Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)

Album: 1 Polish, 2 Biscuits & A Fish Sandwich (1994)
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  • First released in 1994 as a single in Europe, this song imported the American Miami Bass sound that was popularized by groups like 2 Live Crew and Quad City DJs. And like the oeuvre of the 2 Live Crew, the song was shockingly explicit and caused a similar outrage that of course made it wildly popular far beyond its artistic merits.

    This original version ran 4:45, but was cut down to 3:19 for radio play once the controversy started. With the explicit lyrics removed, the song was reduced to its groove and chorus, but fueled by media coverage, this was enough to send it to #1 on the UK charts in March 1995.

    The subject of this song's profane content was actually raised in Parliament, when on June 15, 1995, the MP for Worcester Peter Luff asked:

    Will my right hon. Friend find time for an early debate on the availability of pornographic material to children? I hope that he has had the opportunity to study the correspondence that I delivered to his office yesterday. It is correspondence that I have had with my constituent, Mr. Wilde, about the purchase by his 11-year-old daughter of a grossly obscene record which rejoices in the innocent name "(Don't Stop) Wiggle Wiggle" by the Outhere Brothers. Such filth suggests that the record industry is not policing its output effectively, and that there could be a need for further action by the Government.

    Tony Newton MP replied for the Government: "I have indeed read the correspondence that my hon. Friend kindly gave me, and I fully understand his concern. He has written to my right hon. and noble Friend the Minister of State, Home Office, and I am sure that she will reply to him."

    The press also reported that this song - and several others by the band - had come under fire from another MP, and that the Crown Prosecution Service was considering a prosecution under the Obscene Publications Act. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • The Outhere Brothers were fronted by two Chicago musicians: the rapper Keith Mayberry (also known as "Malik" or "Silk E") and producer Lamar "Hula" Mahone. The pair got some help from an Italian production team known as Aladino, and also from Craig Simpkins, an American producer who goes by "Azza K. Fingers." They collectively shared songwriter credits on this and other Outhere Brothers tracks, but Mayberry and Mahone were the only members who appeared in publicity materials and videos.
  • Just as there were dirty and clean releases of this song, there were different official videos made as well. The first video (the dirty one) showed the groups frontmen cavorting with various vixens in boot camp and wrestling scenarios. The second (clean) video was made up of old footage of dancers and cartoons.


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