write 'Another Girl, Another Planet.' It would have been about April '77 because we had it recorded by June. It was inspired by this girl from Yugoslavia. I didn't go out with her, but she was like a total space cadet, which when I was really young I found interesting. She was just a bit weird- she'd say crazy things, and it just got me thinking that every girl has something to offer.

    It would have been written on my Guild acoustic. I think any good song should sound all right on acoustic guitar."
  • Some radio stations refused to play the song because of its supposed drug content. Perrett told Uncut: "I put in drug-related imagery, but it wasn't about drugs. At that time I was more addicted to sex and infatuation than I was to drugs."

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  • Paul Thompson from NorfolkThe second line is 'I look ill", not "I could kill" (which makes no sense anyway)
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