Pinball Number Count

Album: Sesame Street Compilations (1972)


  • This song played with a cartoon that aired regularly on the television show Sesame Street. There were 11 different versions (2 through 12, with no version made for the number 1), all with the same main chorus but different styles of music for the individual numbers - some jazz, some funk, one with music hailing for the Caribbean Islands - eclectic but familiar enough so the children would identify each number with a separate melody. (Think Schoolhouse Rocks but for numbers.)
  • The Pointers were asked to record the series for Sesame Street because at the time, their records were in the style of '40s doo-wop, funk, country, and a little bit of rock - eclectic enough to make them the ideal artist to record such a set of "Auditory Vignettes."
  • This was remixed for the club scene and was a dance hit in 2002. >>
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  • Patrick from Tallapoosa, GaI have seen the original cartoon. It is very trippy and can be frightening to smaller children.
  • Tom from Atlanta, GaA parody of this cartoon appeared on the FOX sitcom Family Guy (12/18/05). The parody starts out with Stewie saying "you would not believe the morning I've had." The cartoon then begins with Stewie in a plastic ball replacing the actual the pinball in the cartoon. Pretty funny stuff. The cartoon was almost identical to the original.
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